Weekly Forecast: December 5-9, 2022 – Gemini Full Moon Monkeyshines

Cancer emMonday night, Mercury at the end of Sagittarius squares Jupiter in Pisces exactly. So the entire day begs the question “WHAT?”

I suppose you want me to explain that. No. I won’t. The Taurus Moon conjoins Uranus, squares Saturn, and winds up in sextile to Neptune, ruler of Pisces. This isn’t one that someone else can explain. The challenge is to find a personal explanation, or better yet – find the personal in the universal. If you’re irritated, feeling blocked, well, those may be the emotions that lead into the void space where meaning lives.

Monday is the last full day that Mercury spends in Sadge, blurting and running wild. It also gives us right up till Tuesday afternoon when Mercury leaves for Capricorn to flit and flirt and barrel our minds and mouths into the full expression of the long way around a subject. Explore while you may.

Tuesday’s Taurus Moon morning finds the Moon trining Pluto and sextiling Jupiter, a mood ripe for unearthing satisfyingly deep meaning and shouting it to the world. Or singing praise to the mystery. By afternoon, the Moon moves to Gemini and quincunx to freshly minted Cap Mercury, Saturn ruled. Time to ruminate, if you take the time.

Wednesday, the Mercury-ruled Gemini Moon sextiles Chiron then forms a t-square with Juno and the Sadge Sun – the full moon. The full moon closely conjoins retrograde Mars, both the Moon and Sun perfecting their aspects to Mars in under a half hour. CLOSE.

That square to Juno might not have made the radar for the full moon were it not for the tight Mars conjunction. Moon and Mars in air is emotional explosion, anger, rage. Juno in square to the emotional center, the ego, and the action center looks like MOTIVE. Passion, possessiveness, revenge, all are linked to Juno. So is a certain type of perseverance, in Pisces – the type that may spawn stalkers or stalking. Use what you’ve learned to recognize the need to utilize caution.

You can encounter that flavor without it being a full-blown problem. However, with a full moon on Mars – off its game, retrograde at that – use the Saturn flavor of the Capricorn Mercury influence to follow your gut and senses on this one. Pay attention to what you’re taking in through your senses. TAKE IT SERIOUSLY. Use the full moon action to suss out shenanigans and extinguish them with a fire blanket.

Don’t play into any drama. Be willing to recognize the difference between a game and a threat. The best way to stop a fire is to cut off its air. Use your good sense, and if you don’t have any – use the collective good sense of Capricorn Mercury. Dump dirt on it. Boom.

Now, most people won’t encounter such things, not to the extent I’m talking about. But they don’t need warnings. If a little drama flares and somebody harrumphs at you, well it’s not a big deal in the long run. It’s a very good time to put an end to someone’s nonsense by shutting a door (or slamming), by cutting them off, or by having the last, non-inflammatory word. These can be very satisfying! And healthy. “I have no response to that.”

Can you be unflappable when others escalate? Virgo placements are great for that. If so, you can de-escalate yourself too.

The post-full Gemini Moon goes on to trine Saturn overnight into Thursday morning. Do the high-minded, right thing.

On Thursday, the Gemini Moon goes on to square Neptune as well. If you are not coming off doing the right thing, it’s a pretty soggy day. The Moon then opposes Venus and squares Jupiter. Venus squares Jupiter (exact Friday morning). The distance between getting what you want and getting what you need is highlighted.

Perspective is the cure for that, as is remembering that tomorrow is another day. After Venus perfects its morning square to Jupiter, the Sun immediately closes a sextile to Saturn. Time creates a story from a drama. It creates value, if you see through and past the moment. Perspective.

Friday morning’s Cancer Moon mood can help with that as it opposes Mercury in Capricorn, balance of mood and mind. By nighttime, Venus joins Mercury in Cap and the Cancer Moon squares Chiron. If you can learn to want what you have and what you may be able to achieve in the future, that’s a valuable perspective.

The full moon takes place Wednesday night at 16 degrees Gemini conjunct a 16 degree Mars. Where is this hitting your chart?


Weekly Forecast: December 5-9, 2022 – Gemini Full Moon Monkeyshines — 7 Comments

  1. I’m guessing this will hit me right in the middle of my heart I will meet my sisters on Wednesday five of them one has a very ill husband and she crawls in bed with him every day because the last time will be too soon for her and she say they watch TV all day until I fall back into deep sleep I’ve decided I will call my bank and have them pull out 1/4 of my mortgage every Thursday I am guessing this will get me ahead of the interest . my mother used to say money was paper and you could make more paper but you can’t make time I wanna get ahead of this so I have time even if in my time I just stare at the wonders of nature work is gobbling me up it’s OK but what I really want is just a little more time, Not sure what I will do with it I will figure that out when I’m there be well my friends

  2. The full moon will conjunct the cusp of my second house, which is 16 degree Gem and oppose my eighth house cusp at 16 Sag.Will
    be interesting to see how it shows up and with the added energy of Mars at 16 degrees in the second/eight houses also.

  3. Hi,
    I am wondering how Wed/Thurs may affect me. I have Mars in Gemini in 2nd House at 16 degrees. I am not good at reading the actual chart.

  4. WOW! This full moon will be EXACTLY conjunct my Jupiter in Gemini, 11th house….will be interesting to see what comes of this!
    As always Elsa, a very informative/enlightening post! 🙂👍

    • Üdvözlöm
      Pénteken megyek fogteknikushoz a a protézis meg igazítani,vagy bélelni nem tudom,hogy jó az időpnt vagy sem. Hold szemben áll a merkurral 5-ös 11-es ház. Hold szemben áll a Vénusszal. Hold kvadrát Jupiter 5-11-es ház. Hold 150 fokos fényszög a Plútóval 12-es házban. Nap 10-es ház szemben a Marssal 4-es ház. Nap 10-es ház szesztil Szaturnusz 1-es ház talán ez az egy pozitív fényszög van. Jupiter 1-es ház együtt áll a Neptunusszal 1-es ház. Nem könnyű időpontot úgy kapni,hogy jó is legyen,de bízom benne,hogy jó lesz. 27-hónapja járok egyszer csak vége lesz.

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