Weekly Forecast: February 6-10, 2023 – Find A Way To Win

halloween hammerMonday morning, the Leo Moon opposes Saturn and Mercury in Capricorn perfects a sextile to Neptune in Pisces. What’s the plan, the next step on the road to your dream life? What if it’s a shift in perspective where you tell yourself what’s possible?

What if telling yourself what’s possible and committing the first step to action opens up a world of imaginative options? Is it time? It feels like it’s time. Now or never, though it’s not actually that dire yet.

Gemini Mars spends the week moving into sextile with Chiron in Aries. At the beginning of the week, spin a tale. That leads to action, leads to experience, leads to more precise leads for better actions. Motion, trying, observing, and analysis – these lead to incredible insight. Keep moving: body, brain, attitude – and experiment.

On Tuesday, Venus in Pisces sextiles Uranus in Taurus. On the heels of a magical shift in perspective, we find our way to the resources to make it happen: BAM. It’s not “here’s a wad of cash”, more “I saw a thing that made me see another thing, had a funny moment, turned, and there it was!” You won’t know what “it” is… till you do. Sometimes the valuable seed is not something you can hold in your hand. Sometimes it is.

Tuesday, the Virgo Moon squares Mars, opposes Venus, and trines Uranus. Measure a whole bunch of times, at least twice – consider, hold it to the light – think some more, then cut. We want to step right to it, but understanding first is KEY.

On Wednesday that Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and goes on to trine Virgo ruler Mercury and Pluto – both at the end of Capricorn. Mercury approaches Pluto as Venus approaches Neptune. The Mercury-ruled mood levels the emotional playing field with the ability to hold space for extreme planning and ideal desire.

Imagine the world as the best of the best of the best, and we’ll get as close as we can. Give yourself a chance. You can sacrifice what you have to if you know you might actually get what you want. All week, we’re tearing down mental barriers. We’ll burn that bridge if we have to.

Thursday brings the Venus-ruled Libra Moon into opposition with Jupiter in Aries. It goes on to trines Aries ruler Mars then oppose Chiron. There’s an urge to jump out ahead and possibly overdo things, but the Libra mood is a pretty good atmosphere for getting it right, skating that edge. Getting it right is getting things done (or started). Sometimes a start is schmoozing the folks who need to be schmoozed right up to the edge of embarrassing yourself (but you won’t embarrass yourself, you’ve got this).

On Friday, Mercury marches over Pluto and the Libra Moon quincunxes Venus. Be realistic about what you need and want and you can find a way to make both fit without losing what really matters.

In the evening, the Libra Moon trines the Aquarius Sun. It feels good to win, and we’re able to find the perspective to call this a WIN.

One of my adored adult children posted this in a meme and it sums things up perfectly: Unlearn who you thought you should be in order to fully embrace who you are becoming.


Weekly Forecast: February 6-10, 2023 – Find A Way To Win — 6 Comments

  1. Oh Satori !!!
    You are a writer Extraordinairé!!!
    Even without reading your name,I just KNOW it’s your writing.
    Reading this article was exhilarating.
    This is EXACTLY what I am experiencing and feeling at the moment.
    I pushing ahead for the win.
    The Goal is in sight.
    And I will ride this tide.
    Thank you
    Thank you.
    Please write a book
    I want to read it.

    • It definitely did, in fact I was expecting something of a big magnitude, after having lived August 2020.. Uranus was also in opposition to the moon when the Beirut Port explosion happened, and it was as massive.. praying for all who have been touched by that immeasurable loss🙏🙏🙏

  2. Thinking of all planets direct for a bit, this seems like a gentle revving of engines. I’m watching closely to what feels gentle & natural for me, what doors are opening as I make gentle requests & find new allies to walk into a more realistic but inwardly inspired future. You illuminated the crumbs on the trail I’ve been following. Thanks, Satori. I always enjoy your writing & insights.

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