Weekly Forecast: January 2-6, 2017 – Venus Into Pisces

princessesMonday morning the Moon moves to Pisces and into sextile with retrograde Mercury in Capricorn. Follow up on that feeling that there’s something left undone. Small details from the beginning of December may pop up for correction. That could be something as relatively insignificant as a missed connection or message. It can also bring attention to making space for something or someone you didn’t have time for earlier. Catch up!

It’s a chance to catch a missing piece, but don’t stress over it. If you don’t need to catch up, what you may need instead is that moment of peace in your own mind… did you miss out on that? Appreciate the nothing.

The Moon goes on to conjoin Neptune and Mars as well as sextile the Sun by the end of the day. It’s a catch-all kind of day. Ride the wave and take things as they come. Have faith that the details come up exactly when they should. Do what you can and let the rest go for another time.

Tuesday morning, the Pisces Moon sextiles Pluto and Venus moves from Aquarius to Pisces. Venus sextiles Mercury in Capricorn, both at zero degrees. People are either feeling at home in their power or are eager to gain some more. There’s bound to be a lot of sweet talking, maybe even some overdue appreciation shown. Give credit where credit is due, and don’t be stingy with those compliments. They benefit both the giver and receiver.

Afternoon brings the Moon into square with the Juno-Saturn conjunction. Keep the Venus-Mercury sextile active with your sweet words, but also mind your boundaries. Don’t overpromise, even if you’d really like to be able to do those things. Remember where your boundaries normally are and stay within those bounds, even if pushed. You can always take on more later if necessary. If you feel overwhelmed, back off a bit and protect your mood.

Wednesday morning, retrograde Mercury moves back into the last degree of Sagittarius. It briefly squares the Pisces Moon. Again, don’t overpromise. Additionally, don’t give out too much information before you’re ready. The Moon moves to Mars-ruled Aries and you may want to make other plans.

The Aries Moon brings a mood for action. Aries ruler Mars is in Pisces with a stellium in Pisces: Venus, Neptune, Mars, and Chiron. Mars itself still holds a sextile to the Sun as the Sun moves up on Pluto. A power play is setting up but one that is still under wraps. Power play can mean a lot of things, manipulation, a play for power… or it can simply be the application of power or the gift of power from above (in this case).

The active mood is also a call to be playful! Aries mood is simple. Do what feels right! Lead! Movement is satisfying. Action feels good. Get out in front and move.

Thursday the Moon moves into square with the Sun and Pluto and eventually conjoins Uranus to oppose Jupiter. Remember how something big is setting up? This can make it feel like you want this to hurry up and happen. The Moon also trines Saturn and Juno. Turn that energy on something you’ve already been building. Look after your own structure, your personal long game. By afternoon, the squares pass and it’s a good time to see where you can find new ways to create mutual supports. Is there someone with whom you can trade? Help each other in ways that benefit both?

Friday the Aries Moon moves past opposition to Jupiter and into trine with retrograde Mercury. We’re nearly done with the retrograde. It’s had its irritations, but it has also uncovered areas where we can improve, errors that can be remedied. This is a great day to quickly round up these bits and sweep them off your list.

The Moon then moves into Taurus and a sextile to Taurus ruler Venus. Get your details handled early and the afternoon offers some sweet rewards!

Venus in Pisces is subtle, bringing up secret desires and exquisite longing. This week it finds itself in step with Mercury then the Moon. Perhaps there’s another chance at a gift you haven’t gotten… or given. Rather than dwell on it, look at any self-sabotaging attitudes or actions that may have been holding you away from what you ideally want.

With a stellium developing in Pisces, that area is accumulating points of attention. What house or houses cover Pisces in your chart? Some kind of action is silently setting up there; do you have an inkling of what it might be?

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Weekly Forecast: January 2-6, 2017 – Venus Into Pisces — 3 Comments

  1. With all those planets in Pisces (Moon, Venus, Mars, Neptune) I have been feeling so sleepy lately. ? I’m glad that at least the Moon moves into Aries today! ? Honestly I can’t wait til Mars and Venus enter Aries in a few weeks! ?

  2. I agree with Anna.. I am so sleepy!!
    I am a Triple Pisces with a late Pisces ASC, thus putting my Sun, Moon, Mercury
    into my 12th house of Pisces- all in Pisces, its the natural 12th house.
    In addition, my Mars is Late Aquarius, (21AQR) conjuncting my Sun/(2 Pisces) conjunct Moon (7 Pisces) all in my 12th house. Then, my Mercury in Pisces is conjunct my ASC – 20 degrees/23 degrees.
    How do I make sense of this?
    I am now about to be 70 yrs. old – my life has felt VERY BLESSED – I know I’ve escaped danger many times over, in order to serve….
    Can you please elaborate…?
    Birth Data…02/21/1947, Plainfield, NJ, 07:43 a.m.

    Thanks very much…


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