Weekly Forecast: February 24-28, 2022 – Sweet Longing

Beautiful flowersThis week, Mars and Venus in Capricorn move into and through sextiles to Neptune in Pisces. The exact aspects happen on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, but the energy is in play all week.

In addition, Mars and Venus also draw close to conjunction with Pluto.

More than any other time, the next few weeks bring opportunities to draw our dreams down into reality and move the mountains that stand between our current position and making them real. We’ve worked hard to get where we are, and we’re closer now than ever. Still it takes inspiration, desire, belief, power, and more action.

With Neptune involved, there’s the danger of allowing ourselves to believe illusions or over-idealize and mis-place our belief. So we look to Mercury’s movements, dispassionate in Aquarius, to inform and redeem our choices and attitudes.

Tuesday morning, Mercury conjoins Juno. Wednesday night it sextiles Chiron. On Thursday Mercury squares Uranus and picks up an applying conjunction to Saturn. Aquarius may be dispassionate (more intellectually considered), but it also allows for airy intensity. We can get excited about our thoughts and plans and ideals!

Communications and senses are active and fiery, informed through integrity and healthy real-world testing. Hurrah! Best case scenario for the times and for eventual success. In the future we may need to do some rock blasting, and that requires plans.

As for the Moon…

Monday morning, the Scorpio Moon trines the Sun in Pisces (Neptune ruled). It goes on to square Mercury, oppose Uranus, then trine Jupiter. That’s a lot of motivated mood! Expect a few pitfalls, but likely just some timing issues or news you need to assimilate.

On Tuesday, the Scorpio Moon squares Saturn and sextiles Venus and Mars (as Mercury moves over Juno… possibly some possessiveness or jealousy?). It then goes on to trine Neptune, sextiling Pluto overnight. Slow down and “smell the roses”. This mood is ripe to understand the assignment on a visceral level if you listen with your whole body, mind, and spirit.

Wednesday brings a Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius Moon mood. The Moon squares the Sun and sextiles Mercury. It trines Chiron then squares Jupiter overnight. The mood is pinching us, prodding us out of nowhere – get up and get somewhere! If we’re smart, we go where we’ve learned we get the best results, not just willy-nilly. Still, it feels great… if a bit much.

On Thursday, the Sadge Moon sextiles Saturn and squares Neptune. The mood fires burn… quickly but surely. It would be easy to procrastinate, and that could feel pretty good; but you can enjoy the same feeling by making sure you tick things off a list if they’re important and still have the satisfaction of freedom throughout.

The Moon finishes up in Sagittarius on Friday morning, then heads to Capricorn in the afternoon. It’s a brisk mood for liberty… till it’s not. However, the mood doesn’t fall as the Moon moves right into sextile with the Pisces Sun. Take your time; everything in its time feels delicious, AND you won’t miss what’s meant for you.

Venus in aspect to Neptune can bring strong, sweet desires such as longing. Are you longing for something or someone?

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  1. It’s my bday on Friday I’m trying to be positive for once. My sister gifted me a silver cornicello necklace (associated with Luna) and it feels fortuitous.

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