Weekly Forecast: January 15-19, 2018 – Rock Solid Point Of Reference

jugAll weekend, Jupiter applies closely into sextile with Pluto. The aspect is tight but exact early in the coming week. Jupiter is in Scorpio with Pluto in Capricorn, both coming off conjunctions that juiced their connection with personal implications. There’s an opportunity to capitalize on, to steer the momentum of heightened personal power.

Power and speed have accumulated in the general trajectory of your story. Ride that wave – you’re already in it. Wherever a lane has opened up, occupy that lane; hold that line and keep it going. There’s a bit of finesse needed. Don’t get too wrapped around the axle over the details of what you’re doing. Set your sites on the next thing and push the accelerator. But stay loose. Keep your eye on the goal, not on the wall.

Mercury just arrived in Capricorn joining Saturn early in the sign, exact in the wee hours of Saturday morning. Communications are tamped down. You can see people withdraw from interaction on that front, or they may be bogged down by a blockage. The flow has gone from a wide open field to a narrow opening. So things may come through in a trickle or jam up entirely at first.

It’s also an excellent time to simplify and extract meaning. Capricorn Mercury is a meticulous thinker and a concrete communicator. In line with Saturn in the sign, our senses are either focused or truncated. So much of the difference is perception.

If you’re being made to focus more keenly, there’s more of a chance to really master your subject. People will want to “get down to brass tacks” and distill the elements of the case. That’s a good thing, whether or not it’s comfortable. It puts people on the same page, able to get a rock solid point of reference to work from.

If you find your thinking and interaction and senses bound up, slow down and look for the simple thread that shows itself. If it doesn’t makes sense, you’re going too fast. What is the common issue? Come to a stop and take in that constant. Mars in Scorpio trines Chiron. Consider this: Nothing is wrong. Stop. Pay attention. Understand. Then get your butt in gear and move in the direction of growth. Move in the direction of your ideal – not your mundane ideal – the ideal for your higher self. There’s an opportunity to grasp that RIGHT NOW.

And you know what that does for your relationships? It puts them back on a level, healthy playing field. It puts you back on solid ground by getting your head and your butt in gear… in a place where you become a resource for yourself. You can’t give from an empty cup.

Doing this makes your automatically more attractive. Now again, keep looking at the road ahead, not at the wall. Your direction follows your vision. Don’t hold the wheel in a death grip. Get into the posture you know is right. Know you’re on track. Then push the accelerator.

Friday, Saturday, Sunday morning, the Moon moves through Sadge with a racy, sporty heart to the motion. We emotionally gear up, then down, then up. There’s rush and there’s finesse.

Sunday the Moon moves to Capricorn – over Saturn and into conjunction with Mercury by day’s end. That puts six bodies in Capricorn – sign of hard work and achievement, reputation and gravitas. Align yourself with Saturnian values. Slow down and distill some Cap wisdom. Take it in with your whole being. Wait for it. If you don’t yet feel solid, you didn’t go far enough in. Get there. Embody it. Learn from it.

Be solid, be earth. This is who we are. Jupiter sextile Pluto brings the opportunity to broadcast that power. Cap Venus shows your solid value. Be your best self. You already are. Now feel it. Shore up the cup and the cup can be emptied and filled, emptied and filled. And shared.

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  1. Satori,

    I love this piece! You talk a poetic Saturn. Solid instructions!
    Thank-you!! You’ve given me grounded inspiration-

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