Weekly Forecast: December 5-9, 2016 – Inspired Planning And Righteous Action

put it in your pocketOver the course of the week, the Sun moves into conjunction with Saturn in Sagittarius and Capricorn Mercury closes in on a sextile with Neptune. It’s that cyclical winter holiday magic constelating as it coincides with sweet and inspired imagination. It’s the move from an attitude of duty to one of grounding connection and gratitude for the purpose it drives, as well as a brand new direction.

Monday the mood is propelled on a gust from the continuation of the weekend’s Aquarius Moon energy. It lifts the call to action that prevails as Aquarius Mars approaches exact sextile with Uranus in Aries. It’s a great time to line up help for larger projects and to get the ball rolling in group measures. By nighttime, the Moon moves to Pisces, the ideal transition for cementing a feeling of satisfaction in extending cooperation.

Mars and Uranus in mutual reception perfect their aspect on Tuesday night. So rally the troops while people are still actively feeling that push. It remains in aspect through the rest of the week, so the follow through energy is electric. However, initial opportunities may dry up if you don’t grab them when they pop. Better to jump on something early and drop it later than miss out entirely. Not all are gems, but you don’t know till you inspect.

Tuesday’s Pisces Moon illuminates the Mercury-Neptune sextile and a genuine feeling of cooperation, support, and hallowed connection – peace and goodwill. It also twangs when a break in the collective shows through. It contains the ability to use that awareness to stop and formulate a plan to improve on the conditions that pull at the heartstrings. What do you long for? Can you name it?

The Moon squares the Sun then Saturn. By Wednesday morning it sextiles Pluto as well. It’s a time for planning, all week long. In the middle of the week, we’re pivoting around a wide shift. It brings some growing pains, but you can feel which way to turn, feel it deep within. Intuition and inspiration abound.

Tuesday Venus moves through the last degree of Capricorn, then it moves to Aquarius Wednesday morning. There’s a shift from the saving and investment phase into a less attached aesthetic. There’s less emphasis on what can I afford? and more of an involvement in preparations and socializing. If you haven’t got the funds by this point, don’t worry about it. The focus just isn’t there anymore. Other things become more important, not just personally but for everyone.

Wednesday when the Pisces Moon hits Chiron, it also hits the midpoint of the Mars-Uranus sextile. Lean forward and help others, or do the things you know you need to do to help yourself and those closest to you. The main thing is to do the thing that makes you feel good about moving forward, doing better now than you’ve done in the past… in order for things to feel even better in the future.

Thursday the Aries Moon sextiles Venus in Aquarius then moves on to square Mercury. Dust off any sticky, sappy feelings and make use of the martial mood to concentrate on where you go from here… in short bursts, as Aries does. Opportunities to get what you’re after will drift by if you’re not paying attention and keeping your eyes forward and fresh. Don’t get so wrapped up in an old project that you miss a chance to captitalize on moving on with a new one. If something’s not working, turn your attention elsewhere, at least for long enough to refresh your perspective.

Friday the Aries Moon squares Pluto for a bit of an early burn in your belly. Roll over and get going anyway. That’s the remedy to that. The Moon also trines the Sun-Saturn conjunction in Sadge and moves into opposition to Jupiter in Libra. There’s solid enthusiasm building as you exercise a pleasant give and take with others.

Take the time to be social. Someone might be pushing for too much, flexing their will to power. Don’t let it spoil your mood or drag you down. That’s just what some people do. Hold to your own boundaries and ethics and maintain your mood.

From midday on, the Moon moves through Uranus and picks up that sextile to Mars. Feel the zing and enjoy the motion. Don’t rest on your laurels or fall back on drudgery that can wait or expire. It’s a “Make hay while the Sun shines!” kind of day. Make use of the active mood! Use it for something new. Broadcast your pleasant mood (or attempt) and others will join in.

It’s two weeks from the start of Mercury’s retrograde at 15 Capricorn. We are already in the degrees it will cover. What do you need to get planned between now and then?

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Weekly Forecast: December 5-9, 2016 – Inspired Planning And Righteous Action — 3 Comments

  1. I have a very important job interview Wednesday, I’m so nervous. My natal Chiron is in Pisces, I hope this means I can get this job and start healing.

  2. Im going to arrange for my husband and i to get a larger apartment, so my brother can live with us for a little while till he gets on his feet stability, by january!

  3. Not to let the grumpies take over. I thought it was just me but then a few other people have said, I was really grumpy, not like me at all.

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