Weekly Forecast: August 6-10, 2018 – Run-up To The New Moon, Partial Eclipse In Leo

Plenty is happening this week. Much of it ties in to the early degrees of Aquarius and the south node. However, by Thursday night the emphasis shifts to Leo and the north node. Friday night, the Moon, dark in Leo, moves toward a fresh start in quincunx to Pluto, powerful, solid.

The Moon holds that aspect as it passes over Pallas Athene in the night, into conjunction with the Sun, early Saturday, the eclipse.

After all this tangle of retrogrades, we’re learning. We’re setting a new pattern of creation in place, to be built in place of what was immolated. Retrogrades draw us into the work that creates mastery. We’re not there yet, but we’re on our way, a great deal of the way through.

We’re not getting anywhere new. We’ve already carved out the rotten bits on the old. We’re aware of the old map and what is now missing from the territory. We are understanding what brought us here: what here is. The map is not the territory. But we have to fully understand what we have in both before we can create something new.

We need mastery of the process before we forge our best work. That’s where we are this week. It won’t all click for everyone right now, but the pieces become available for consideration.

Uranus stations retrograde in the middle of the week. It joins Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto, and Chiron in apparent retrograde motion. If we want to move forward eventually, we must SLOW DOWN now. Slow down to pay attention and really see. Really listen. Really sense what’s underfoot and what came before.

Monday, Black Moon Lilith moves from Capricorn to Aquarius, now ruled by a stationing Uranus. This Lilith is a mathematical point of darkness in the Moon’s orbit, a point that signifies “coming into being”. Lilith spends 9 months in a sign (gestation). Something has come ripe and into fruition. Something new will gestate, in its own time. Something solid and perhaps now clunky passes out of focus. Now we find ourselves incubating something in regard to the collective, to friendship, to allies and groups. Or perhaps something truly strange and unexpected.

Lilith is not an easy incubator. There’s intensity and darkness. It’s a birth that comes from a deep need. In this instance, it pushes right through into retrograde Mars, exact conjunction Friday. Eventually both will pass over the south node, the release of what doesn’t serve this course of action and this gestation.

In prettier news, Venus also changes sign on Monday. Venus moves to Libra, one of the two signs it rules. The aesthetic shifts from service and health to balance and relationship. It’s a desire to get things right, pretty, nice. It’s a social sign, and don’t we all clean up well under Libra Venus! We want to attract with our best foot forward. So that urge pushes us right out into play.

As Venus moves to Libra it trines Lilith in Aquarius (Monday). Monday’s Gemini Moon fits into this airy duo well, though it’s already past trine when the shifts happen. The overall mood is interested in all the commotion. It’s beautiful commotion with a heavy helping of sexy. But it’s not a personal kind of sexy just yet. However, it does pique the appetite, both in theory and practice. Socializing is in order. With Chiron opposite in Aries, it may not be what you had in mind; but it’s bound to be good for your love life and for networking.

Venus moves into trine with Mars, exact Tuesday. Mars is still compromised for new action, but it’s a great time to redo, redecorate, re-anything Venus related in particular.

Someone who walked off into the distance may come back into view. Venus in Libra can charm their pants off! But don’t sign on a deal there. Take the opportunity to display your value. Clearly they need to be reminded. Give them reason to reassess in your favor. Show your great value, but don’t overplay your hand. Balance what is offered.

It’s not time to nail things down. Mercury is retrograde and Venus moves into square with Saturn (exact Friday). Anything signed now runs the risk of leaving money on the table or building problems into the new thing. Wait, if you can. If you can’t, consider building re-negotiation into the contract or agreement. “It sounds great for now, but let’s revisit this in September.”

Venus with Saturn is a rough side to a sweet deal, or a payoff that is put off. But in time, sometimes you find better because of it. Adversity brings people closer. It creates solidarity, intimacy. Weather something with someone: Wednesday, Venus moves into exact opposition with Chiron, a t-square with Saturn involved. We learn more and get a chance to re-establish relationships when we have to work through a sticking point. Ask for help, for a favor.

All information is valuable. Mercury retrograde in Leo conjoins the Sun and both square Jupiter. Rough edges and blunt communications can shake loose a pretty amazing set of ideas. It pops the creativity right out of you and into your life. Generosity is there, but it might not come in the form that fits the immediate issue. So work it out! Ask for help. Drama is exciting. It goes well with airy Venus and Mars. Get others involved. It could be fun.

The Moon moves through Gemini on Monday and Tuesday and into Cancer Tuesday night. Its sextile with the Sun pops the Jupiter-Neptune trine into effect for a shot at inflated magic. In Cancer it creates great feeling in a cardinal grand square with Venus, Saturn, and Chiron. The mood is a thermometer for all this kerfuffle. Time is one of the most valuable assets you have. Feel where you’re wasting it. Get on that… you don’t have time to have a fit or withdraw your emotional investment. Feeling where the issues lie is the first step to learning.

Wednesday through Thursday the Cancer Moon forms a grand trine in water with Neptune and Jupiter. Get into tune with the bigger picture and point yourself downstream. Relax. The Moon then moves into opposition with Pluto and the heart to focus your emotional power. Again, relax. It’s not something you make happen. It’s something you allow to flow into place.

Thursday night the Moon moves into Leo, opposite Mars and Lilith, square to Uranus. Who knows. It’s likely there’s a freaky little surprise. Who knows, because that’s what surprises are. The Moon also sextiles Venus and trines Chiron. The surprise could have a lovely aftertaste, maybe even good for you. Or just sweet.

Friday, the Leo Moon moves over the north node and into conjunction with Mercury. Listen, watch; pay attention to all your senses. Gather that information. Keep those mental wheels turning. Something new is on the horizon.

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Weekly Forecast: August 6-10, 2018 – Run-up To The New Moon, Partial Eclipse In Leo — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you! There is so much happening in slow-mo in, not only my life, but everyone I know! This really helps to know how to work with what energy on which day! Blessings and thanks to you and Elsa! Been reading your posts for years now, and found them invaluable for understanding our crazy times !!!

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