Weekly Forecast: December 19-23, 2022 – New Moon In Capricorn

lens flare tree lightBig events this week! Jupiter hits the first degree of Aries Tuesday morning, the Aries point. Expect grand exposition over the next few weeks on plans for motion and projects/progress in your life. It’s the first chapter in a fresh book, even if that book is one of a series. Life is cyclical after all, but new is new. Optimism, excitement, fortune, and hope are centered.

On Monday, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Venus and opposes Uranus. It goes on to sextile Mercury overnight. This bodes well for surprise gifts that hit the mark and satisfy. It’s especially beneficial for dreaming up future surprises.

Tuesday’s Scorpio Moon finishes up that sextile to Mercury then goes on to trine Neptune and sextile Pluto, moving to Sadge and a trine to Jupiter overnight. The mood sweeps up Venus and Mercury’s plummy aspects in its wake, making for a mood ripe for the season’s delightful intrigues and pleasures. Optimize a profoundly joyful moment in what is traditionally a fairly stressful season.

Capricorn Venus and Mercury drum up delightful and solid surprises and news this week, mixing it up with Juno and Neptune in Pisces and Venus trining Uranus (exact on Thursday). On Wednesday, the Sun joins Venus, Mercury, and Pluto in Capricorn, a stellium made even more dramatic by the Sun’s exact square to Jupiter only hours after the solstice. Rocket fuel!

Wednesday’s Sagittarius Moon opposes retro Mars and trines retro Chiron. When you FEEL it, jump in and make use of your hard won expertise. There’s every reason to believe that THIS time you’ll succeed. That’s particularly so as you’ve trained up over time, perhaps without even noticing. Take your shot, take two!

We learn best from our mistakes, and we’ve all made mistakes. This week many of our experiences have matured, ready to work in our favor.

December and the week leading up to Christmas is traditionally a time when relationships solidify and love is professed or questions are popped. This year there’s the profound stellium in Capricorn with the Sun square Jupiter and heading right into a new moon square Jupiter. Tensions are high and bursting with drama and emotion. The mode of the day, though, favors keeping your cool and keeping at it.

Venus trines Uranus in Taurus, earthy, cardinal to fixed. Something delightful and enduring can be created in a flash. Novel beauty is REAL and abounds. Mercury sextiles Juno (marriage and commitment) and Neptune (divinity and soul connection… and madness and deceit, I suppose). Mercury hatches these plans, makes these vows. There’s an opportunity to make something nebulous REAL. But you have to pay attention and believe. Keep an open mind but not so open your brain falls out.

Saturn sits between the Cap placements and the Pisces placements, semi-sextile to Mercury and to Juno-Neptune. In theory, these ideas, these vows, this beauty… has the potential to last. Or it may be blocked (less likely). In any case, Thursday’s Sadge Moon sends a rush of fire to the heart of things. It aspects Saturn in opportunity but fogs the Pisces influence. Is it divine or an illusion/delusion? There’s an urge to rush in or away. Which is it?

It’s all a delightful drama in the dark of the Moon. Sweet, as Venus heads into the mix with Pisces players. Yearning, ecstasy. See if you can hold out till early Friday when the Moon crosses into Capricorn, a square to Jupiter, and the new moon conjunction to the Sun.

If you’re making vows, asking for commitment, questioning the solidity of a situation, it’s probably best to wait for the solid ground of a Capricorn new moon. It feels real. It IS real. It’s a high stakes, brass ring grabbing square to a zero degree Jupiter, and you’ll have something solid to work with.

Friday’s Capricorn Moon goes on to trine Uranus and conjoin Venus. What a sweet and abiding surprise. Emotional shock can be for good or ill, but odds are it’s good.

The new moon takes place early Friday morning at 1 degree Capricorn. Where is this hitting your chart?


Weekly Forecast: December 19-23, 2022 – New Moon In Capricorn — 4 Comments

  1. This Friday’s New Moon at 1 degree of Cap will trine my natal Virgo moon at 0 degrees 5th house. Plus oppose my natal Venus at 2 degrees in Cancer 2nd house.

  2. It’s in my 12th house, close to natal Jupiter at 3 37. Retrograde Mars sextile natal Venus and Pluto square natal Aries sun at 28 14.

  3. New Moon is on my 8H OOB Venus. I’ve been feeling like I’m dying for a few months—more than feeling, I have weird test results and 10 doctors involved. Haven’t quite embraced the beauty in the breakdown as I have most crises, though I am compelled to create lasting art in writing as my last gift to the world should it be my time. (I don’t believe that it is my time.)

  4. It is a great delight to read this post, Satori. It gives me a lot of hope and trust that I am going in the right direction for myself right now, even though it’s a hard one.

    I had to own my own obsessions and crazy behaviour today. Bit I like to get the corpse on the table, even if it stinks! It’s my corpse to lie with and it’s my own stank!
    Gotta go at it in the new year, finally getting a better grasp on it. If you can’t see it, you can’t see it, but you can’t NOT see it, as soon as you really SEE these things.

    So, my goal for this coming year is giving myself the opportunity to give that up, which have come a rotten beast/painful carcass in me …

    Pluto will soon pass my ascendant, so something should be able to take flight, even if I have a couple of years to ridding myself of these things, that make up much of my life!

    Again, thanks for sharing your words with us. It takes time to beat an additiction, but I insist on persevere, and that’s what I commit to!

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