Weekly Forecast: August 8-12, 2022 – Full Moon In Aquarius

Cancer emThis week as we build toward Thursday night’s full moon in Aquarius, Venus and Mars set the stage for electric transformation that STICKS with the involvement of Saturn. A full moon always features change, a culmination, but this one involves a plot twist as well.
Monday night, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn. This sets the stage for possessiveness or obsession, toward you or from you. The valuation of something or someone comes to a peak.

On Tuesday morning, Virgo Mercury quincunxes Jupiter: somebody, maybe a bunch of people, lying their faces off… in public. But they’re going to play it off like they’re not. Or someone is very much truth-telling and they are not believed. Perhaps an Emperor Has No Clothes situation?

All that Venus action happens with Venus in aspect to Mars in Taurus. But Venus loses that fortuitous and protective connection Wednesday as it pulls ahead toward the end of the sign, a wild card in desire and ambition. Luckily, Mars heads into sextile with Neptune and trine to Pluto, and action pulls down divine intervention and the brace of influence and power.

Thursday morning, the Sun perfects its square to Uranus… Venus leaves Cancer for Leo… then Mars closes its sextile to Neptune. It’s then that the Aquarius Moon squares Uranus and goes on to oppose the Sun – the full moon. The next aspect the Moon and Sun make is a conjunction/opposition to Saturn. For KEEPS.

That change in Venus’ rulership, from Moon ruled to Sun ruled, might serve as a clue for the focus of the challenge of the full moon, Uranus t-square shock. What we want is highly polarized! A dynamic plot twist in this electric ending.

Saturn’s presence in the afterglow signals an air of permanence to the situation. Permanent but fair, though it may not feel fair. It may feel stark or restricted. But feelings mellow with time.

The Moon’s aspects this work week range from the end of Sagittarius, through Capricorn and Aquarius (hello full moon!), and into the first bit of Pisces (Friday night).

The collective Moon mood drops out of hyperdrive Monday with a shift from Jupiter rule in Sadge to Saturn rule in Capricorn. WHAM. But this is where the mood slows and thickens to allow communication, investigation, and sober innovation.

By Wednesday, that Cap Moon is ready to power on and power through, its last aspect a late-degree opposition to Venus in Cancer… on boost after aspects to Mars and Pluto, in tune with that intense drive. Values and needs are highlighted from a place of responsive responsibility before the Moon heads to Aquarius ahead of the full moon.

Heading into Thursday’s Aquarius full moon, experience is activated and thrust into play with aspects to Chiron and Uranus. Trust your training and travel on with the post-full momentum, safe in the knowledge that nothing is strange forever. Eventually novel actions make perfect sense and utility makes itself known.

Friday afternoon, the Pisces Moon conjoins Vesta and the Leo Sun moves closer into opposition with Saturn in Aquarius (exact Sunday). Don’t be pushed. Take your time to absorb and download inspiration from where you stand NOW.

The only predictable element in life is change; find the part that resonates with YOU and embrace your own devotion to life. That seed links you to all other life. It makes where you are the center of your own universe, and that’s where all the magic happens.

The full moon perfects at 19 degrees Aquarius. Where does this hit your chart?

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Weekly Forecast: August 8-12, 2022 – Full Moon In Aquarius — 9 Comments

  1. Thanks for forecast, hoping meanies keep another target, I am good in usually not taking any bait for discourse
    I go mannequin, wish my voice always works but I have a trigger when I freeze

  2. My life effing sucks right now and I’m not sure what transiting aspect is to blame.
    Full moon will be in my third house, within 4 degrees of my natal mars. Do I detach?
    I want my brother to take our mother to a doctor’s appointment since I’ve been doing all of that. He’ll probably say no or be a jerk about it. So it’ll probably my emotions (moon) about my brother (third house of siblings) will piss me off (natal mars). Or maybe I just say “eff everybody” and detach, stay in my room, sleep late, let brother get a friend of mother’s to take her to the doctor.

    • or have your brother arrange uber driver to pick her up, they have uber for elderly assistance too. i’ve used it before and they get out of the car and assist the elderly and wait for them too, when they pick them up. also arrange for her insurance to have a medical transportation to doctors appointments. this wont go away with her needing appointments in the future. so getting her senior rides will help. and you and your sibling can sigh in relief and not fight over it. have others do it for you. but you gotta pay or have your mother help pay for services (uber assist for elderly)

  3. Blame the moon not your brother
    anyone ever tell ya women do what they gotta do men do what they wanna do do what you Gotta do girl! The moon will go away and so will these feelings

  4. Some truths finally come out in my 5th house. A delightful realization that I’m no longer responsible for my roommate and supposed best friend to keep his head above water for 8 years. Still care for him but he’s not my problem anymore and I can start rebuilding my life without considering what he’ll do with his

  5. Fool Moon trines my chart ruler Mars in Gemini. Falls in my 3rd house so maybe some tension with siblings or in my neighborhood. Also my mom’s Sun in aquarius is exactly 19 degrees, I’ll give her heads up to pay attention and be careful.

  6. Aquarius Sun at 18.44, second house. Husband’s Moon is Leo 18.40, 8th House and he’s a Taurus Sun 21.57, 5th house. We are going through so many things right now, I can’t even list them all. All I can wonder is if we are going to make it through together, separate, alive!?! The change is on this personal level I didn’t even know I had. I’m still getting out of bed every day, tho, so I’m pretty sure I can make it…

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