Weekly Forecast: February 25 – March 1, 2019 – Venus Set To Bust A Move

Beautiful flowersPisces Mercury is slowing in prep for next week’s retrograde. Normally Mercury moves faster than Venus, but this slowdown means they’ve traveled along together in sextile without making an exact aspect. Mercury gained on Venus, but that ends Monday after the two are at their closest, within a degree. The aspect elongates from there, breaking as Venus moves from Capricorn to Aquarius on Friday.

Symbolically, this aspect echoes the waning Saturn-Neptune sextile in the same signs. Both sextiles hold opportune energy to mold the attitudes that shape reality. This has allowed us to slowly unravel some knots and free up some slack. There have been a lot of WOW moments, but they were mild – the best kind to integrate easily. We’ve worked through some shit… without even knowing it.

We’re in the final stretch, but there’s no reason to focus on that now. Just let it sizzle in the background. This kind of sizzle doesn’t need our help. Let it do its thing. Just don’t stand in the way. Don’t let your thinking get in the way of what’s possible. What’s possible? Way more than you think. So don’t think like it’s not. That’s the best way around this.

Think about what you want. There is no “but…” Don’t avoid anything. Point your face toward what you WANT. You can’t avoid successfully; you can only pursue. And there’s no rush: Mars is in Taurus closing a sextile with the Pisces Sun. Just keep your eyes on the prize and you’ll get there eventually.

Taurus Mars is ambling toward a trine to Saturn as well. This is masterful work. You don’t rush when you’ve got time, and the quality of your work will be all the better for it.

But back to Mercury-Venus: Keep the lines of communication open, but don’t push. Go with the flow. Don’t rush anything, but don’t back away from what needs to be said. Let it happen organically. If it doesn’t happen, it probably doesn’t need to. Look for the flow and steer with it.

Monday the Moon moves through the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius. We’re midway between the past full moon and the future new moon. The Scorpio Moon perfectly lights up the Mercury-Venus sextile. It then moves to Sadge and trine to Chiron. There’s a bit of spanning old to new in this mood shift. We are in the process of letting our baggage drop and not bending back down to pick it up again.

Tuesday morning the Sadge Moon quincunxes Mars and squares the Sun exactly. It goes on to square Neptune. The mood is to move a bit faster than reality permits at the moment – or alternately, we may feel like procrastinating. I suggest that if you feel like procrastinating, you put it off till early Wednesday morning when the Sun-Mars sextile perfects and things slip into place and seemingly move on their own.

There’s an awful Pisces Mercury joke in there, but we won’t speak of it.

Wednesday the Moon moves through the last third of Sagittarius. It conjoins Sadge ruler Jupiter then squares Mercury and goes on to trine Uranus. The mood is zippy, and there’s a tendency to blather… a lot. There’s little harm in that, but if you get yourself in a pickle – wrap it up and move on, or abruptly change the subject. Find something completely different and compelling to focus on.

Overnight, the Moon moves to Capricorn and into square with Chiron. Chiron fresh onto Aries on the Aries point can spark a self-conscious note in the Capricorn Moon mood. Instead of letting it rattle you, allow it to point out where you’d benefit from some authentic self-acceptance.

Thursday’s Capricorn Moon goes on to sextile the Sun and trine Mars. Routine is AWESOME for creating satisfaction. It’s even better when you stick with what works. Even if you already love what you do, you’ll find more ways to appreciate it. If you don’t love it, you’ll definitely see ways to improve your day to day movements. This is how good habits are formed.

Friday morning, bright and early, Venus perfects a square to Uranus. It’s been a long time coming, but the effect is quick and shocking. Things that are not meant for you are changed in a flash. Now if you’ve been on your game, you can see this for the benefit it is. It’s jarring, yes, but eventually it will balance and pay dividends. It also helps that immediately afterward, Venus moves to Aquarius and we are distracted. It’s easier to lust after the bright side when this happens. Cap Venus might cling, but Aquarius Venus is off like a shot into something new. There’s a yearning to innovate; different is now a plus.

The Friday Cap Moon sextiles Neptune, cool water soothes. Be yin, take it in. The Moon then crosses over Saturn. Satisfaction is a long term goal and we have time. Relax, let it come. Venus also sextiles Chiron, exact by evening. What do you REALLY want? Be truthful with yourself – not what you think you should want. Be authentic with yourself.

Then the Moon moves over Pluto and into sextile with Mercury. You’re going to get a chance to internalize the wisdom of letting things go, letting the formerly devastating just be… something that was. You can really regulate your heart now. Do you want to always react in such extremes to change? Or do you want to let this change happen and feel good right away? That’s a choice, and it’s one you can choose now because you’ve already done the work.

Where is Venus changing sign in your chart? With the Uranus and Chiron aspects applying, where are you feeling change in what you desire? Is there something you need to communicate?



Weekly Forecast: February 25 – March 1, 2019 – Venus Set To Bust A Move — 4 Comments

  1. “Aquarius Venus is off like a shot into something new. There’s a yearning to innovate; different is now a plus.”

    Venus will be getting out of my 12th house where I have been doing some serious transformational (Pluto) work (Saturn) re: my spiritual beliefs (12H).

    It will be crossing my ascendant (how I present myself, my “first handshake”) at about the time I expect to be having yet another job interview (last one did not pan out).

    This also means Venus will be going into my 1st house, where my natal Chiron is. Hopefully I will get to make progress on my dang “wound”!! 🙂

  2. Venus is in my 7th house, conjunct my 29deg Mecury in Cap, as well as my own Venus @17deg. My ASC is 25deg in Cancer.
    Venus is conjunct my Mercury, opposing my ASC, square Pluto in Scorpio and Taurus Moon. Not to mention Uranus conjunct my Moon.
    I have been outspoken as hell lately, more than usual anyway, and I’m in college so there’s been an unspoken ordeal that I speak first and just shut the hell up the rest of class outside of group discussion unless asked to divulge what I know, which also happens because in the past week only 3 of 70 students knew of who Dr. Peterson is. Shame on them! (See what I mean, I cannot stop).

    I was just watching Dr. Peterson speak with Gadi Taub, and was put into a trance when he mentioned how people can use an illness or something to make one, two, 89 excuses to NOT do something, self-sabotage repeatedly.
    I see this in many people close to me, and they, as I have, need to make a decision. Everything is very clear as to what paths are needed to obtain a resolution and/or long-term goal, or continue the illusion and suffering.
    Someone very dear to me is suffering due to the mentally deranged grandparents he resides with. His mother must decide what to do, for she has options to leave and take her son with her. With her Moon in Pisces sq Sag Saturn, Uranus, ASC, w/Neptune opp Cancer Mercury and Venus, her ability to move on from this heavy and borrowed burden, this manipulation from her parents has been difficult.
    She isn’t the only person who is being hurtful to oneself and others. I have friends knowingly be aware of their harsh PTSD symptoms but allow it to generate constant excuses for their foul behavior.
    It is now bloody obvious how and what most of our lives can and will lead to because every detail seems to be right in our face, and has been for sometime, however I do (and don’t) have much choice upon liking the gradual growth I’ve experienced. Liking it is the easy choice. All great swords require beatings.
    I like the results of where am at: staring down the road of MY choice after years of delineation and trial while the whole time privately doing what I had enjoyed most. The plan is 85% clear, final details due before tax day. It FEELS really good. I have 4 planets in Capricorn, 3 in Scorpio. I am so grateful for what has occurred over the recent decade, and you give great insight and reminders of this Satori. Thank you for your knowledge as always.

  3. Everything comes in cycles and what you were in the last relationship, you will be the opposite of in the next one. I can see my Sun-Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio opposite Chiron in 4th house is working like that again and again.

    Something leaves, and something comes in.
    But why is it so darned painful to let go?

    Because Scorpio.
    We don’t want it, but we don’t want to give it up, to lose it. We are proprietary about “OUR” stuff – humans or stuff.
    Scorpios could learn a bit from Marie Kondo…

    The past half year I was the “Debbie Downer” in the relationship – now I am on the sunny side. It’s about energy exchange I think. I soak up another’s energy – just to pass it on to someone else, instead of transmuting it for my own benefit.
    Exchange of energies – why does it have to hurt so bad, when something good leaves it?

  4. Venus changed signs in my 1st House, Aquarius which is also where my Progressed Sun shines and Progressed Mercury affects the way I thin for the next several years. I’ve been very aware of the shift from my natal Scorpio-Mercury and feel how the influence of more air and mutable energy is massaging my intensity. Something to do with ‘settling the books’ as Elsa has pointed out in her Newsletter earlier in the week.

    Chiron’s aspects have contributed to a large communication about old wounds and karma. Uranus surprised me as I reached deep into my history to see how my present situation is a consequence of past actions.

    It’s a very, very big Spider’s Web as my Ancestors have said. Astrology gives me present day interpretation for legacy lessons and I am appreciative of the venue: ElsaElsa is an important water hole.

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