Weekly Forecast: December 9-13, 2019 – Full Moon In Gemini

boy heliosEarly Monday, Mercury moves from Scorpio to Sagittarius, Pluto rule to Jupiter rule. It should be interesting with both in Capricorn – a long time coming, I suppose.

I’m writing this with Mercury still in Scorpio. While the Scorpio vibe goes well with all my water, I’m thinking it might be a positive to see it move. I mean, I see nothing wrong with a good, healthy dose of nihilism. Seriously, I love it… digging in. It feels good. But I’m weary. I’m so sleepy from this Scorpio attitude as it reacts with my garbage. But it’s time for it to go, isn’t it? I’m filled with mental rage because someone on the internet called me Karen. Sometime. I can’t remember who, now. I should have murdered them right then. Gen X brain is the worst. Plus I’m tired. Did I say I’m tired?

It’s time for more rocket fuel jabbering in Sadge! More shouting. Fewer grudges! Less murder! So that’s Monday. I’m sure it will be a hoot. Plus, Mars will still be in Scorpio, so if I remember who called me Karen…

Mercury has been in Scorpio forever! It’s time for something new. Sagittarius is all about the big and exhilaration.

When Mercury moves to Sadge, it picks up a trine to Aries Chiron, exact overnight. The senses and the mind react well to the expression of the authentic self. We talk and we think for a reason, one would hope. If you want to figure your stuff out, you’ve really got to tell the truth. This influence favors churning it out like gangbusters – the real deal. Something is going to click and reset the whole attitude. Pay attention and get it figured out.

Get free in your mind and the healing will follow.

Monday and Tuesday, the Taurus Moon mood balances Mars in Scorpio, brings ease to the Capricorn stellium – earth to earth – then moves to Gemini and opposes Mercury in Sagittarius. It also sextiles Chiron. A mood to socialize brings much needed air to the fire. Talk it out. Teach. Learn.

Overnight Tuesday, Venus makes its exact conjunction to Saturn and begins to move past into Pluto (exact Friday). We’ve been laying the groundwork on investments. Some will have paid off in the run-up and others will mature with time. The investment of Venus-Pluto has a deeper root. It’s less concrete or obvious. It’s power, depth, sex-magic. Both Saturn and Pluto with Venus can signal loss, depending on other discrete factors. In Capricorn, these tend to be earned… that would be the greatest factor. Capricorn is a lot of “should”. If you proceed honorably, it’s also likely to turn out in your best interest.

As Venus goes from Saturn to Pluto, capitalize on your own best interests and those of the people in your life. If you can’t do that with someone, it’s an indicator that they may be on the way out of your inner circle. That may be for the best. Or you might want to overhaul how you approach that relationship so that you CAN invest there.

Early Wednesday, Mercury closes its exact quincunx to Uranus. Jupiter is moving into trine with Uranus, holding a square to Chiron. Remember how I said be for real and let it fly? It’s still true, but some of what’s said is going to come out wrong or rub people the wrong way. As long as you’re genuine, it’s still for the best. The real pain comes from fakery. Don’t do that. If someone tells you something too good to be true, consider the source. But whether or not the info stings is no indicator of its veracity. Shocking news is not always bad news.

Late Wednesday, the full moon in Gemini takes place in square to Neptune and quincunx to Saturn, Venus, and Pluto. It’s the end of a cycle with the Moon’s ruler at the beginning of a fiery sign of intensity. If you need to “put paid” to something, that’s what you’ve got to do. But don’t assume you’ve got it all put together just yet. Something’s still foggy. There are pieces yet to put in place.

Mars will perfect its trine to Neptune on Friday, just before Venus hits Pluto. Let that shit play out. Mars comes into orb of sextile to Saturn, and Jupiter still moves into trine with Uranus. There are moves pre-ordained or yet to pop out of the hopper. The best bit of control we’ve got is to handle things smoothly in reaction to events as they unfold. Be ready to roll when necessary. How? Who knows. Let your mind run free with the possibilities; the act of preparing is what creates mastery of mind. Whatever happens is managed by mastery (or wisdom) rather than any particular plan.

Not everyone loves surprises. We can learn to appreciate change, then we will appreciate novelty. This week’s series of transits wreaks great change. The full moon can be utilized to turn us into change lovin’ fools. This full moon shouts: BRING IT ON! Or with Neptune in square, perhaps it echoes in the fog. But try that on for size.

Thursday the Moon finishes up in Gemini and moves to Cancer. There it squares Chiron, sextiles Uranus, and opposes Jupiter. How do we feel about this change? Lean into it, however it feels. Learn it from the inside. Cancer has the ability to sit on an egg and hatch it. This is its own magical addition to the mix. Take it all in and see what happens.

Friday is Mars trine Neptune and Venus over Pluto. Observe and act according to how you’re moved. Deep down is what’s real and solid. We balance that with our emotional center, Moon on the north node. The Moon moves into a grand trine with Neptune then Mars and opposes Saturn, a kite. The mood to take is one of grace. There are concrete realities we accept in our lives, but they also give us a solid tether to flow around. Act as you see fit, but the feeling is everything. It’s the key to tying it all together.

The full moon takes place at 19 (nearly 20) degrees Gemini. Where does that hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: December 9-13, 2019 – Full Moon In Gemini — 5 Comments

  1. Ha! I have mars in cancer and I relate to this big time…like endlessly sitting on eggs well beyond what others would be willing to do

    “Cancer has the ability to sit on an egg and hatch it. This is its own magical addition to the mix. Take it all in and see what happens.”

  2. “This week’s series of transits wreaks great change”

    Ladies and gentlemen, please applaud a warm welcome for the opening act.

    The overture is coming in Jan!

  3. Full moon conjoins my natal Uranus 6th House; revolutionary awarenesses as I have flexed my muscles to strengthen my tail/tale bone and step away from a 25+ year old corpse!
    A new tale, a flexible strong one

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