Weekly Forecast: January 3-7, 2022 – Sweet Longings Of Venus-Neptune

bunnyThis week, the Capricorn Sun moves toward conjunction with Venus as Venus moves back through the sign. Venus sextiles Neptune (exact Wednesday) as Mars moves to square Neptune. Mercury heads into orb of a tussle with the waning Saturn-Uranus square, a position it will back away from in the weeks ahead.

That’s the clock face we’re seeing, and the Moon is the hands that sweep through with our gut reaction to it all.

The scene creates an approach to desire that reactivates some old patterns. While that can cause us problems, sometimes it’s just the ghost of a twinge of something we miss. It can be something we can enjoy if we don’t attach to the outcome and just appreciate the tickle in our brain.

Acting on these passing twinges can be tricky. Action is cloudy now. People take big leaps of faith now, when they probably oughtn’t. But who knows; it always pays off BIG for someone (that someone is rarely me, so I don’t recommend it).

Things are in flux, and the timeline is not set. Investment is something we do every day. Risk is something we measure when we do something out of the ordinary. But it’s always there. Every moment is a gamble, it’s only the stakes that change. Right now it could be easy to convince oneself to do something the doesn’t fit with our well-considered plan.

So just consider that.

Monday the Capricorn Moon, a solid and matte mood, conjoins Pluto and the mood deepens. Depending on where this hits your chart, it can be profoundly grounding or it could shake your foundation. Whatever you feel, pay attention to WHY. Later, the Moon hits airy Aquarius and moves over Mercury. Let your mind wander and your tongue wag where it wants to and you might even come up with some profound answers.

Tuesday, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Chiron then squares Uranus and conjoins Saturn. Normally this would be challenging or unsettling, but this turn appears to remind us of how far we’ve come! Good job! It goes on to sextile Mars: Now put that realization to good use.

Wednesday morning, retro Venus perfects its re-sextile to Neptune as the Moon tours the end of Aquarius. Tune in how that old feeling affects you now, with the mind and boundaries and resolution you have NOW. In the evening, the Moon hits Pisces and a conjunction to Jupiter. Emotion floods the story, but it also feels like the prelude to something sweet. Joy!

Thursday’s Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus. Sparks fly underwater? Maybeeee. I bet it brings something new that feels good. Or at least a chance at something better. The Pisces Moon goes on to sextile the Sun and square Mars. It’s going to feel better to do the right thing and do what you’re supposed to. That doesn’t always help when you want to run off and join the circus, but you can do that in your imagination as you get real world things done.

Overnight into Friday morning, the Pisces Moon sextiles retro Venus – sweet, sweet dreams. Waking bittersweet with the taste of a kiss on your lips. The Moon conjoins Neptune and sextiles Pluto by afternoon. That poignant morning memory moves along an invisible thread to the evening’s musings. Make good use of that in reality and grab that brass ring if you see it.

How was your new moon start? How is the new year feeling?

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Weekly Forecast: January 3-7, 2022 – Sweet Longings Of Venus-Neptune — 1 Comment

  1. Thank you Satori for this informative guide to the week. I don’t have a Crystal Ball so can’t say which part of this will become reality but it’s sure nice to hear about some Neptune sweetness coming in. This sounds like a good week but just need to stay grounded and aware of desires to jump ahead or change things in a big way.

    I am still stuck in the same story as last year, but only so far. Change is afoot. I just wish fate would stop dragging her feet. I also feel the carpet being slowly dragged from under me in other areas of my life, that feel inevitable, yet in fathomable.

    And I’m starting to wonder if some part of what we are all going through is a big manipulation and money grab with COVID vaccines taking center stage of every news program I turn to. So sick of hearing about “jabs” and “boosters” ad nauseum!
    There is more to life and other things going on in the World too! Hoping things will lighten up in the coming New Year.

    Happy New Year Satori!?

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