Weekly Forecast: August 31 – September 4, 2020 – Pisces Full Moon

leopard lampEarly Monday morning, the Virgo Sun exactly quincunxes Chiron in Aries. It’s been three days applying and will be three days receding. Virgo ruler Mercury and Aries ruler Mars make an exact quincunx on Friday.

The quincunx brings attention to a relationship out of balance. It brings focus to the issue as well as containing the tools needed to at least begin the work of correction.

In between we have a full moon in Pisces.

The Sun and Mercury in Virgo call up an energy that attaches the authenticity problem to a mundane point in time. A real, tangible issue. It also presents the ability to perceive all the relevant facts. It’s a helping, caretaking moment. It’s also a practical cleanup moment. This could manifest boldly as a metaphor through real life mess and dis-ease.

Across the way in Pisces, we have Neptune, ruler of Pisces. Pisces is divine love and connection. That’s the high side. The low side is delusion, illusion, and undoing. In the middle we have vulnerability.

Watch your spiritual and mundane hygiene.

When Virgo and Pisces work well in tandem, we have facts and compassion grasping hands to heal, love, and nurture – in all ways possible. Science and the woo work together and can co-exist. In fact, they must in order to work at peak capacity.

The quincunxes, Sun-Chiron and Mercury-Mars point (indirectly) to an inauthentic self, its understanding and expression missing the point, missing the target. What stands between the us and understanding, acknowledging, and balancing these is denial or inability to SEE it. Neptune.

You can’t drive from the back seat. Have you ever had that dream? It’s a nudge to return to your true self.

If this “problem” resonates for you consciously, you’ll likely experience it as issues with availability, vulnerability, and getting your needs met. If it doesn’t resonate, you’re balancing well or you’re so deep in it you can’t see it.

Venus opposes Saturn this week (exact Wednesday) and squares Mars exactly on Friday, a cardinal t-square. This formation does us the crappy favor of pointing out where we are denied what we want and thwarted in our attempts to get it for ourselves.

Why is that good? It’s another factor for breaking free of delusion, illusion, and denial. Also Wednesday, Mercury’s trine to Saturn is exact. Mercury goes on to sextile Venus on Friday, but this formation mitigates the crush of the cardinal t-square all week. We can understand what’s been happening. We can understand how and why we’ve been denied. Also, with Mercury trining the Capricorn stellium, communications and information (even sensual markers like taste, sound, and scent) are lying all around to stumble over, in a good way – like ripe fruit.

Here’s one knowledge-fruit precursor to the big question, one you might want to note about being your authentic self or even knowing if you are: Someone has to know you to love you. To genuinely love you. Here’s the big question… are YOU the one keeping that from happening?

That’s what’s meant by “You have to love yourself first”. If you don’t love you, what are the chances you’re letting others know you. Out of fear we present that false self, thinking we’ll be loved for that. But that’s not YOU. Loving you doesn’t mean liking you. It means actually being and expressing you. So you can be known and loved. You can’t skip that step. That’s what we’re needing to uncover NOW.

Illusion and delusion in this area are where we shoot ourselves in the foot. Neptune. Self undoing when at its worst. But it’s also reconnecting and being a part of the absolute, utter, unknowable whole. At its best.

Monday the Aquarius Moon quincunxes both Mercury and Venus then sextiles Mars. A broader, less personal mood for experimentation brings us the space to investigate how we think, what we want, and segues into a chance to get started doing something about it.

Tuesday, the Moon moves to Pisces and toward opposition to the Sun in Virgo and sextile to Uranus in Venus-ruled Taurus. We can really feel it approaching now, and for many this is when the AHA bit kicks in. Or we can lean into the delusion. Relax if you can. That will help. Keep an open mind, but not so open your brain falls out.

Overnight into Wednesday, the Pisces Moon opposes the Sun exactly (the full moon) and both close aspects to Uranus soon after. Wake up! What do you feel? The Moon moves through the fog of Neptune; this time we’re going with our eyes wide open (but only if we choose).

For some it’s gentle, for others a storm.

Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Pisces, lighting up the Venus-Saturn opposition with an opposition of its own to Mercury… a sextile to Saturn and trine to Venus. Eyes open in the fog, we can feel and sense and reason our way into the answer to short circuiting our restrictions to love.

Later, the Moon moves to Aries and Mars’ rule. Going over the Aries point, the Moon mood is sure to spark some fresh and actionable feelings. Fated.

Friday’s Aries Moon conjoins Chiron, quincunxes the Sun, and squares Jupiter. We’re sure to get an emotional redirect on how we’re facing our ability to be genuine and live in our own metaphorical skin. Mercury quincunxes Mars. If you’re not getting any insights or a call back, get moving – physically moving. It could be the boost you need. Be your own hero.

If your relationships with yourself and others are strong, this can be the divine spark to send you into bliss. If you’re like the rest of us and struggling, this can be the divine assistance needed to clear up the fog around your path. Want to feel better? Get out of the fog and look within for your own part in the problem.

We all can see the problem clearly in the other. It’s there! It’s also IN HERE ::points to the heart::.



Weekly Forecast: August 31 – September 4, 2020 – Pisces Full Moon — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Satori,God bless you for such good work as usual, My natal sun is @8 Virgo,Mars @28 leo and sun @10 Virgo,Saturn @22 Taurus, Chiron @ 9 Aries and Moon@ 10 Virgo.My birthday Start tomorrow with the Sun @ 8 virgo and proceeds on the 1st.What should I expect?

  2. “You can’t drive from the back seat. Have you ever had that dream? It’s a nudge to return to your true self.” Yup, had it often but not for awhile. This is important feedback as we unfasten our safety pins once again. I so appreciate your navigational insight, shared ’em with Pete and we had one doozie of a conversation fueled with it. Fingers crossed we old roadies drive from the front seats (fortunately, we drive a vehicle apiece for these journeys) while Pete tows our wagon-home!God, this stuff is frick’n amazing:)

  3. I’m career changing at 50. It’s tough. Understatement of a lifetime.

    I definitely over reached and over estimated my abilities (Jupiter Rx conjunct my MC). I’m in a position now where I either get my sh*t together or fall flat on my face.

    Three planets are in my 10th – Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. The last time this happened, it was Saturn, Uranus and Neptune.

    Those quincunxes make me think, did I make the right decision, or should I continue with the skills building job (today is my one year anniversary – the universe is trying to get through to me). This whole week will be a game changer. I’m a nervous wreck.

  4. Satori, thank you for the reminders about self-love! It is indeed the most powerful healer! LisLioness, YOU GOT THIS! 3 years ago (at age 49) I left my “good admin job” (that was killing me) and FOLLOWED MY HEART to become a welder. I will say that my wife fully supported the change and so my career transition was much less bumpy than it may have otherwise been AND YET I still had to show up and do the work everyday. I will not lie, it has been very challenging but I know I am on the right path because for the first time in my life I know the challenges are worth it.
    So grateful for the wisdom and support in this community! Thank goddess Elsa is doing well after surgery!

    • WW, I love reading your comment and story of admin to welder. I left the corporate world years ago, because the seduction of illusionary success was killing me. I too have been partnered with an old laborer who has supported me in doing the work I love; showing up every day as you wrote! I’ll be 73and the challenges of THIS LIFE is worth it because it’s the one I’m ‘driving.’
      AND I agree with the gratitude I feel for this community of ElsaElsa!!

  5. Thanks for this Sartori, I always really enjoy how detailed and relatable your articles are.

    I’m a 10 degrees Pisces sun in the 9th, and 25 cancer ascendant so this weeks astrology is contacting my chart in a big way. My progressed moon is also at 25 libra so that’s being hit too. Nothing of note happened except for our beloved family dog passed away last Friday after a long life and lots of lovely memories. I’ll keep you posted if anything else crops up in the next couple of weeks.

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