Weekly Forecast: February 7-11, 2022 – Facing Change

windowThe top notes that season our mood this week find their base in Capricorn with Venus and Mercury. Mars follows along closely in Venus’ tracks, picking up drive and clues – calls to innovative action with a trine to Uranus in Taurus (exact Tuesday morning). GET SOME.

Recent weeks featured retro Venus and Mercury, a chance to revisit what we want, what motivates us, how we sense and intellectualize those things, the reasons behind it all, and how we solidify a plan. Now Mars moves close to Venus and Mercury heads back into conjunction with Pluto (exact Friday morning).

We go after what we want with clarity of purpose and mounting momentum as we are hit with the power of all we now deeply understand. You’ve heard of a “sea change”? This is a ground change, a tectonic shift. Foundational revolution of values and attitude is the outcome. As such, the plan will shift too.

What thought-based beliefs are changing or gone? In the near future, we’ll get another shot at Venus sextile Neptune: A chance to dream big with Jupiter in Pisces, to pull that dream partway into the world to BITE, taste, touch, and keep. Now we THINK. Follow the clues.

On Monday, the Taurus Moon sextiles Jupiter and trines Mars and Venus. It conjoins Uranus and squares Saturn. Tumult never tasted so good and felt so keenly like possible gains. Good things all – embrace the now familiar feelings that come with a different moment in time. They’re familiar enough to find what’s good in what’s new.

Tuesday that same Moon continues on to square the Sun and sextile Neptune – between the unfolding new moon and the upcoming full one. The dream sparkles on the tip of our tongue as the Moon goes on to conjoin the north node and moves in trine to Mercury and Pluto. We get a chance to feel a twinkle of that dream and connect it to the coming ground change.

Wednesday takes off with an airy Gemini Moon. We move from Venus rule to Mercury rule, acquisitive to inquisitive. A curious, quick mood! We feel our way around an issue – there’s more than one way. Evening brings a sextile to Chiron and a square to Jupiter. The truth will protect you.

Thursday the Gemini Moon quincunxes Mars and Venus, trines Saturn, then squares Neptune. It trines the Sun overnight. Investigate the possibilities, but stay within the lines. Everything is not clear for choosing from the gut; but if you know, really know… that feels solid. Measure twice, cut once. But sometimes it makes sense to wait for clarity.

Friday morning, Gemini Moon ruler Mercury conjoins Pluto as the Moon quincunxes both. The Moon goes on to square Pallas in Pisces, both at 29 degrees. Extreme revelations could rock your world, but that may be exactly what you need to succeed. You can sense already where you’re messy, now you’ll get the receipts.

Evening takes the Moon into self rule in Cancer. It squares Chiron and trines Jupiter. Tell yourself the truth. Tell the truth about yourself… for a sea change, a fortunate one.

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Weekly Forecast: February 7-11, 2022 – Facing Change — 5 Comments

  1. Saturn is exactly opposite my MC with Uranus exactly squaring my DESC all week, so I definitely feel the tectonic shift among me… will be interesting

  2. The truth will protect you, thank you
    My mom used to say you’d miss a tooth that give you had it long enough my brain wants to dance backwards and pretend something that was so wrong is missing weird these brains thank you for those were to put together yes the truth will protect you definitely will protect me just a little reminders of what was real and what is make believe

  3. Last night I had the most cursed headache ever. Cried myself to sleep with nausea. I have constant headaches when moon transits aries with my moon 1st square aries mars natally. Some are mild, some are bearable. This one was absolutely not. Sun/saturn conjunct natal saturn in 1st and transit mars coming to a square to my natal aries mars. I know it could be my teeth grinding. I watched some tmj exercises and done them and it feels so much better today.

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