Weekly Forecast: February 13-17, 2017 – Valentine’s Day!

jackelopeThe signature feature of the week is a sextile from Mercury in Aquarius to Mars in Aries. While exact on Wednesday, the influence stretches into Friday. On Monday, Mercury applies into sextile at such a degree that Neptune is on the midpoint. Perhaps a little divine inspiration for valentine planning?

Planning for the future, groups, innovation and surprise are the hallmarks of communications and plans with Mercury here. Mars in Aries near Venus is bold, concise action for love and treats. The action is for the individual and is very present oriented and physical. I bet we see a whole bunch of flash mob type proposals and gifts. And I bet many valentines incorporate music and art.

Monday’s Moon moves from Virgo to Libra, changing sign midday. Early on, the Moon squares Saturn as the Sun forms a creative sextile to Saturn. Once in Libra, the Moon moves into opposition with Venus in Aries. Don’t be too critical of your own ideas. Go for perfect imperfection instead. The gift you can manage to pull off with your first, best effort is indeed the perfect gift. Keep it simple.

Don’t worry too much about what you’ll be getting. As Valentine’s Day dawns, the Moon-Venus aspect closes and the Moon goes on to trine Mercury and oppose Mars. Giving and getting, partnering and communications are heightened, but all are in supportive aspect. If actions fall short, use your words! Communicate without escalation. If you’re getting emotional because something hasn’t happened, YOU be the Valentine’s Day fairy and give an unexpected gift to someone who may not be getting one.

Giving to others will make you feel excellent and improve your state of mind – if you want it to. If you want to sulk, you’ll get exactly what you want.

Inevitably when there’s talk of Valentine’s Day, someone feels it’s extra painful that the focus is on couples. Well let’s be real: The focus is always on couples. And it’s not. It’s wherever you decide to focus. You can decide to focus on yourself or on making a friend feel appreciated. Those things are just as supported by this sky. You can change your attitude in a snap. If you’re having trouble doing that, change your focus or work your body.

In any case, on Tuesday, Valentine’s Day, with Venus in Aries and Mars opposite the Moon in Libra… with Aquarius Mercury… upgrade your attitude and take a simple approach of agency. Bring your Valentine’s GAME. GET SOME! Give some. Talk about it. Surprise someone!

Tuesday night the Moon squares Pluto, late. Wednesday morning early it opposes Uranus. Don’t punch anyone in the face because you feel excluded or forgotten. I guess Libra Moon wouldn’t do that. But Aries Mars might. It’s more a feeling though. If it didn’t work out, remember: You’ll have your day… someday. You really will.

Wednesday, the Moon conjoins Jupiter and sextiles Saturn as it closes the opposition to Uranus. It also trines the Sun. Be creative with your mood. Look for the joy, the gratitude, the satisfaction. It’s there, even if it’s just in bursts, in moments. The pay-off may be now or it may be off on the other end of something, some trek or adventure. Work toward feeling balanced in your own heart now – that’s what primes the pump for more.

Late Wednesday, early Thursday, the Moon moves into Scorpio. It sextiles Juno and trines Neptune. Juno in Capricorn is solid passion, and Neptune adds some piquant flavor. Slow down and stretch out your mood; head downstream without struggle. It’s a good time to let things unfold without pushing back. Enjoy the view. Let your mood be carried with a sly smile. Enjoy the music because you’re not too busy struggling against the current to hear it. Let others battle windmills. Like with a pinata, you’ll get more candy standing off to the side and relaxing than the kid in the blindfold will, bashing at it with a stick. Mars moves into square with Pluto on through the weekend. Don’t get in between.

Friday the Scorpio Moon squares Mercury and quincunxes Mars: The same pinata thing holds true. But you may be more inclined to step in the way of the stick. Be aware! Further into the day, the Moon sextiles Pluto and trines Chiron. You know better. If you pick up the stick yourself, have a plan. With a plan, violent action can be leveraged to do great things. Consider how much harder it would be to take down a wall without a sledgehammer. Releasing that emotional energy can feel good too! Find your own righteous version of the sledgehammer.

Do you have any plans for Valentine’s Day? To whom will you give a valentine? Did you like the holiday when you were a kid? Do you like it now?

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Weekly Forecast: February 13-17, 2017 – Valentine’s Day! — 17 Comments

  1. I’ve always loved and hated but mostly loved Valentine’s Day, even as a kid, even when single. My birthday is on the 17th. I enjoy celebrating the entire month. February is the neglected stepchild of the calendar, I say. So I overcompensate. Yesterday I baked heart shaped butter cookies from scratch and was generous with the made from scratch frosting. Turquoise, purple and pink hearts! Also made white chocolate covered strawberries. Bought my son a card, a Furby, a Rubik’s cube, candy and a Family Feud card game. For my birthday on Friday I’ll buy my own cake (no candles!) and take my son and ex-husband out to dinner.

  2. It’s my very favorite holiday. Always has been. The colors, hearts, flowers, champagne, jewelry, rich food, cards, gifts and chocolate. Ahhhh (Libra Venus in the 2nd).

    My son is my victim lol. It was just his birthday so he’s overloaded with gifts so just probably a little something or gift card, plus I always make a nice dinner like short ribs. Ordered the chocolate covered strawberries and cherries today. 🙂

  3. I don’t have much to give but my guy wanted them so I whipped up some Belgian waffles fresh off the Krups Belgian waffle maker. Cooking beef stroganoff for dinner this week since I know he likes it a lot.

  4. Just sent a song to a good friend by an a artist I want d to share for Valentine’s Day! Wow Satori, you were right on!

    I got cards as a kid and chocolate from my folks. Now a card because I can’t eat sugar
    : ( I like the idea of Valentine’s Day but it’s never been a super fancy day with us. I have a Mercury in Sag and usually say something unintentional that insults my SO, so I get what I get. I’m making coconut curry chicken for dinner.

    Misty, those cookies sound beautiful! And Satori, love the pic too!

    Happy Valentine’s Day all!

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