Weekly Forecast: January 2-6, 2023 – Surprising Full Moon In Cancer

wrapAll week long, we build to Friday’s full moon in Cancer. The news that comes, the tracks we tread to get there – both are influenced by retrograde Mercury in Capricorn and retrograde Mars in Gemini. Backtracking, to find overlooked information? A second path we missed?

On Monday, the Venus-ruled Taurus Moon trines Mercury, squares Saturn, and sextiles Neptune in the morning. When you experience the slow-down of irritation at circumstances beyond your control, it might help to realize it’s just that pause that allows us to slip past mundane reality for an easy bit of inside insight. Rethink, but you don’t need to decide right now.

In the afternoon, the Moon goes on to trine Pluto; then its applying trine to Venus is interrupted by Venus moving to Aquarius. Their exact trine occurs when the Moon moves to Gemini. We may not even notice as we shed what doesn’t fit. We will notice how we feel lighter, breezier, closer to having our needs met as our needs have changed – and will keep changing for a bit.

By night’s end, the breezy Gemini Moon sextiles Jupiter, and finally that sparkly twinge in our gut brings joy rather than anxiety. That twinge is insight. Or hindsight? Whatever it is, it’s been a long time coming.

In Aquarius, Venus begins both a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to retro Mars. We want MORE. We CAN get MORE. Effervescent Aqua Venus has PULL for days. We’re going to turn, turn, turn, the possibilities till something makes sense. There’s something to re-do.

Tuesday’s Gemini Moon conjoins Mars and sextiles Chiron. This is great “brainstorming on your feet” grist. Try things out and try things on. Don’t assume how something works now because of how it USED to work (or not work) before.

On Wednesday, the Gemini Moon trines Saturn and squares Neptune as the Capricorn Sun marches ever closer into trine with Uranus. All the crackups and crashes we experienced this year still sting and ache, but now is the time they begin to expose their greater theme. We break or dissolve so we can reform in newer, better, more substantial or meaningful ways.

Thursday the Moon finishes up in Gemini and heads into Cancer and a square to Jupiter. As the Sun finishes its exact trine to Uranus, retrograde Mercury heads back into trine with Uranus. If you’re anxious, worried, your mood blown out of proportion – take it up in your mind, not your tummy. There’s much to be made of what we can sense now.

On Friday that Cancer Moon squares Chiron and goes on to sextile Uranus as Mercury moves closer into conjunction with the Sun. It’s excitement, a rush, a pinch that stings us awake. It’s old data coming back into light, into play.

As the Moon heads toward full moon opposition with the Sun in the afternoon, it picks up a sextile to Uranus and highlights the Sun-Mercury conjunction from the outside. Full moons bring closure, endings, culmination. In Cancer we’re really feeling it.

Oppositions involve relationships and outside influence. Cancer and Capricorn polarity can stand in for parental or home/career issues. With Mercury involved, retro no less, we may have a standoff over details, data, truth, or perspective.

How does that connect to someone’s ego? To someone’s changing emotions or emotional intelligence? We can evolve, grow, find balance in our attitudes. What ends when something is readdressed? It’s definitely for the better, but it may not be irreversible. We shall see.

At the end of the day, the full moon energy is sprung and dissipates in intensity. The Cancer Moon then heads into trine with Neptune, perfect for dissolving into your divine nature; ready to embrace your next form as the old sloughs away and the new is not yet named. Let dreams bring a sneak peak.

The full moon takes place Friday midday/afternoon at 16 degrees Cancer. How does this hit your chart? Are you feeling lucky? Venus sextile Jupiter can be quite lucky (exact overnight, Tuesday into Wednesday). Seize an opportunity. It takes place with Venus on the degree of the next new moon: 1 Aquarius. Put the work in now, let go of what needs to go, and perhaps it pays off with the new moon Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius. A long time coming!


Weekly Forecast: January 2-6, 2023 – Surprising Full Moon In Cancer — 2 Comments

  1. I have Uranus and Mercury retro at 16 degrees in Leo, Sun Uranus and Mercury conjunct. So many full moons back to back at 16 degrees and new moons around the first degree. I heard in tarot 16 degrees represent tower been collapsed, What is your take on this.

  2. The dreams have been so many “veils lifting” sloughing aways
    I’m having a Saturn opposition with this 6th House Full Moon; opposition between 8th and 2nd houses How well (Saturn) have I managed other peoples resources and my personal resources/values in my lifetime work(6th house full moon)

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