Weekly Forecast: February 18-22, 2019 – Full Moon In Virgo

viewThis week leads with some heavy hitters. Right off the bat Monday, the Aquarius Sun sextiles Uranus at the end of Aries with Chiron between them at the last minute of the last degree of Pisces. THE SUSPENSE… it’s electric… with water running over it… wait, isn’t that deadly?!

What, this? It’s only a flesh wound. No it’s not. Your arm’s off.

Frustrating M. Pythonish scenarios aside, It’s an exciting moment that won’t come again. A wound we associate with or dissociate from becomes irrelevant to our identity going forward. We function as we do in the moment and use what we have to our advantage. Past damage is irrelevant now unless we can move through it or use it as a tool.

It is then that Chiron moves to Aries, onto the Aries point – the first degree of the zodiac. A fresh chapter in growth is opened. It’s no longer spiritual and hidden. This time our focus is tangible and visible, physical as well as theoretical or in metaphor.

Authenticity is a concept that has been buzzing. It’s about to go mainstream and bug the crap out of everyone. Chiron in Aries will direct focus toward simplifying our interface with others. Who am I? How do I make who I am agree with who I appear to be… and not be hurt in the process? The process will be painful, but oh so productive and beneficial.

It’s a new season in our development. We are budding.

AND THEN… not an hour later, Venus conjoins Saturn. Commit to integrity in love, in desire, in gain. Anchor this change in making the best of your new growth through continuous beautification. Show yourself real love – love that lasts. If you can’t yet, commit to the pursuit.

This is at once heavy AND electric and zippy. Pallas Athena opposes Uranus and trines the Sun. Take a particular look at how you are showing up in relationships. What are the patterns you see; how have they changed – how are they changing? We need that mirror in order to see what’s going on, to see those patterns. Make smart changes – course corrections that are small but significant over time.

Talk and communicate. Use your senses and your connections. Mercury in Pisces makes a series of aspects over the course of the week. Mercury will make its exact sextile to Saturn on Tuesday, alongside the full moon. Mercury rules the full Virgo Moon. Communicate and plan wisely and listen to the still, small voice inside – allow for inspiration.

Mercury goes on to square Jupiter and sextile Pluto. It’s possible we go too far, talk too much, think too fast – we sense everything. It’s also possible to braid that all down into a powerful force for good. We can compress, destroy, or shed whatever doesn’t suit the plan.

Mercury holds a close sextile with Venus, one it will not perfect. Venus leaves Capricorn and Mercury goes retrograde (March) before this can happen. But we benefit from the interaction now. There’s practical relief in listening to your muse. Let yourself be guided.

The Sun moves to Pisces on Monday, ahead of the full moon (Tuesday). Once there it moves toward sextile with Mars in Taurus. Take action to benefit yourself… not in a snotty way, in a genuine self-care way. Be resourceful and replenish yourself. When we move forward in a productive spirit, we create bounty for all.

Monday, the Leo Moon takes some pointy energy from the Venus-Saturn conjunction and the Mercury-Neptune conjunction. This creates a direct line in for all that wisdom we want and need to assimilate. Don’t fear it, open your heart and shine. Be the emotional center that shines so hard all resistance is warmed or burns away.

As the Sun moves to Pisces, the Moon trines Jupiter. This is buoyant but also emotional. Feel joy!

Tuesday, the Moon finishes up in Leo and moves to Virgo. In that first degree of Virgo, we have the full moon opposition to the Sun. The Moon quincunxes Aries Chiron, going on to square Juno and trine Mars. Some emotional endings don’t sit quite right with what we’ve had ingrained in us for a long time. That’s okay. Grief is part of the process. Feel the feelings. It’s part of what we need to do. Action will come after, but it can’t come till we slice and dice and move through the feelings.

We’ve been of service. We’ve done things a specific way for good reason. Move through the feelings of the endings. Honor them. But then move on. Let yourself naturally come to the place where it makes sense and feels GOOD to move on. That will likely mean feeling some hard stuff first. We will make new commitments when we are ready. But not just yet.

Wednesday, the Virgo Moon trines Saturn, Venus, and Pluto and opposes Neptune and Mercury. The Moon squares Jupiter. Let the full moon sink in before you let yourself get whipped up over anything new. If you feel like running, getting away – give it time. Listen to what others have to say. It’s okay to let the thoughts and feelings simmer for a bit. Take your time until it all makes sense emotionally as well as mentally.

Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Virgo and moves to Libra. It then opposes Chiron. We begin to feel just how much work it’s going to take. In fact, people are likely to want us to start right up. Begin to feel the difference between people pleasing and doing something because it’s life affirming and the right thing to do. Don’t do something based on how it will make you look; base it on how it will make you feel. Sometimes they can be the same thing, but make sure it suits your needs first. Secure your own air mask first.

Friday, the Libra Moon squares Saturn. It goes on to sextile Jupiter and square Venus then Pluto. Immediately after, Venus conjoins Pluto. It can feel as though we are losing something. We may want to try to get it back, even if that doesn’t make sense. There’s a deep longing. Emotionally center yourself on the future rather than the past. Let the future fantasy take over if that helps. Be social and gad about! Don’t shoot yourself in the foot over something that’s dead and gone. Get the guidance you need to get past this bump. Optimism may sound airy here, but it’s the fire you need now.

If you’re over that bump (or it didn’t appear), the Venus-Pluto conjunction can bring a powerful desire that provides exactly what we need to tranform. It can assist in providing the impetus for digging out of a dead husk that holds us back. It’s disturbing to find you’re hanging around in a bad place, but it’s the first step to getting where you really want to be.

And if that’s not an issue? If you’re already clear? It can signal the rebirth you’ve been waiting for.

The full moon takes place at 0 degrees Virgo early Tuesday. Where does this hit your chart? What are you hoping for? Chiron will be 150 degrees away in Aries. Where will that transit your chart?

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Weekly Forecast: February 18-22, 2019 – Full Moon In Virgo — 15 Comments

  1. Hmm I have Uranus at 1 degree Virgo in my fifth house. This seems pretty darn close. But I wonder what it bodes – Uranus is a wild card, right?

  2. This falls in my 9th house, with Chiron passing through the 4th house.

    I just talked to someone today about trip to Mexico City long ago. I told them that I ENVY people who travel easily (meaning they enjoy going abroad and feel at home anywhere). My natal Saturn is in the 9th house. Imagine being a Sagittarius who gets nauseous while traveling out of her country! Must be the Cancer planets in 7th?

    Anyway, maybe I’ll have a fresh start on that front? Willingness to try new experiences or learn something?

  3. Full Moon will be opposite my Sun, 1st degree pisces. I feel like it’s already kicking my ass, I have a nasty flu. it’s my birthday on Wednesday, and I was wandering will my SR chart feel the effects of that full moon. Either way I don’t like Virgo moon in my SR. Feels like a year full od hard work,heavy responsability and health issues.

  4. making brownie cookies with mascarpone filling[full moon]
    realizing you pass by and old problem and can’t feel a relation[0 degrees]floating in between grey skies and snow [mercury /neptune]

  5. FM will be 3* applying to my natal 7H Virgo Pluto. Tr Chiron is ingressing the Aries portion of my 2H. I can think of lots of changing and healing possibilities with regard to relationships.

  6. This full moon lands in my 2nd house just as I continue laying the foundation to transition from social worker to freelance writer. I am unhappy at my current job. But I’m trying to stay until I have gathered enough long term clients. Getting my website done by a professional is one of the best decisions I have made. He will begin work this week. Thank goodness it’ll be completed before the retrograde. The shadow phase doesn’t scare me. Here’s to a new start and new career.

  7. “It’s disturbing to find you’re hanging around in a bad place, but it’s the first step to getting where you really want to be.”

    You are so right, Satori.
    This post was a truly inspirational, heavy hitting one. It is like it’s taking place in my life – all of it – right now. I must say I am amazed at how much you seem to hit home with your words sometimes. Mercury Pisces. Must be all dem feelings.

    Dating Peter Pans is a pattern I need to face and let go of, to find stability and commitment and love – most of all in myself. Love comes through committing to life and loving yourself enough to not be afraid of letting yourself give in to something bigger, being present.
    Pluto, Venus, and Capricorn right there. Venus kisses it better, but the scars remain the same. I need to commit to transforming my love patterns once and for all, to find love in myself before anything else can happen.

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