Weekly Forecast: December 16-20, 2019 – Are You Getting Traction?

traction tires advisedThis is the last week of the Sun in Sagittarius. It moves from 24 to 29 degrees, making no aspects with slower moving planets. The Moon, however, forms a trine from Leo (Monday), a square from Virgo (Wednesday), and culminates their dance from Libra with a sextile at 29 degrees early Saturday.

The baseline arc of the week follows that journey. It’s a bit of a breather in once sense. There’s a chance to get into step with our surroundings, to get on track before the run up to the holidays and the new moon eclipse in Capricorn. It’s not entirely simple or easy, but it’s a path – an alignment between ourselves and our surroundings – and we can get back on it, get out of the weeds and onto solid ground.

Mars in Scorpio sextiles Saturn, exact overnight Wednesday into Thursday. We have the ability to dig in and go the distance. We get traction in going after the prize. If you’re still not sure what the prize is, go where life sends you. The opportunities that open up now have lasting value.

Mercury in Sagittarius sextiles Juno in Libra, also exact overnight Wednesday to Thursday. We all know a little something about lasting value because we all have hindsight. The mind and senses have a line in to the things we know will suit us. Mercury also squares Neptune (exact Thursday night). All that glitters is not gold. Duh. But not all dreams are mere fantasy. What we need is a blend of openness and faith with the magic of knowing a good deal when we see it (or a bad deal for that matter).

After Mercury squares Neptune, Venus moves from Capricorn to Aquarius. In Aquarius, Venus sextiles Chiron and squares Uranus (the ruler of Aquarius). Senses are a bit foggy, and facts and communications have high intensity but questionable validity/solidity. Venus in Aquarius adjusts the desires to fit the conditions. We get a bit of a breather from the intensity by moving the goalposts, even if it’s only temporary. We’re learning not to be nutbars on the holidays! ::taps head::

Relationships get all het-up over the winter holidays. There are expectations that come from the past, often from pain. The above series of events is exciting, fortunate (Jupiter in Capricorn), highly philosophical, and intelligently magical – if a bit odd. There’s a strong but secure inclination to shore up one’s love bonds at this time, and physically – we are moved. Keep those expectations loose and you’ll benefit. It’s the end of Sadge season: Pursue joy, but keep your wheels on the road!

Monday we ease on down that road with a dramatic bop to our step. The mode of the day is easy, fire to fire, with the Moon ruled by the Sun. The Moon squares Scorpio Mars and quincunxes Capricorn Saturn, Pluto, and Venus. It’s an adventure, complete with bumps in the road. Treat it like a performance and keep on going. There’s satisfaction, relief, and exhilaration when you close with a bow and a smile. Entertain. Maintain control of yourself.

Tuesday and Wednesday, the Moon in Virgo is Mercury ruled and service oriented. With Mercury in Sadge, plan well but know your limits. Give priority to realistic follow through and setting up the foundation of your plans through solid action (Mars sextile Saturn).

On Tuesday, the Moon trines Uranus and Jupiter, so we may be tempted to overdo things. What things? What have you got? That’s okay as long as you don’t get yourself off in the weeds and have the energy to bounce back later. It can feel so good that you don’t realize you’ve gone out of bounds. The Moon winds up in opposition to Neptune and square to Mercury by end of day. So follow your kind heart, but have a plan when your mental energy stalls out. It’s still joyous.

Wednesday, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and squares the Sun. The Moon goes on to trine Capricorn Venus overnight. It’s easy to get caught up in the scope of what you’ve planned and find you’ve neglected your own needs. But that’s just quick and temporal and a great opportunity to check in with how you’re managing. Then you can be pleased with your progress. Whatever you value, take a look at how well you’re doing. Earthy satisfaction can be found somewhere. Take the time to appreciate what you’ve worked at.

Thursday the Moon moves into Libra and an opposition to Chiron. Mars sextile Saturn has peaked, but now we’ve got Mars applying into sextile to Pluto. Keep on chugging along: gear down and power up. It’s the last hours of Venus in Capricorn, so keep getting those gifts taken care of. But when you do, be real with yourself about why you’re doing it. Make sure your gifts reflect your reality. People would rather have a genuine good wish that you can afford than something that stresses you out. Be for real, with yourself and with others. You want them to be real with you, don’t you? Afford them the same courtesy.

Venus moves to Uranus Thursday night, with the Moon in conjunction to Juno and Venus squaring Uranus. Venus sextiles Chiron. This can feel like a threat or a scare and result in an urge to lash out or control. Holidays in general stress people out, and sometimes they go off sideways in unpredictable ways. Go for the healing, not the intense react. Remember Mars sextile Saturn turning into Mars sextile Pluto: gear down, get traction, power on. Dig in with your action and let old wounded reactions find a more solid path.

Aquarius Venus sextile Chiron wants to heal by being authentic. That in itself is a gift to humanity. We say we value individual authenticity. If someone spooks you, consider they may be showing their real self. Maybe they don’t know how to do that smoothly. Consider emotionally balancing yourself in reaction. Be graceful and in control of YOU.

Friday morning the Libra Moon quincunxes Neptune then sextiles Mercury. When you’ve had time to emotionally regulate, the right words will come. Or they may not need to be said at all. The subject may have moved on. That is also a prime possibility. Communicate gracefully. Sadge Mercury WILL speak… volumes. Make sure it “sparks joy” though. Uplift with your words and find yourself uplifted as well.

By afternoon, the Moon squares Saturn then Pluto. Venus still moves into aspect with Chiron and Uranus. Relax the urge to control. There’s plenty of that going around. Butting heads feels lousy, so refuse to do it! Be that proverbial change you wish to see in the world and do that by being the real you.

How are you feeling about your own approach to the holidays? Are you getting traction?



Weekly Forecast: December 16-20, 2019 – Are You Getting Traction? — 4 Comments

  1. “Mars in Scorpio sextiles Saturn ……… The opportunities that open up now have lasting value”.

    Also coincides with Sun conjunct Galactic Center.

    Supersonic cosmic opportunities? Love the idea!

  2. It’s so canny how my chart rulers are always in action when I do BIG Stuff.

    Friday I will move from my existing apartment in a ghetto with a lot of troubles energy and history (trust me, it’s been painful) to a new and lovely place, together with my new BF.

    Transits at this time is that Venus will pass from my 12th house to 1st (Aq. Asc.) and sextile Chiron = there is healing in what I do, and the action/results from the energy I put in it (Mars sextile Saturn) is solid and long lasting. And also – since Saturn is currently transitting my 12th house, I will be kinda reborn in this process.

    There is a catch though… He and Venus will have to pass the RELATIONSHIP VALUE TEST when both of them squares my Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra and my 8th house. Those scars are real, baby!

    • And, also – I quit my high paying but very soul wrecking job this month – this transit is a 3rd degree rebirth or something like it…

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