Weekly Forecast: January 9-13, 2017 – Full Moon In Cancer

rainbow and pinkThe week is dynamic. Direct Mercury moves back into Capricorn; Venus approaches and perfects its conjunction to Neptune in Pisces; and we have a dynamic, cardinal full moon in its own home sign, Cancer.

The Moon moves through Gemini, through Cancer, and into Leo over the course of the week. Its ruler changes from Mercury to its own rulership to Sun ruled – all three bodies already in heavy focus. It’s a week of culmination, welcome culmination for many.

The Venus-Neptune flavor of the general aesthetic is gentle but strong, connective and divine. It’s a literal sweet dream of distraction. Consider it a general anesthetic in some ways. With Mars and Chiron also in Pisces, that stellium makes for some blind spots in specific areas of your life. Look to the house where this falls to get a good idea of where this impacts you personally. But don’t forget to enjoy it as well.

There’s a tendency to underestimate your own role in what’s on your plate. I don’t mean personal responsibility… more like, the things we’re doing are mainly going under our own radar. You know how you do things while concentrating elsewhere? Did I lock the door? Did I grab my phone or was that yesterday? Like that, only on a grander scale. Our higher self is gently guiding us in the appropriate direction. So don’t worry. If you forgot your keys, it’s probably going to work out in the long run.

The same goes with the realizations and the recovery of information that creeps back as Mercury gets moving and shifts to Capricorn. Don’t rush it or rush to judge. Let it filter in over time and find its own level. The full moon also reflects the need for a longer view. Things that fall off the path and out of reach may be surprising and bring a strong charge of emotion. However, your best course is to feel the feelings and relax. Let them move.

We want control, and anything less is agitation. Let your higher self have the control. That’s the key to calm.

Juno moves over Saturn, slowly all week. Their conjunction hits the same degree as the full moon lunation but in Sagittarius. It forms a quincunx to the full moon. Something permanent and passionate is connected to this cycle ending – in a joyous way, a way that serves the bigger picture of your life story. The feeling that happens with the full moon is not indicative of the full value of the overall impact. It comes over time and with a commitment to move forward with your story, your adventure.

Monday the Gemini Moon squares Mars and moves into trine with Jupiter in Libra. Gemini ruler Mercury is in the last degree of Sagittarius – ruled by Jupiter. Increase the scope of your focus and appreciate things as they come. They’re likely to be all over the place for a while. Stay loose and sail over the bumps. It should be a fun ride if you go with the flow.

Tuesday the Moon holds that fire trine for a bit for a quick start to the day. Rise and shine! The Moon opposes Saturn, so work is likely to find you. There are plenty of ways to enjoy it if you wish. The Moon moves to oppose Mercury. If you can, avoid taking sides now. Listen to all the information available and try not to be too swayed by emotional appeals. Look for the facts, but leave your mind wide open.

The Moon moves to Cancer in the afternoon and spends the rest of the day moving into trine with Venus and Neptune. Take a breather and appreciate any lull you can find. It’s the definite sweet spot of the week. Though your own mileage may vary, just the fact that most will be caught up in sweet reveries will be a nice and subtle break. If you want to slip away, it’s a good time to do so.

Wednesday, the Moon holds the trine to Venus-Neptune and moves through a trine to Mars and into opposition with Pluto. Follow whatever feels better. Don’t resist – turn to a better feeling option. That’s the way to go. By getting into a strong flow of choosing the better feeling action, you improve your odds for continuing in that charmed groove if things get intense, and they may.

By the end of the day, the sky is setting up for the full moon opposition of Moon to Sun.

Thursday morning the full moon perfects. This occurs with a close square to Jupiter in Libra, Jupiter holding a waning opposition to Uranus. It’s a cardinal, grand square which sounds very dramatic, and it is. There’s a possibility of being overwhelmed or feeling anxious, but there’s the equal possibility of being shored up and taking control. Things POP! The Moon is held up and healed by Saturn and Chiron. A bit of worldly buoying with mundane perspective… but also a little help from above. It looks like help you earned somehow, help that comes from an unexpected direction. Earned or learned, trained.

It’s all just weather. Astro weather pushes our personal growth and personal seasons. It’s here we get a chance to shake off anything that’s holding us back… with a bit of modest assistance.

A few hours after the full moon, Mercury moves into Capricorn. The Cancer Moon is holding that ripe energy but making no new aspects. Mercury is not yet making any active aspects. Mercury is on a solstice point. Honor your emotional body and consider the meaning it evokes.

Afternoon brings the shift of the Moon into Leo and a quincunx to Mercury. The Moon makes no new, active aspects through the rest of the day. Follow your hunches – be creative!

Friday continues this theme as Venus moves over Neptune and the Moon moves from its aspect to Mercury into quincunx with their fusion. It’s a creative, new direction of mood – sunny and sweet – but maybe a little mood swingy. Watch out for the drama llama. Don’t be that one.

The 22 degree full moon strongly affects those with placements in cardinal signs. Is that you? Where does this full moon hit your chart? Where is the Venus-Neptune conjunction for you? What are you wishing for?

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Weekly Forecast: January 9-13, 2017 – Full Moon In Cancer — 7 Comments

  1. 25´cancer sun – right now looking for new job.
    I wish for happiness, creativity and a peaceful world with peaceful humans.

  2. Well heck, the Mars conjunction to Neptune & thus opposing my sun, squaring both natal Mars & Neptune was rather uneventful externally however I’d suspected Venus was going to pinch hit…we shall see!
    & I’m a baby of the 70’s Cardinal tsquare between Jupiter& Chiron/Saturn/Uranus. I have that angular, Jupiter/Chiron on the ascendant in Aries at @21 degrees. Hmmmmm

  3. This was just what I needed!
    I have two job interviews this week and the full moon hits my 6th house… so exciting!

    Yesterday I think something hit my Chiron (Taurus) because there was def. some waterworks going on, from a deep and unseen wound that had been hidden until now. Healing through tears, in pisces 1st house, not surprising, and Mercury going direct on the same day… new information and 12th house… deep wounds. Ouch!

  4. January 12th is my birthday. Natally, I have Mercury Neptune conjunct in early deg Cap & a Sun Jupiter conjunction at 23 degrees with a Libra Moon at 3 degrees and Asc in Cancer at 29 with a Venus(4 deg) and Mars (9 deg) conjunction in Pisces. Can you believe that? HA. 🙂 Hopeful but also grounded and holding my breath a bit. Any sage advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much. Think I may start a thread so people can weigh in as well. ?

  5. Full Moon not too far from my 23 degrees Cancer Venus and the transiting Pisces Venus/Mars/Neptune right in my 5th house. I’m definitely in a dreamy romantic mood with my Taurus Sun/Cancer Moon date. I’m terrified that the dreaminess will end. I don’t want this rose-colored world to end. My natal Scorpio Moon/serious Saturn trines these romantic planets. I want it to be real! Hoping we will be exclusive.

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