Weekly Forecast: August 7-11, 2017 – Full Moon Eclipse In Aquarius

I really appreciate the look of Monday’s full moon eclipse in Aquarius. It’s neatly encased in a mystic rectangle, skewering the midpoint of Neptune and Pluto. Conjunct a fiery Leo Mars. Straddling the Venus-Mercury sextile. Gorgeous. Active. Thoughtful. Dynamic.

Yes it stands ready to blow things open… for the greater good and the eventual personal good. Masks torn off. Illusions destroyed. We think we want something, but we’re totally missing out. Why? Because we have it defined all wrong. We’re shooting at the wrong target. In order to get what will truly satisfy, we’re going to have to blow shit up and go on faith.

To “hoist on one’s own petard”: I heard that when I was a kid and thought a petard must be some kind of stretchy suspender pants like the swimsuit John Mayer wore as a joke (one would assume). It’s french for a small bomb with a loud blast. It means to blow yourself up with your own bomb, Wile E. Coyote style. If the coyote could have stopped chasing the roadrunner, he wouldn’t have fallen off so many cliffs. It means also, go the right way or be humbled.

When the dust clears… something. What? There’s no immediate answer to that. What use is faith if you demand answers?

Don’t blindly destroy. You know what needs to go, and you’ll know if you need to do something. Doing nothing works too. Sometimes that is the action needed. Nothing. Sometimes you just have to stop propping up what’s slipping away. Are you scared to lose? Sometimes it’s the grasping that causes us to lose our grip. Stop grasping. Try something new. Chill. Consider that maybe there’s nothing wrong and what you really need to do is preen your own feathers.

Sometimes we try too hard and it produces a sort of mania. CHILL. Let it cool. If you’re not chill, don’t act yet. Are you minding your own business? Step back. Check in with what your own business requires. Now step back again. You may even be too up in your own business. Trust that you don’t need micromanaging either.

Mercury is moving into opposition with Neptune. It won’t get there exactly before next week’s retrograde, but the struggle is real. It’s a mental push against the current. We might be overthinking in an upstream fashion. Let the mind stabilize and get ready to point downstream. Have faith in deeper currents of wisdom, currents beyond your understanding or control.

The Sun spends the week in sextile to Jupiter and Mars forms a quincunx with Neptune. Cancer Venus is moving toward trine with Neptune and square to Jupiter. Concentrate on blowing out your day to day tasks. Let the energy of what you desire build up in the background as you knock things off your list for TODAY. The list should be fluid. Once you get a few things done, make a new list. The old list is dead before you finish it. Get on with what’s fresh.

There’s a sweet desire building. The end result is unknown, unrevealed. Instead of trying to nail down what’s coming, try appreciating the anticipation.

Monday the full moon is exact midday. Past full, it then moves into exact trine with Jupiter. We tend to associate loss with a full moon. Why not capitalize on this ideal feature and open up to generosity. If you’re falling, dive (Joseph Campbell). If you’re losing, GIVE. The feeling is expansive, so make sure it’s a good one. GIVE.

Later the Moon sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius. Tuesday the Aquarius Moon sextiles ruler Uranus in Aries. There’s opportunity to stabilize through your generosity then act for the good of all.

Tuesday the Moon moves to Pisces and toward a trine with Venus and opposition to Mercury. They perfect on Wednesday. The Moon goes on to conjoin Neptune. The Moon takes a yod from the Sun and Jupiter, then sextiles Pluto to point that energy back at the Sun.

If your emotional bow is pointed downstream, you’ll benefit most from this energy. Let it flow through and around you. Concentrate on heading the direction that feels right. Feels true. Look for the path of least resistance.

I just read the description of a study that says there IS a purpose to worry. It helps to eat up the stress hormones in the synapses. But it’s ideal for short tasking, not long fretting… which just turns to neurosis. If something is concerning, think it through. Then act on the thought or let it go. Fretting dulls your edge. Don’t worry about worrying. Just take it in and point yourself downstream.

Wednesday night, Venus and Mercury sextile exactly. Look for the opportunities in money and love and satisfaction. They’ll likely turn on a sharp attitude, healthy use of your senses, and authentic communications. This is active all week but especially so when exact.

Thursday the Moon moves through the rest of Pisces and onto the Aries point. The last to the first. We start again for another new zodiac month of feels. The Moon squares Saturn and moves over Chiron. There’s a bump in the road. It’s the same bump every month lately. Maybe we see it coming by now. Ruler Neptune is trining Venus, so surely there’s something sweet and diverting elsewhere. And then the mood is on to something new!

Friday the Moon squares Juno then goes on to square Venus and trine Mars. All that mooning over a dream felt good yesterday, but at some point we have things revert to normal and we have stuff to get done… and that will feel best!

The eclipse takes place at 15 degrees Aquarius. Venus moves from 8 to 14 degrees Cancer to sextile Mercury and trine Neptune. Where do these hit your chart? Do you feel like you’re on a downstream course yet?

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Weekly Forecast: August 7-11, 2017 – Full Moon Eclipse In Aquarius — 20 Comments

  1. I honestly feel like I’m preparing for a big shift. I’d like to get on with my life in so many ways. But right now I’m just sitting still. My mind is working but more on desires as opposed to worry. I feel like the energy right now is so pregnant with possibilities. I just want to make sure I’m throwing out the vibration that most closely matches my ideals.

  2. Oh the eclipse I s in my second house (aqua) and eighth house (Leo). No significant aspects.

    Venus will be in my seventh house. That’s good for love right?:)

  3. Wow. Most of what you wrote is precisely how I’ve been mentally coaching myself and/or precisely what I’ve been experiencing.
    Actually your last couple of posts. I am just so overwhelmed, underwhelmed, frustrated & ambivalent with nothing to do about it all that I don’t even post a comment when you’ve amazed me!
    Remiss of me
    It’s invaluable- your words. To know its not just me & my screwed up whackadoodle self – that it’s the stars too lol 😉
    Truly. I am a bit tripped out right now. Can’t verbalize it better
    Your words are the synchronistic answer from the universe I was seeking!

  4. I have my venus return today @ 7 degree.
    The eclipse falls on my 3rd-9th axis, experiencing serious sibling issues here.

    Currently the uranus is making a square to my moon (2nd house) @ 28 degree capri and chiron is sextile to it. You are right about the fog no clarity over information part. Guess its better to wait till next month for better understanding of situation.

    • Ok i thought it wasn’t making significant aspect. Oh boi it…. so the the mars currently is also making a sextile to my natal mercury @ 11 Gem and natal Chiron @ 14 gem (all in 7th house and no i m not married)

  5. Love the kayak prompts
    Keeping a pace, to not fret
    Glad to learn my synaps’ clean
    I have some tiny rapids racing around and over me
    However; if I give up on me,sigh
    It’s only me in this kayak and I am a few years into this, alone
    If I give up, there’s only me to flip this over , and I don’t want to fall
    Fight or be sad, I want float like a butterfly and sing like a bee.
    Your planet forecast reminds me
    It’s happening to so many
    Hard to always plan the unexpected
    But one thing I know
    Aquarius can shock me into a coma state,deep breathes as I enjoy
    Another scorching day; be safe

  6. The full Moon is nearing my nMoon in 4th, trining nMars & opp nPluto. Well, that will pass over pretty fast… I’ve had enough Moon-Pluto opposition since that is my natal configuration.
    And Venus passing over my nVenus in 9th. I like that idea, whatever it triggers. Wanna travel, in my head. Reading Flaubert’s Parrot (Julian Barnes), quite a trip! Right before that, the biography of Leonora Carrignton – what a lady!
    If by chance Misti is reading here, I recommend this book to you!!!

  7. The lunar eclipse moon is trining my 8H Libra moon and falls in my 1st house. My bow is pointing upwards. With my relationship, my bow is pointing downward. I have a feel of letting go, letting him handle his troubles himself, sitting still, doing NOTHING, waiting for him to come up above water and take care of his own things, including me, which has been sorely lacking since February.

    I have to admit I am weirdly calm about letting go. I have standards. I have me. And I know, if it is not him, someone else is and will be. I am sitting still, feeling the change in the air, changing our relationship, maybe it will go up in smoke, and maybe – just maybe – something new will come of it. I cannot take the same road back, I can not do this again with him or anybody, so this is a deciding time. Not me, I’ve made up my mind (go for it or go home, buddy), now let him do what he was supposed to do since the start of the new year. Yup, feels good to pass the responsibility and control keys to someone other than myself. I’m spent, I’m over, done and now it’s up to him to show how he will take charge of this relationships’ fate.

    So yeah, sometimes doing nothing is the best, and sometimes letting go means GIVING. Giving the other person a chance to step up in the game.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I just had the thought… I think this eclipse asks the question: Who are you doing it all for? I’m not sure the answer matters as much as the genuine consideration of the question.

    • I woke from my dreams this morning, with just that sort of question hinged to my new day. My Mom was left waiting in that dream, I’d gotten caught up in the drama of some pretty young thang. I watched, noticed her ‘look.’ The eclipse falls across my 2nd H Aquarius and 8th H Leo. My Values vs. Ma’s (8th House of Legacy)? Bodes well to consider the question, yes.

  9. Eclipse falls in my 5th house. And today we just set up a date/meeting for next week with some friends, one of them is my “crush”, It was all his idea before the summer for our group of friends to meet up and do something fun this summer.

    With my 5th house eclipse, I hope I will have a good time! And then, I have to let him go… The thougt of him and all our “moments” during the spring has made my go crazy during this summer. I can’t stop thinking about him, but I’m soo tired of this. (Natal pluto oppo natal sun and mercury, obsessiv is my middle name!)

    • And Satori, your texts are soo beautifulycomposed, like poetry! I love readimg them and taking them in! Let them sip through my mind and heart… Amazing talent you are!

  10. This eclipse today is in my 3rd house trine my natal Mercury. As I commented in the most recent post, Saturn Station In Sag, I’ve been letting go of some social relationships so that fresh energy can be ushered in.

  11. Oh my dear that’s awesome. I always have trouble with the weekly forcast when my man is coming that weekend. I did feel something about anticipation, and that is for sure.
    And love and acceptance, maybe even love. Very busy.

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