Weekly Forecast: February 10-14, 2020 – Passionate Scorpio Moon For Valentine’s Day

viewThis week, the Moon moves from Virgo, through Libra, and deep into Scorpio. The mood starts out detail and service oriented then the focus orients on relating, a more airy give and take. Finally the collective mood dives deep into that interaction, going under the surface and beyond the niceties.

Mercury slows in Pisces in anticipation of its upcoming retrograde period. Mars speeds through the end of Sagittarius, keeping an active and physically fire-fueled foot on the gas. Jupiter moves closer into sextile with Neptune, but atypically it’s the Moon making all the notable moves this week.

Monday, the Virgo Moon opposes Mercury then Neptune. It trines Neptune, illuminating the Jupiter-Neptune sextile. We’ve been getting some glimpses into the themes of our future interests and paths. The mood fosters further investigation and the fleshing out of some of the mundane details of our amorphous dreams. Invitations or bids for attention in this area offer a chance to increase our feelings of validity and enthusiasm for the future. It’s possible to find yourself surprised at how much fun something is, something you might not have found all that interesting in the past. In fact, it could foster a complete turnaround in some area (of your chart).

Tuesday, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and Saturn and squares Mars. Stay on course with the mood for detail in order to steer that leveling influence to create deeper tracks for progress over time. The Moon moves to Libra and an opposition to Chiron then Libra ruler Venus. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but you catch more flies with honey. The general tenor of the day works best when you balance those two maxims and are authentic to your own values and desires while making space for the same for others.

Wednesday, the Libra Moon squares Jupiter, setting off Mercury and Neptune by quincunx. Raising the volume on “nice” is no longer nice. It can get shrill and the subtle flavor is lost. Humor is a lifesaver. Remember to add some humor into the mix. It goes a long way toward making art out of veneer.

Thursday, the Moon in Libra squares Pluto then Saturn, going on to trine the Aquarius Sun and sextile Mars. Keep up the grounding perspective with wit and a long fuse. That sets the stage to rise above the mundane, gain some speed, and soar. Evening brings a Scorpio Moon and an opposition to Uranus in Taurus. There’s a likelihood of surprises and every indicator that they will be pleasant. It’s a great time to try a new play on something old. It’s titillating.

Friday’s Scorpio Moon trines Mercury then Neptune and sextiles Jupiter. Communications are inspired, favoring larger gestures, symbolic or metaphorical shows of deeper meaning. The possibilities for sizzling sexual or romantic success are sweetened by that late Sagittarius Mars’ libidinal boost. Thoughtful and attuned communications benefit from concrete follow through.

The late Aquarius Sun every year on Valentine’s Day can add a bit of detachment. How do you experience the holiday in general? How about this year?



Weekly Forecast: February 10-14, 2020 – Passionate Scorpio Moon For Valentine’s Day — 1 Comment

  1. As a non-romantic Gem Rising (no thank you to chocolates, roses, and especially massages, lol, but a definite yes to hard real fruit-flavored candies, all houseplants, and laughing hard until tears stream down my face), I enjoy the lighter vibe and quirkiness of fellow Air sign, Aquarius. As a currently happy-to-be-single person, I always treat myself to whatever grabs my fancy on V’s-Day. This Friday, however, my area will be waking up to -30º C. with the windchill so, if I do decide to venture out, I’ll be so bundled up that I won’t be able to easily move around or even bend! No big deal, though, with instant online ordering and super-fast deliveries nowadays. Astro-wise, re you romantics out there, I’d advise you all to just quietly and ver-r-r-y slowly think about what your long-term hopes are for that area of your life. Stop, look, and listen super-attentively before making any bold moves under Friday’s deep and emotionally powerful Scorpio Moon trining Neptune (La La Land, lol) as Jupiter may also be adding just a little too much confidence, energy, and optimism into the mix. And then on Sunday, Mars (sex drive) enters Capricorn, where it’s exalted, so best think carefully about who you decide to zone in on cause you soon may regret it. Treat yourself to something that will bring you a little joy and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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