Weekly Forecast: January 7-11, 2019 – Venus LOVES Mars, In Trine

heart zachEarly Monday morning, Venus moves to Sagittarius and a trine to Mars in Aries, active all week. Immediately we’ve got the motivation to go after what we want. There’s definite enthusiasm as this influence confers hope for prosperity. It also seems reasonable, both the hope and prosperity, actionable and tangible. We want to GET ON IT, or on with it.

Mercury in Capricorn perfects its square to Mars early Tuesday. Details are multitudinous and things are moving so quickly, sometimes too quickly to process with confidence. Don’t rush to agreements. Insist on time to think things over.

Mercury is moving into conjunction with Saturn all week. There’s plenty of time to consider, so don’t nail things down before you get all the angles covered. Even if pushed, ESPECIALLY if pushed.

The Capricorn Sun moves into conjunction with Pluto, exact early Friday. The order of the day intersects with an irresistable force. It can be just for the day, or it can set the course for a long time to come. Power imposes order on the individual somehow. It didn’t come about overnight, and it’s serious business. In cardinal earth, this change is happening, with or without you. You get to choose which.

That sounds ominous, but it’s just one part of the equation. We all have Venus trine Mars to work with, in fire! We’ve got snazzy rocket sneakers and the drive to bounce into the future… on whatever trajectory we choose. Again, don’t let anyone pin you down for a decision. Make your plans on your own timeline.

Monday and Tuesday the Aquarius Moon brings an open and cool mood to capitalize on sextiles to Mars and Jupiter. There’s opportunity in a sextile. Here there’s opportunity for action, opportunity for optimism and growth.

Wednesday, the Moon finishes up in Aquarius with a sextile to Uranus: a mood for brokering innovation. When the Moon moves to Pisces, it squares Sagittarius Venus. It’s time for self care or the mood will suffer. Between these signs there’s an emotional gap in desire versus need. We want more, but what we need is complicated. If you feel self-pity welling up, take a break and bounce about – or slip away quietly, even if it’s just in your imagination.

Treat yourself to goodies only if you can afford it. There’s a lot of temptation for that.

Thursday, the Pisces Moon sextiles Mercury and Saturn and moves to conjoin Pisces ruler Neptune. It also squares Jupiter. Practice that good self care. Emotions are tender and can spin out. If you’re taking care, that same emotionality gives rise to amazing options for long term interests.

When the Sun conjoins Pluto Friday morning, the Moon sextiles both. Again, opportunity. Feel into what is presented as your range of options. Don’t be rushed. Mull them over, and FEEL what they mean to you. Will this leave you feeling more connected? Overpowered? Out of control? Take your time to really discern the impact on your quality of life.

How was the new moon? Do you have any life changes or decisions coming up?

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