Weekly Forecast: December 24-28, 2018 – Xmas Moon Trine Jupiter And Mercury… HO HO HO-migod!

xmas fireMonday, Mercury in Jupiter-ruled Sadge squares Neptune in Pisces, its own sign. The details are on fire; they race. It’s hilarious! But not everyone gets it. Communications and the senses are hopped up. Neptune brings fog, subtlety, a yearning for the intangible. In square, confusion or forgetfulness are likely – but not necessarily so, and not always to ill effect.

It can also be surprise! It can be forgiveness when you’ve missed the mark or forgotten. It can be that the thing that goes wrong doesn’t matter in the big picture. Humanness is a great leveler. If you find yourself stressed or worried or wrong, be vulnerable and forthcoming. Be human! When you’re genuine and accept yourself at your own basic nature, so many times you’ll be accepted there by others as well.

There are fun secrets and good news. Given the week’s Venus-Juno-Pluto situation and Mercury in Sadge, there are likely to be surprise proposals, as there always are this time of year. It’s also a fiery social scene with a contrasting side of secrecy.

It’s a great opportunity to connect. Don’t worry if things aren’t perfect. You’ll be in great company, the best! Smile and joke and be grateful for forgiveness. It’s also great for creative genius saves at the last minute.

Mars moves closer to Chiron in Pisces this week (not exact). Venus in Scorpio reaches into a wide orb of trine with Mars. It also moves into sextile with Pluto in Capricorn as Pluto trines Juno in Taurus. We’re all reaching for what we want. We’re deeply invested in working out the kinks and learning how to get what we want while subtracting what doesn’t support these efforts and honoring our valuable commitments. To quote PowerPuff girl Blossom Utonium: DUH.

Venus sextile Pluto can transform the very nature of desire. What if you’re not getting what you want or getting where you want to go because those things are wrong for you? Now is the sort of time that the map flips and you get an AHA and an opportunity to drop dead weight and get a lock on the good stuff that will bring true pleasure.

Venture further with communications. Believe in the possibilities that you still can’t see coming. Keep doing what sits right with your values, even when you can’t see the end of the road. How does it feel? Because then the Moon comes in.

Monday, the Cancer Moon trines Chiron from a conjunction to the north node. Family, home, comfort, emotional integrity – the feelings these subjects evoke can be messy, but they also help us grow and form necessary ties that support our growth.

Later the Moon moves to Leo and opposition to Vesta, incorporating a trine to Jupiter. Passion and drama run hot and cold. The mood is easily whipped into creativity or emotional furor. But the Sadge Mercury attitude supports a playful take on such frippery. People step on each other’s sacred cows, but it’s all a game of sorts. Don’t take any of it too seriously and you can enjoy its warmth by taking a step back.

Tuesday, Christmas, the Leo Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury. It goes on to square Venus and Ceres. If you want some quiet, some softness and nurturing depth, step away from the fray before you get reactive. Otherwise, it’s a great atmosphere for enjoying fun and banter.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon finishes up in trine to Uranus. The outrageously dramatic fuel burns itself out eventually, and we’re left with some insight. The Moon moves to Virgo and into trine with the Sun. The mood turns detail oriented and practical but also generous and in service, earthy and supportive. Touch base with the elements of your day to day life. Check in with the little details you may have skipped. It’s satisfying and life affirming.

Thursday, the Virgo Moon squares Jupiter and Mercury (Virgo ruler) and trines Saturn and (eventually) Pluto. The Moon opposes Neptune then sextiles Venus. Irritation is likely, as is the trying of one’s patience. But that’s only if you let reactivity sucker you into an emotional investment in something that is none of your business. Dial it back. Your deal is pleasure, connection, lasting and deep. Don’t tie your mood to the little things.

Friday, the Moon finishes up in Virgo with an opposition to Mars then Chiron. Keep that Thursday perspective in your heart as you rise to the occasion of growth and healing. When the Moon moves to Libra and a square to the Sun, we’re challenged to make that perspective stick and match our mood to a step in the next new direction.

*With Venus sextiling Pluto and opposite Juno (not exact till Friday), you may find your desire for something or someone is reborn like a phoenix… or arises from the grave like a zombie. You’ll know whether that desire is appropriate or not. It won’t be too subtle for that. With Juno involved, don’t get in the middle of other people’s entanglements, or they will push back. Unless it’s righteous… and you’ll know that too. Things come to a head, and they’re beautiful or messy. Or beautiful and messy. That’s life.

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  1. Merry Christmas, Satori. This is a gem of a blog!
    It’s all on; I’m about to entangle myself righteously, and with humor.

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