Weekly Forecast: February 12-16, 2018 – A Venus-Neptune Valentine’s Day

heart zachValentine’s Day takes place this week on Wednesday, followed Thursday by a partial, new moon eclipse in Aquarius. Their proximity means they share a similar sky and a similar flavor, but that flavor is mixed, complicated. It has the potential for solid returns but also for well meaning acts that miss the mark.

That sounds like a fizzle, doesn’t it? Not if you’re aware of the potential up front. There’s built in drizzle-fizzle on the rainbow parade. But otherwise, it looks damned good. What I’m saying is if you can short circuit the disappointment that can follow missed expectations, you stand to prosper exponentially.

All last week Mars in Sagittarius moved into square with Neptune. This week it moves closer. The aspect isn’t exact till next weekend. But coupled with the general square of Jupiter to the energies in Aquarius, it’s terrible for accuracy in carrying out one’s intentions. That doesn’t mean you don’t WIN. However, it’s hell on gauging the results in the short term.

Here’s a great example; I’m a lousy golfer. I have to use those day-glo golf balls. One time I hit off the tee and COULD NOT FIND MY BALL FOR ANYTHING. I had to wave the next party through. I was in the rough looking when they shouted for me on the green. My ball was a foot from the pin (I never thought of looking for it there). That’s this week.

Most people mean well, and most people are trying… very hard! When the shot doesn’t hit the mark, that effort can be invisible. Doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! Now couple this with the HUGE expectations and hopes surrounding Valentine’s Day and a new moon eclipse. BUT, the results of effort can be hidden or delayed.

This is echoed in the building sextile of an ideal Pisces Venus to Saturn glorified in its own sign. The aspect is building from Monday, through V-Day, and exact after the new moon. Venus’ next major aspect is a conjunction to Neptune – ideal benefit, blessed gifts, unblemished love. The sextile to Saturn embeds a lasting benefit when you do your best.

Venus sextile Saturn under these auspices is the best possible avenue for a tangible blessing of cosmic value… in time. OR, for some it’s a payout that’s been a long time coming, and it’s DIVINE.

In any case, if something doesn’t meet your hopes, do not despair. It’s a blip. Midday on Valentine’s Day, the Moon crosses the south node after closing a sextile to Mars. Do your best and then wave away post-action regrets. The Sun and Mercury sextile Uranus for last minute bright ideas anyway. It really is the thought that counts, the thought and the intention. It’s electric and fun. The best ideas may come at the last minute. If the original plan doesn’t stick, wing it!

Venus sextile Saturn is lasting love. That flavor carries the day, regardless. You don’t have to prove your love. If it’s real, they know.

Thursday’s new moon holds these energies and locks them in. Sometimes you really can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Sometimes a wild ride is the base for a happy ending… you just have to give it time. And you have to allow for something NEW, something unexpected. People get wrapped around the axle when they need something in particular to happen. Be flexible, be chill. Be open to something outside your current expectations.

There’s a new way to the spirit of the thing that you want. Let it in. Relax and let it happen. Be open to incorporating new intentions, a new way.

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Weekly Forecast: February 12-16, 2018 – A Venus-Neptune Valentine’s Day — 5 Comments

  1. Helpful to be reminded of the Aquarian potential for surprises. I wish a good attitude and flexible response to all who encounter the unexpected.

    And to those with no surprises, I urge you to live with more daring. (Smile here, maybe a wink.)

  2. Love this description of the week. We are far away from the knots and tensions of the cardinal years with Pluto and Uranus. I remember then clearly and this is like a soft, calm wrap upon frayed nerves.

    I feel the eclipse energy, Ivm more anxious and jumpy and sleepless than ever. And I have foubd what I need to let go of. And I know what I need to let in. But the process makes me nervous about the new stuff. I’m 4 times a Scorp so I don’t let go easily. At least I’m not breaking up with a BF or being dumped. That has happened a lot in the previous years. Well, ok, 2 times, but both was like having the carpet pulled out from under my feet.

    Later, we will be “The ones who survived the Pluto-Uranus Squares” 😉

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