Weekly Forecast: August 5-9, 2019 – Aligning With The Shiny Leo Sun

smileDuring Leo season, we’re all going to align with the shine of the Sun. It’s happening. It’s a yearly event. Oh, you’re doing it. So how are you going to make it work for you?

Leos get their solar return and reset their cyclical ego dynamic. We all do that in our birthday month. But at this time of year, the focus is on a renewal of self assertion. Take a bit of time out to look at the way in which a Leo stellium aspects your own chart. That much is fairly similar every year. What is this period of time like for you every year? What is your association with the end of July and most of August? Can you pin it to how that stellium hits your chart?

Last year Leo season was eclipse season. This year it popped just before. How is your personal outlook across the last few years; is it progressing in an arc? One of the functions of this emphasis is to tailor your personal approach to life… and your life to the prevailing theme of a positive and creative path.

This week we have Venus, Sun, Juno, and Mars in Leo. Next week Mercury will join the pack as Jupiter goes direct in fellow fire sign Sagittarius (the sign Jupiter rules) and Uranus stations. That’s a lot of fire, a lot of fuel, and massive inflation on a personal trajectory – as well as the start to a new redirect in fortune. This week, let’s maximize our mental clarity around the emotional and intellectual impact of Mercury’s recent retrograde.

What have you figured out in the past few weeks? What came of the eclipses’ influence on your life? Did you get any impactful news, make any fresh commitments with Mars and Juno traveling together in Leo?

Is there a personal trajectory forming, even if it lacks detail at the moment? Is something forming, something on the way out or gone?

All week, Venus moves closely along with the Sun. This adds value and pleasure to our exploration of self and the blazing of our personal path. Mars and Juno add fortitude. On Wednesday, the Sun trines Jupiter then quincunxes Saturn. The fire in the boiler or the wind in the sails contends with some natural boundaries. There’s only unfettered ease as long as we’re staying in line with our personal ethics AND generalized rules of society. Navigating requires finesse.

Bumping up against limits and limitations is likely. Consider it a good thing, even if it doesn’t feel that way. Wednesday, Venus trines Jupiter. Then early Friday, Venus quincunxes Saturn. The payout follows those same limits, barriers, and rules.

The rule of the day and of the week and season is magnanimous, creative generosity of spirit – and how that fits into your field personally. Keep a foot on the ground and in reality. Don’t overreach and don’t break the rules. The rules shouldn’t be bent either, but they can be negotiated if you can figure out who is the appropriate authority.

Inspector Clousseau: “Does your dog bite?”
Clerk: “Not at all.”
Clousseau reaches down to pet and is mauled by the dog.
CLousseau: “I thought you said your dog did not bite!”
Clerk: “That, sir, is not my dog.”

There is every reason to hope for a sunny, fun summer week. The arc of the Moon’s movement through Libra and Scorpio links the Leo placements with the Capricorn foundations – trading a sextile with one and a square to the other to a square to one and a sextile to the other. We emotionally meter our mood with building our path. By the time the Moon hits Sagittarius, it’s ready to build its link to Neptune.

Friday we have the opportunity through heightened heart to feel where our dreams are ripe and calling us to participate, and to pinpoint what other beckoning lights are illusions or calling us onto the rocks.

Monday and Tuesday the Moon tours Libra, lighting up the fire signs in exquisite relief. The Moon squares cardinal Capricorn planets, then Mercury in Cancer. Play beautifully, but use common sense and be respectful as well as gracious. However sweet and compelling we can be among friends, sometimes we all have to do what mom said.

Tuesday the Moon moves to Scorpio and an opposition to Uranus. This could feel disturbing if we’re unwilling to roll with the changes chucked at us sideways. If we can reframe the unexpected as a windfall to put to our advantage, all the better.

Wednesday and Thursday the Scorpio Moon squares the Leo energies and sextiles Saturn and Pluto. At the end of Scorpio, the Moon trines Mercury. That weeklong trajectory brings us back to what is lasting, worth keeping… what can we use? We can be discriminating. It feels like another chance to create clarity and manipulate its shape.

This summer has a place in a continuum of summers. This mood dives deeper into its place in a longer timeline. We can enjoy the days without sacrificing our greater good in the longer game. The mood facilitates this.

Later Thursday and then on through Friday, the Moon moves to Sagittarius. The Sadge Moon trines Chiron and goes on to conjoin Jupiter. Who are you really? Let that roam and run. The Moon trines Venus and the Sun, and goes on to square Neptune in the night. That’s a lot of heat and light. People will whoop it up, a whole lot of drama and a great deal of pleasure seeking. Just remember there are also sirens calling from the rocks, and find out who the dog belongs to.



Weekly Forecast: August 5-9, 2019 – Aligning With The Shiny Leo Sun — 5 Comments

  1. I love the little Clousseau story: that’s a thinker. It makes me chuckle too. Thank you Satori. : – ) things like this are good for me at the moment!!

  2. Nice post Satori, but you have to include the video clip from The Pink Panther Strikes Again. I would do it for you, but I’m not Sag rising. HQ. calling HQ chop chop

  3. Thank you for the detailed forecast and reminding me of Pink Panther, one of my favorite series. Off topic: After all the slow retrogrades, we just could not wait and made an offer to buy a home right on the day Mercury stationed direct, August 1st. The decision feels right. What is your take on it?

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