Weekly Forecast: February 4-8, 2019 – New Moon In Aquarius Sextile Jupiter

moon-sunThings start off dynamic and exciting this week with the Aquarius Moon moving into the new moon conjunction with the Sun, exact Monday midday. Any new moon is fresh news, but this particular flavor is enhanced by the airy electricity of Aquarius. The new moon also sextiles Jupiter and goes on to roll over Mercury overnight.

Mercury in Aquarius heads into sextile with Aries Mars, exact Thursday. The Sun perfects its sextile to Jupiter on Thursday as well. This stretches our understanding and the impact of this experience over quite a few days. In addition, Mercury moves closer to exact sextile with Aquarius ruler Uranus at the very end of Aries.

This is one big (Jupiter) and impactful (Mars) new moon! With Aquarius it would be a waste of time to try to figure out just how this is going to play. It will be beyond expectation. But we do have a map of the energies. There’s the element of surprise and a new direction. Opportunity is present in a way that is fortunate and far reaching. Making plans coincides with the ability to take action. Talking it out, working on seeing all sides, sensing the environment in new ways… lead to opening new doors and accessing new abilities.

We will be pushed into change, but it will be to our benefit.

With Venus newly in Capricorn, the gains we make are concrete. They may have been a long time coming, or we may have to keep at it over time to realize them. Trust in the process; honor pays off.

Off in the reasonably near future, a week or so, we will have news – shocking news, paradigm shifting news. With Chiron on the midpoint of the Mercury-Uranus trine, it’s swift learning that’s been in the works for quite a while. This quick growth may hurt, but it’s ultimately in our favor.

The Moon remains in Aquarius through Tuesday night when it’s on to Pisces. The mood picks up on a new direction as the Moon sextiles the budding Mars-Uranus conjunction. Get moving, it feels good.

Overnight, the Pisces Moon sextiles Venus. Both are in the same sign as their sign ruler. This is delicious, reality-bending bliss if you take the bait. Take a chance. Open up to satisfaction.

The Pisces Moon remains in effect through Friday morning. On Wednesday it conjoins Neptune and sextiles Saturn – more bliss if you take advantage of the opportunities presented. Or it can signal the solidification of bonds formed with the Moon-Venus transit. It depends on how it hits your chart, but open up to taking part in what comes your way. Open your mouth and catch those snowflakes.

Thursday, the Pisces Moon squares Jupiter then sextiles Pluto as the Sun perfects its sextile to Jupiter. Thursday is the big day for news and action with the Mercury-Mars sextile exact. If you find yourself emotionally overwhelmed, go deep – recede or spread under rather than out. Tune in to and manage your own tide. Don’t deny your emotions, but let action and planning take the center of the focus. Take your heart to the center of the wheel where the motion is more controlled.

Friday, the Moon finishes up in Pisces with a conjunction to Chiron and semi-sextile to Uranus. Stay in the center of the wheel as things whir. When the Moon moves to Aries, it gains a square to Venus. It can feel like everything speeds up and the goodies are hard to get. That’s just the moment! Keep on with your plan of action and getting yourself in the mood to move ahead.

Where does the new moon in Aquarius hit your chart (15 degrees)? Where is Jupiter transiting your chart? What part of your life has been inflated by Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius?

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Weekly Forecast: February 4-8, 2019 – New Moon In Aquarius Sextile Jupiter — 7 Comments

  1. “What part of your life has been inflated by Jupiter’s transit of Sagittarius?”

    My 11th house – Friendship

    I had been in dire need of a true, deep, good friend for a long, long time and by golly, I have finally “been sent” one, in the guise of an old high school boyfriend resurfaced 41 years later!

    We were really good together back then, and one month after reconnecting, I can say we are still really, really good together (as friends). This is a game-changer for me (and for him too).

    Everything is so easy, and so “healthy”, even our differences and each our own issues.

    And true to both Jupiter and Sagittarius, anything that needs to be said just flows out of our mouth – the both of us. Fortunately, we both have Libra, so it always comes out lovingly.

    This renewed friendship came out of the blue, totally unexpected, and it’s still somewhat surreal, yet very real and down to earth.

  2. This if funny – Jupiter transits my 11th house as well.

    Things have been a bit stale on the friends-account the past 3 years. There are some budding tendencies, and some that could turn into more, but it’s a long haul! I am a little tired by now, I simply can’t muster up the energy to invite any people anymore, I have been too dissapointed. My progressed Moon has been hitting my natal 12th house, and February is when it starts emerging from the depths and out in the Aquarius 1st house area.

    I hope for more freedom of expression. Capricorn can be SO DULL sometimes…

  3. Tr Jupiter has been in my 10H and it will be exactly conjunct my natal Saturn on my 10H/11H cusp on Saturday. I feel like I’ve been treading water (Saturn/Capricorn) for a long time. No significant gains or changes.

    • The NM will occur in my Aquarian 1H. It will be 3 degrees applying to my natal Chiron and 7H Leo Uranus opposition. This will probably manifest as some type of pot stirring with regard to relationship (7H) hurts (1H).

  4. Jupiter transiting my sixth house, and conjunct Neptune there, has revolutionised my idea of what I want my daily life to look like. I’ve embarked on a spiritual journey all centred around my daily devotional practices, changed my diet to reflect my belief that animals have souls, determined that I want to work from home, for myself, rather than for a large organisation.

    Does anyone else here undertake any kind of ritual or spiritual/magical practise at the new and full moons? I have found researching the astrology in conjunction with devising ritual has really superpowered my personal growth.

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