Weekly Forecast: December 19-23, 2016 – Yule Be Fine!

hepburnEarly Monday morning, Mars moves from Aquarius to Pisces. The change is likely to be subtle. Both are signs of goodwill, but we move from air to water, fixed to mutable: zip to flow and change. Both are signs that foster working for something greater than oneself. In Pisces, however, action is decidedly non-linear.

The two signs share the quality of unpredictability. But Pisces action can defy explanation and leave some wondering… wait, what? Capricorn Mercury turns retrograde immediately following Mars’ Pisces ingress. Did things morph and change because of what you or someone else did, or is it a procedural goof due to the retrograde? Who knows.

But what you can do is your inspired best and what you believe to be the right thing in the moment. Retrograde or not, Mercury in Capricorn denotes solid judgement and enduring wisdom. Sometimes we need to look back. Capricorn Mercury and Pisces Mars work well together. Make use of any hunches you have and investigate. Walk back your thinking and look for things you may have missed or things that may have changed since you addressed them initially. Where are they NOW?

Perhaps you thought things were settled. Be willing to rethink, reformulate, and go with the flow. Act when inspired to do so. For the rest of the month there will be bothersome wrenches in spinning spokes. Relax and go where directed, where you feel the urge to go. Relax your body and your mind will follow. Have a drink, have a piece of fudge!

Venus in Aquarius moves into sextile with Juno in Sagittarius and trine with Jupiter in Libra. There’s pleasure to be found working towards gains on a bigger scale of desire. What are your larger ideals, your hopes for the future? Can you get together with others to make those things happen? Passion is also stirred when you get together with your sweetie and look at the great, big things that others have been inspired to. The ability to appreciate such beauty is amplified. Spread joy! Appreciate joy! Creation is lovely, but it also appreciates an audience. Broadcast what you enjoy so that others can please you as well. Be inspired by others – it can lead to happy commitments of your own.

Monday’s Virgo Moon starts out in opposition to Neptune then goes on to trine Mercury and Pluto and square Saturn. The square is an irritation that can spark a picky or disparaging heart. If you find yourself off down that road, get out of the rut via your mind. The mind is a powerful thing: Remember the value of helping others and how it can morph a mood. Maybe there’s something you need to go back and reformulate, recommunicate. You can be a pill, or you can transform your attitude and everyone wins.

If someone else is being problematic, consider the perspective that pickiness often comes from picking at oneself, from not feeling good enough. A simple, kind statement has great power.

Tuesday the Virgo Moon squares the Sun in Sagittarius. The order of the day is competing priorities. Your generous impulses are wonderful, but be sure to include some pragmatism. Keep the grand idea! Downsize the expression. It’s the thought that counts! Really. It is.

Late Tuesday night, the Moon moves to Libra, then early Wednesday the Sun changes sign. The Sun in Capricorn sextiles Mars in Pisces offering stability of purpose through imaginative action.

Wednesday the Libra Moon picks up the flavor of the Venus-Jupiter trine. This makes things feel a lot more bouncy! It can also make you want everything you see. So remember to refer to your budget before spending the family fortune.

Thursday the Libra Moon moves through conjunction with Jupiter, picking up on all its aspects and amplifying the effects in the general mood. There’s increased enjoyment and desire with Venus and the opportunity for expanded commitment and passion with Juno and Saturn.

It also picks up on the opposition and square energy with Uranus and Pluto with retrograde Mercury factored in. There’s a need to control things you cannot control. Do your best! Control your own mood. If you find yourself grizzling over something you can’t wrangle, get out and move your body. Do it before you pop off into breakdown mode. Or do something pleasurable and relaxing. There are plenty of good aspects to encourage instead once you take the lead on your mood and balance.

Friday morning the Libra Moon trines Pallas Athena in Aquarius. Look for the upbeat and pleasurable patterns in your relationships and friendships. Pay attention to what is working for you and why.

The Moon soon moves to Scorpio, deepening the mood. It also picks up a meaningful trine to Mars and Neptune and a helpful sextile to the Sun. Creativity is the order of the day and satisfaction can be found and expressed through action. Don’t know what to do? Scorpio Moon mood is not so inclined to “wing it”, but it does do well with following up on a tasty lead… of which there will be a few! Follow that delicious clue…

What are your plans for the week? Is there a particular day you’re looking forward to?

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Weekly Forecast: December 19-23, 2016 – Yule Be Fine! — 7 Comments

  1. Overall this week, my intention is to stay light and airy with everyone while keeping my intuition on high alert for the deepness. There’s so much pain out there, I want to be able to meet that gaze and get it, not look away. People are all at different stages of suffering, all are valid but some really need to be recognized and seen.

    Appreciate this:: “you can be a pill or you can transform your attitude and everyone wins.” No crybabies! And I secretly so want to be a crybaby — but those days are gone gone gone. Time to man up. Woman up!

    Tx Satori, nailed it yet again.?

  2. No. I have to go back to hospital with my son tomorrow for chemo, he is four and a half years old, has Down’s symdrome and leukhemia and we’ll probably be in hospital over Christmas and New Year. At this moment I’m trying to deal positively with my sadness but mercury retro conjunct pluto (and my natal merc by the way) just isn’t boosting me with any pretty Christmas scenarios, the reality is too painfully overpowering that even Santa and Jesus can’t cut it for me this year. But hey Merry Christmas!

  3. After being on the couch for 4 months with a bad back, I finally got moving more again with some physio. On the full moon last week I overdid it with exercises and back went into major spasm so hurt to move. On couch again this last week. Hurts. May not be able to go to cousin’s for xmas. Might be alone for xmas….first on my own since my mom died. Feeling vulnerable and overwhelmed and frustrated and so sad. Mercury retro in my 6th house.

  4. With Mars turning from critical degree to critical degree (29-0) at the same time as Mercury stationary retro conjunct Pluto, I had a bad feeling. The terrorist attacks across Europe yesterday confirmed that.

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