Weekly Forecast: December 11-15, 2017 – Working On Larger Commitments

adventureOn Monday, Saturn moves into the final degree of Sagittarius. It semi-sextiles Juno in Capricorn, an aspect that remains tight all week. Finality and commitment, rules and possessiveness – they relate in tandem. The rough spots are rounded off on the qualities of the two signs relating. This last bit of concrete learning happens with an added touch of fiercely guarded, circumspect patience. It’s that moment of wait, wait… hold on, I think I’ve got something here! It’s not so much a breakthrough moment as a weeklong folding in of knowledge already collected. It’s the last bit of work to make that part of the framework.

On Tuesday Mercury crosses retrograde over the Sadge Sun, and the Sun moves into square with Chiron and trine to Uranus over the course of the week. The ego may have growing pains, but they’re exactly what’s necessary to ward off the swamp of stagnation in the future.

Venus moves forward to meet Mercury face to face on Friday. If there was something that needed to be said and you couldn’t find the words… now the right words pop. Venus and Mercury meet in Sagittarius with ruler Jupiter in deep Scorpio trine poetic Neptune.

As fast as those words can come, they carry meaning. However, they are also uplifting, maybe even sporty and fun. It’s possible to bust out with a mouthful of jabber and still get your meaning across. Don’t worry too much about your form. Get the words out there and see what sticks. It’s a forgiving atmosphere right anyhow.

With Saturn moving on soon, don’t be left with the burden of big ideas unspoken.

Monday the Libra Moon makes its sextile to Venus with Jupiter on their midpoint, fortuitous for taming wants and needs – for satisfying. By Tuesday it sextiles Mercury, the Sun, and Saturn after closing a square to Pluto. You’ll feel what needs to be said, feel it bubbling up and feel yourself pointed in the right direction. It sounds like spewing, doesn’t it? Get it out and clear the way for more pleasant or important opportunities.

Wednesday the Scorpio Moon moves over Mars. By Thursday it moves through trine with Neptune and over Jupiter into aspect with Pluto, pulling in Chiron and Uranus by Friday. The mood stores up energy for the slow burn of delayed action. It’s a pull back on the rubber band till the time is right to act. Tension mounts as power builds.

Friday the Moon semi-sextiles the Sun as Chiron semi-sextiles Uranus, and they all interrelate. We approach (early) Monday’s new moon with a prescient feeling of what we need to move forward – but its full sense is still unformed. Staying open is the key. It’s at this point in time that it hurts to stay so open to possibility, but it’s necessary. It’s at this point we catch “the point” but it may not make total sense till later.

If you feel like it’s time to nail something down, either by conversation or by contemplation, do it. It’s not the best time to extract a commitment from someone else, but it is a good time to further explore your own commitments. Draw them out, work on defining them. Don’t push anyone else into corner, but work your own way out of one if you can.

What is the larger story arc taking place in your life right now? Is there a commitment there? One you can make to yourself? With Juno 30 degrees ahead of Saturn, the commitments we have made to others may seem to get out ahead of the ones we want to make to ourselves. But they don’t have to clash. If they clash, look for a better way around. It’s a BIG, smart sky out there. Move the pieces around and see them all anew.

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Weekly Forecast: December 11-15, 2017 – Working On Larger Commitments — 2 Comments

  1. A great detailed read! Much appreciated. Looking forward to how it all plays out.

    As Elsa said in another post, someone preparing to make the grade! 😉 Lol

    Cheers – Shane

  2. Oh my! astrology and the enrgies never cease to amaze me!

    I had my first conflict resolution today with a male friend eho I have known for almost 1 year and it seems the timing was superb astrology wise! He did something yesterday that made me feel unwanted and upset. Surely mercury retrograding, transit mercury with saturn oppo my chiron moon etc. and All the chiron energies going on.

    As the true virgo asc I am, and due to tons of other aspects,( gemini stellium) I wrote down a strategy plan on what to say how to say it. I laid it out there today, I choose short non-confronting only facts stating approach. In 2-3 sentences. And I did let him talk, and boy did he talk haha! He had understood himself he did upset me and was so anxious! And he was so happy I opened up about it he thanked me. He really neded to explain himself. Aww he was so kind and caring.

    And I’m so proud we both were so mature and that I had my emotions under control! haha awesome day!

    Conflicts and missunderstandings occours in every relationship. You have to address even small issues in a constructive way, when you have slept on it I mind you. The ”small” issues will otherwise fester inside of you and you will explode sooner or later!

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