Weekly Forecast: December 2-6, 2019 – Jupiter Into Capricorn, Venus Sextiles Mars

love and trust gemsMonday morning, Jupiter moves from Sagittarius, the sign it rules, to Capricorn, the sign ruled by Saturn. Jupiter joins Saturn in the sign. Jupiter expands, Saturn compacts. Jupiter (fortune, narrative) is confined in Capricorn – not its fave. It joins Venus and Pluto as well. Pluto works well enough in Cap, Venus not so much.

It makes sense when you think about it. Energies that work well with pressure and restriction do well in Capricorn. Jupiter is philosophy, learning, expansion, travel – our larger storyline. Venus is love, money, desire, values. These things are not naturally compactor friendly. However, when such matters follow the ingrained timeline, the rules and regulations, and do the right thing, the results are excellent, if not speedy.

In our current story, this means we’re hitting the bit where the meat of the story sets up. There’s going to be challenge, but we’ll have the power, the resources, and the fire to fuel resilience and a clever and delicious twist (Jupiter trines Uranus in Taurus).

Also Monday, Mercury in Scorpio sextiles Scorpio ruler Pluto in Capricorn. A new chapter is unearthed, divined, revealed. Look for clues and investigate deeply and thoroughly. Do the right thing though. Mars in Scorpio closes its sextile to Capricorn Venus on Tuesday. Action can be manipulative, potent, sexual, but to pay off it must also be concretely moral. There’s opportunity. Don’t blow it; do the right thing.

Also Tuesday, Venus squares Juno in Libra, both cardinal. Our differing types of investments may be at odds. It’s likely we can find a workaround via that Venus-Mars sextile. So look for the end-around move or power play, but stay within your own stated code.

Mars is moving into trine with Neptune, so it’s possible to have hidden moves in the mix. We may not know what others are up to, so we can’t figure that in. However, we just might get hidden help, help from “above”, or sudden fortune with Mars-Neptune and Jupiter-Uranus applying into the mix.

Toward the end of the week, Venus moves into orb of sextile to Neptune, as Venus moves closer to Saturn. This bodes well for divine help in investments that pay off. The trouble is that you can’t count on what, when, or how. So don’t spend what you can’t spare in the short term.

Monday, the Aquarius Moon moves through the last third (decan) of the sign. It squares Mercury and goes on to sextile Jupiter overnight. If you’re not getting the answers you’re after or find yourself irritated, turn your attention elsewhere and give it time. This can surface as irritation or anxious moments, but it can also turn up interesting lines of thought. It’s useful to analyze your feelings, to inspect exactly what you’re feeling and why. You might be surprised at what you turn up and how it can help.

Tuesday, the Pisces Moon trines Mars and sextiles Venus as they close their exact sextile to each other. The Moon also squares the Sun – midway between the new and full moon. Make this day count. It’s been a long time coming. Invest your effort, even if it’s behind the scenes. Who knows how or when it will pay off, but it will. Pay attention to your intuition in this.

Wednesday, the Pisces Moon conjoins Neptune and sextiles Saturn. It goes on to sextile Pluto and then to trine Mercury overnight. Pay attention to your dreams and daydreams. Keep a fluid mood with one foot in reality and see how things shift. It’s another foggy outcome day, but it should prove enlightening.

Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Pisces then moves to Mars ruled Aries. In Aries the Moon squares Jupiter and conjoins Chiron. The general mood is overpowered, even frustrating. However, it bodes well for continuing the influence of the Mars-Venus (now waning) sextile and supports continuing action that feels pretty darned good. Be for real. Be true to who you are. However that feels, that’s what serves best in the long run.

Friday the Aries Moon squares Venus and trines the Sagittarius Sun (Jupiter ruled). The mood favors finding something engaging to do. We may wish to wander without making anything useful of our work. Not every day has to be productive, or at the very least – that doesn’t have to be the bottom line. If you can’t get what you want, get what you need.

Where is Jupiter in Capricorn transiting your chart?

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Weekly Forecast: December 2-6, 2019 – Jupiter Into Capricorn, Venus Sextiles Mars — 2 Comments

  1. Your “Monday” paragraph nailed the feelings I experienced throughout Sunday night into Monday morning. Thanks for the astrological description Satori!

    I am looking forward to Jupiter’s influence in Capricorn for the next 12 months. I hope it takes the edge off the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

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