Weekly Forecast: December 10-14, 2018 – Mercury Pops Back Into Sadge

Last week we had the new moon in Sagittarius and the resultant goings on were obscured. This week we have the Moon moving through the last three signs of the zodiac and into a first quarter square to the Sun. Wednesday, Mercury picks up some speed in forward motion, popping back into Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius.

Are you ready to party?! Almost! The week starts out with Scorpio Mercury making no new aspects, so it’s a good time to really investigate the details and plans you’ve previously excavated. Monday, the Capricorn Moon sextiles Chiron and Mercury, extending the impact of the weekend’s Mercury-Chiron trine. The emotional value is grounding as well as healing.

The Moon then moves to Aquarius and into square with Venus in Scorpio. It perfects overnight into Tuesday. While the mood is at odds with the aesthetic, Venus also makes its way into sextile with Saturn – with Jupiter on their midpoint. The Moon moves on to sextile Jupiter. If you feel out of step with what you want, consider that it’s just not time yet. Don’t take it to heart; cultivate some emotional bounce.

Wednesday the Moon moves further into Aquarius and sextiles to the Sun and Uranus. Mercury moves to Sagittarius. NOW it’s time to party. It’s not a time to relax, but it is a time to let go of tension. Opportunities abound to upgrade your daily level of excitement and elevate your attitude. There’s nothing in particular that you need to DO; just open up your mind to the possibilities that abound.

The volume on the senses gets turned way up, so adjust your expectations accordingly. Take sensory breaks if necessary, so it doesn’t rough up your level of holiday cheer!

In terms of action and doing, Mars in Pisces is subtle but caring. Peace on earth, good will to all is natural to Pisces Mars, so long as the action is gentle. Mars moves into sextile with Pluto in Capricorn, giving the physical a longer fuse. It’s easy to get caught up in what you’re doing and keep on going. If you have a project to initiate, this is a good time. The inertia is easier to overcome, provided you’ve got the time to give it a good go.

Thursday, the Moon moves to Pisces and into supportive aspects with Venus and Saturn. It makes stressful aspects with Mercury and Jupiter. The extra volume on Mercury can turn off the extra sensitive Pisces Moon mood. So buffer that level of openness by adding in things you know will satisfy, things that add length to your tether. Buoy up your ability to enjoy your environment by adding in things you know you find pleasant. Build in some ease ahead of time. Make sure you’ll have opportunities to rest.

Friday, the Moon conjoins Pisces ruler Neptune and Mars. Emotional momentum is less problematic and more soothing. It goes on to sextile Pluto and moves into square with the Sagittarius Sun by early Saturday. Sensitivities are a bonus when they can be channeled into ideal action. They’re an under the radar superpower.

Friday also has Venus in exact semi-sextile to Jupiter. We want more! But it’s subtle. It also makes us eager and able to get more for others in a way that doesn’t impede our own progress. Don’t overspend. But this influence is less inclined to overspending, more inclined to spend on others in a very generous but deliberate way. With Mercury moving into the picture, it’s a great time to come up with exciting ideas for gifts and enjoying the season!

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