Weekly Forecast: December 3-7, 2018 – New Moon In Sagittarius

viewThis week we have a new moon in the middle of Sagittarius and Mercury goes direct in the late degrees of Scorpio. It doesn’t happen in that order but within hours of each other, Thursday afternoon and Thursday overnight. In any case, the senses are deeply stimulated in these darkening days leading up to a fresh start.

Chiron’s retrograde slows to minute movement as it prepares to turn direct in less than a week. On Monday, retrograde Mercury makes an exact trine to Chiron. It will make a direct trine to Chiron as Chiron goes direct over the weekend.

The mind can heal and be healed, but the power comes from outside the conscious mind. It comes from outside the conscious control of the mind, that is.

The senses, communication, thinking, attitude… give them the reins to go deep as well as to be inspired. With Mars and Neptune conjunct in Pisces (exact Friday) allow yourself to be guided. Light touch goes over well. Gentle guidance may not seem like it will be enough. It’s enough. Go where you feel gently guided. Follow your senses and let curiosity guide the life of your mind this week. You’ll find just the right answers when you do.

On Wednesday, the Sun squares Neptune from Sagittarius. Sadge is the home of gods, and Jupiter in Sadge rules the sign. However, amorphous Neptune rules connection even between gods. Hubris is excessive pride or arrogance, its an affront to the gods (in Greek tales), punishable by the gods. I’m just speaking metaphorically. It’s basically when someone thinks they’re too super and it generally means they’re about to be humbled by something bigger.

Neptune in this case is bigger. It surrounds everything. You can’t as an individual be bigger than everything. So be wise or be humbled.

On Thursday, Mercury goes direct, back into trine with Chiron. Aha! That learning is flowing in a new direction. Overnight into early Friday morning, the Moon in Sagittarius conjoins the Sun in Sadge for the new moon. The new moon conjunction squares Mars and Neptune (past exact). Are you being wise, having deep thoughts from which you are learning? Are you pursuing wisdom through a sense of connection rather than a sense of personal honor?

The new moon can jump start a personal connection to the divine and the divine will – or another way, getting in step with the greater good. This can be jarring, even physically so. But it’s also divine. Why wouldn’t you want to feel it? You do. It’s new and it’s GRAND.

This weekend, both Venus and Vesta changed sign. They did so in square to each other and in aspect to Uranus (exact last Friday). Venus in Scorpio squares Vesta in Aquarius this week, exact on Wednesday. They were in cardinal signs, involved in change – pushing something stable off its pedestal. What we desire is destined for more than the status quo, and it’s had the PUSH. Now in fixed signs, we’ll spend some time a bit uncomfortable, trying to relight that flame of attachment and devotion to the new: kindle, relight, keep it going.

Also, something very personal, something shared, may take on a more impersonal tone for a bit. If you can stay devoted to the practice regardless, it primes greater bounty later.

Venus is also moving into sextile with Saturn in Capricorn. I wouldn’t normally note something quite so far out. I like to keep an orb of 3 degrees with a sextile. However, Venus and Saturn have an exceptionally long fuse. They spark long before the boom. We’re building legitimate gains as we work to move beyond the status quo, as we lean toward a phoenix rising in our yearning. It takes time.

Between Venus and Saturn this week lie Mercury, the Sun, and Jupiter. By Monday night, we can add the Moon. Mercury is in Scorpio with Jupiter and the Sun in Sadge. Live your week being sunny above the horizon, always pushing forward and striking out on adventures when adventures are available. Below the horizon, pay attention to the clues and dig a little deeper. Get curious and don’t settle for the surface answers. But do it with a heart that wants to find the good in the situation long term.

Do it with a desire for getting it RIGHT – for wanting what’s right. What’s right won’t have to seem angelic right now. It can be a different sort of right, if that’s what’s right for you. There’s plenty of time to work that out. One size does not fit all, but you’ll begin to grasp what’s right for you as the search continues. Don’t be surprised if the answers were with you all along, and you simply had to order them correctly. It’s a puzzle, a game. The new moon between should be plenty of fun!

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Weekly Forecast: December 3-7, 2018 – New Moon In Sagittarius — 10 Comments

  1. Hello.. Could you please expound (re-phrase or explain) what you meant by :”Also, something very personal, something shared, may take on a more impersonal tone for a bit. If you can stay devoted to the practice regardless, it primes greater bounty later”. On another note, I really appreciate the over-all flow of your posts, but in my opinion it would help greatly if you could, at the end of each one, summarize – maybe bullet-style – the gist of each day.. Thank you again.

  2. Neptune and Mars in my first house square the Sag Sun/Moon smack on my MC! I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of deception/gossip/spying from male colleagues for a while and maybe that’s reaching a peak! I’m trying to be as honest/ethical as my natal Sag Moon demands but apparently that doesn’t seem to be enough for these characters. My female friends have been much more supportive and loving thank Heaven.

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