Weekly Forecast: December 12-16, 2022 – Opportunities For Growth

Monday morning, the Sagittarius Sun perfects its sextile to Saturn in Aquarius and continues its square to Neptune in Pisces (exact on Wednesday). The daily “grind” (think skateboards or coffee, not heavy labor) takes a giant leap into the unknown. Pushing off we’ve got an idea of where we expect to land, but do we?

Capricorn Venus and Mercury spend the week in square to Chiron in Aries. All three in cardinal signs, we’re challenged to move forward on training up to leverage our weakness into strength and into desired gains. And by gum, it’s DOABLE. Our attitude on such things benefits now too, but not without hard mental work.

Retrograde Mars in Gemini (still?? Yes still) travels back in degree along with retro Chiron, in sextile. The data points you seek are sparkling, intangible jewels somehow missed in our first trek over this same path. Look again. Look twice AGAIN. You didn’t seen them, but they’re THERE.

Maybe look where you failed. We don’t like looking there, so that’s a good place to start for something overlooked.

It’s only NOW that the angles are right to catch our eye. Don’t waste an opportunity. For example, a google search turns up better, more targeted results this time. Or perhaps since last you looked, you integrated some aspect of learning that allows you to glean exactly what you need from a source you COULDN’T understand before. Try it again.

That includes work you’ve done that needs to be redone. You are likely to do a much better job. In addition to building out our skills, implementing these actions increases our value. And the value we see in ourselves.

On Monday, the Leo Moon trines Chiron, sextiles Mars, squares Uranus, and opposes Saturn overnight. On Tuesday, it finishes with Saturn, trines the Sun, and goes on to form the point of a yod with Pluto and Jupiter.

Monday and Tuesday? The perfect stage to perform EXACTLY what I mentioned above. The collective mood provides exactly the fuel and lift, the creativity and generosity of spirit and action we need to break out of our rut and overcome inertia by sheer force of will. It also brings luck and power.

Just a sprinkle. But sometimes that’s enough. It’s certainly enough to start, and that’s all you have to do – start.

On Wednesday, the Moon in Mercury-ruled Virgo trines Venus then trines Mercury. This mood fosters practical clear thinking. It also allows us to clearly prioritize what matters, WHO matters. To ponder what we want and whether that will also satisfy our needs. Better than anything, it fosters the ability to ask for what we want and need. Not through some woo-woo superpower but by virtue of understanding that doing so makes sense. It’s a MOOD. But this time it’s a mood that calms and steadies.

Thursday’s Virgo Moon squares Mars and trines Uranus. When you’ve picked up a bunch of clues, a jumble of possibilities, spend time brainstorming before you attempt to put them together. It’ll make a difference, if in no other way than how well you enjoy the process. The Moon goes on to oppose Neptune then square the Sun overnight. Trust the process, sleep on it.

On Friday, the Virgo Moon trines Pluto and opposes Jupiter. Now that you’ve slept on it, see if it’s ready to launch. Go with your gut. You’ll get a sign. The impetus is there if you’re ready.

Later the Moon moves to Venus-ruled Libra and spends the rest of the day heading into square with Venus. The Venus mood is cardinal and airy while Venus itself by sign is cardinal and banked in earth. Where to start? Think through what you need while keeping track of what you HAVE. This isn’t a gratitude approach, it’s more a mood to integrate and balance. To not extend your resources till you’ve shifted onto solid ground. Use the investment of what you have to bend toward creating opportunities to gather what you need.

It’s not exactly making do, it’s more “how do I get started with what I have?” You’ve got to start to get there. It’s a mood, and there IS a bit of frustration there. But Mars matters and Chiron movements are on board to take us into territory where we can make it happen. It’s a shot at gaining some excellent insights that lead to exquisitely clever (maybe even heroic) skills.


Weekly Forecast: December 12-16, 2022 – Opportunities For Growth — 6 Comments

  1. Love your insights always and this week it makes a big impact on me personally – I have my work cut out for me but I’m ready to start! Thanks for generously sharing your talents with us.

  2. This speaks very closely to the quest I am on; trying to coordinate a financial transaction (inheritance) between two Corporations (Investment and Insurance) and a Government Agency (Medicaid) in a way that benefits, not harms me.
    All the unknowable contradicting details! My brain has been on fire for so long trying to stay on top of it all that its finally turned to mush! Let Go And Let God comes to mind.

    And yes, thank you for reminding me its never too late to discover the hidden intangible jewel, the precious puzzle piece that brings clarity.
    Thank for this hopeful interpretation. Maybe it WILL all work out!

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