Weekly Forecast: January 8-12, 2018 – The Sun And Mercury, Actor, Identity, And Roles

The individual placements in our chart characterize different parts of our wholeness. The Moon is emotion. Mars is the action principle. Mercury shows our mind, our senses, our attitudes. Venus provides motivation. The Sun draws it all together.

The Sun rules the fifth house – creativity, drama, pride. The Sun represents ego, a centering of identity and a concept of individuality. In Leo, the fifth house, the Sun… we act. We act our character, as in we embody our individuality.

Who speaks my mind. Who pursues my desires, my inclinations, my goals? Me. Who is me?

The Sun in Capricorn is joined by an unusual amount of activity this year. The current stellium includes Pluto, Venus, and Saturn. Late Wednesday, Mercury joins in.

Capricorn season solidifies identity, the annual return and reiteration of purpose. Monday and Tuesday we have the close conjunction of Mars and Jupiter making aspects of opportunity with the Sun, Venus, and Pluto. Venus and the Sun conjoin as they move over Pluto.

This takes place with Mercury, the senses and the mind, in active Sadge, coming off a trine to Uranus. We’ve just downloaded a lot of information. It’s still pinging around our sense organs.

Part of identity is an amalgam of traits and characteristics. How we characterize that amalgamation is a fine process of addition and subtraction: this, not that. In the movement of Mercury from Sadge to Capricorn, we begin the process of paring down the details. We trade bulk for quality. We introspect for enduring value: this, not that.

Mercury moves to Capricorn late Wednesday. By Friday it conjoins Saturn. Slow down and work on your bag of tricks. Get serious.

With the Sun and Venus moving over Pluto in sextile to Jupiter and Mars, we are carving out identity with confidence and a higher perception. This, not that. This is serious business and it’s hard work, but the opportunity to do this work is NOW.

We are dragging around a bag of masks and roles. We need to weed out the extra. Pare down and discard, distill and keep. Ultimately, Capricorn is about solidity, reputation, and mastery. This compression brings out our best.

In this second week between the full moon in Cancer and the new moon in latter Capricorn, we have the rebirth of the Sun in the act of exquisite refinement. We are pressured into refining ourselves. In another week, the Moon joins the Sun for a renewal and illumination of heart centered purpose. We solidify our goal of self-contained mastery at that time. This week we undertake the process to determine what that will be.

The Moon moves from Libra to Sagittarius, lighting up all these connections. Much of what comprises personal identity has roots below the surface. In order to sort, we have to be willing to dredge up much and turn over rocks. We have to be willing to look at what we find there, really look – no matter what we see. It’s part of us. And it’s important or it wouldn’t be there.

In other words, over time the masks we show the world tend to be only the ones with clean and smiling faces. Without our complex and full rootedness, we lose the power we need for mastery. We need some rooted, shadow dirt to get the job done. We need to get real about what is part of our whole self if we’re going to emobody the power we need to succeed fully. We need a realistic tally of this, not that which includes the tools we need for mastery. That means seeing things as they are, not prettied up for a sterile picture.

The right tools for the job include all the genuine parts of you that you may have dismissed as not pretty. Whatever is real about you is what you’re going to need. It’s time to figure that out.

It’s a good time to look to your own chart and the aspects of your Sun. Also, where is the stellium in Capricorn pressing your natal chart? It’s likely those houses and the two leading up to it will show the areas of your life where mastery is emerging, as well as where you hone your skills as an individual.

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Weekly Forecast: January 8-12, 2018 – The Sun And Mercury, Actor, Identity, And Roles — 7 Comments

  1. My tenth house is bisected between Capricorn and Aquarius, although my exact midheaven is Aquarius. I wonder if this will have an effect on it.

  2. Brilliant post, and so utterly accurate for me right now it is almost astonishing. Stelliums in Virgo and Libra, natal moon in Sag. Totally feel my earth and roots and the power of my less pretty parts the past 6 days, like I made it out of a mask-wearing soul-killing war zone. I have had to live buried to handle family and work limitations. Now I feel free to shed the mask. I feel braver, day by day more like myself again, shedding things, reconnected with other sides of self and important people I love. Time is short, no more accommodating others endlessly.

  3. This makes sense, real sense. Capricorn lies in the eighth – where it is now, sun / venus conjunct my natal mercury and the ninth house at 19 degrees capricorn. My dad’s recent death (my sun is in 8 house capricorn too) has provided me with the impetus to put my best foot forward and reboot the teaching groups and events I have had planned for youth (for a few years) via the Franciscan order of our parish church. This feels good for one and all of us. My son who has had leukhemia is also returning to a more normal life. I am very happy with this stellium and the support from mars in scorpio We have back up from loyal local priests and Franciscan fathers.

  4. Thank you lady!

    I am FEELING this deep in my bones ( natal cap sun 19deg / mars AND Jupiter in Scorpio 😳) after a 5-7 year struggle, my life has taken a turn since last week & im ready ready ready to take in & have 2018!!!
    I LOVE your posts Satori 💗

  5. Whew, this is helpful!! Capricorn stellium crosses my 12th and 1st houses. The masks and roles issues definitely demanding I look at which to keep, which to leave, which to integrate as the New Moon happens in my 1st House. The Moon will cross over my natal Capricorn Moon and my ASC before joining the Sun … I feel the hidden rocks being dug up and last night it was like waking from a spell to see the reality of the holiday season just passed.

    Whewwwww. Such thoughtful and thorough guidance. I so need to let this seep in and THEN act. Thank you, Satori!!!

    • Yup…similar placement for me. New moon will occur in 1st house. Lost a loved one with Sag new moon. I have been mourning loss but am feeling the need to find motivation & impetus to move forward as well.

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