Weekly Forecast: December 4-8, 2017 – Personal Justice On Deck

in your earWith a stellium in Sagittarius, you’d think we’d be in for a more straightforward good time. The volume is on high and the voices are upbeat and strong. The aesthetic is sporty and predisposed to good humor. It’s over the top. The presence of Saturn in the mix shows where too much of a good thing is a burden, a barrier to nailing down the details.

Saturn is the furthest it’s been into Sadge at 28 degrees. This is new ground, the last bit of ground for this transit. We’re nearing completion and motivated to draw conclusions to some fairly long-term issues. At the same time, newly retrograde Mercury turns back to pass over Saturn, mere days after conjoining it direct. If you want to look at something from another side, here’s your chance. You likely won’t be able to avoid it. It’s loud and in your face. And stark.

At the same time, Mars in Libra pulls into sextile with Mercury and Saturn. Mars has been hamstrung in Libra for a while now – not at its best in the Venus-ruled sign and burdened by squares and oppositions. It’s been a moderator more than an actor. Now it hits its stride. We should start spotting brand new opportunities to act, to do, to make tracks and gain ground. And we should look pretty darn good while doing it. It’s been a long time coming.

All those times you held your tongue? All those times you were polite and walked away? Your good grace is set to pay off. Justice finds its feet as facts come to light. There’s a new spin on what is broadcast and it has legs. There’s a chance to capitalize on facts through action. We can now act with judicious authority. With grace.

Plans that feel through? They may turn up again as viable paths.

Venus moves into square with Neptune, Sadge to Pisces, mutable. What we genuinely desire is not present in its perfect form. The unrequited wish can feel like lack, or it can motivate. It’s a taste of something sweet that leaves us wanting more.

Anticipation can be frustrating, but it could alternately be what draws us to the next taste of divinity – better, more, higher. Savor sweet desire. It’s within all of us to frame things that way. It then becomes fuel for appreciation of the dream. It’s reaching for the dream that stretches us into something more than we already are. Something better.

In reaching for something untenable, something else that fits the bill may materialize. You can’t get what you want if you don’t believe in the possibility. You don’t have to understand the particulars. You don’t have to believe in the impossible. Just don’t cut yourself off from the hope.

Through the week, the Moon moves from Gemini to Virgo with Cancer and Leo in between. Mercury-ruled on both ends – Moon and Sun between. There’s a lot of thinking, communicating and sensing. Attitudes shift and solidify. How does it all feel? What does this mean in my life? And through Mars, what does this lead me to DO?

All good questions. We will walk through them with grace and authority. Personal justice is on deck.

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Weekly Forecast: December 4-8, 2017 – Personal Justice On Deck — 10 Comments

  1. Awesome read! Like it’s a bit prophetic in my life situation atm….

    I can definitely see all the ques and performances going down real well! Bloody long time in the coming! Lol ūüėČ


    Cheers – Shane

  2. Great optimism! The ‘long time coming’ is for all of us, hope that doesn’t spell clashes. I’m a bit flattened today, Merc retrograde DID something – still haven’t worked it out yet, plans dissolved – I hope Merc-Sat conjunction hasn’t got a slap in the face planned for me.

  3. Beautiful, inspirational words! Especially ‚ÄėIt‚Äôs reaching for the dream that stretches us into something more than we already are. Something better.‚Äô Right in keeping with law of attraction teachings.

    Were you channeling divinity? Your words really touched my spirit when I needed. Thank you ūüĆł

  4. Thank goodness good news finally. I miss my Mars …badly. Not too happy with Libra on a good day but Mars has been stuck in this ineffective limbo for way too long. I actually slept 8 hours last night. It‚Äôs Not that great – there‚Äôs too much to do!
    Aries Rising

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