Weekly Forecast: August 26-30, 2019 – New Moon In Virgo Trine Uranus

saturnThis week the Moon moves through Cancer and Leo on its way into Friday’s early morning new moon in Virgo. The Virgo new moon is ruled by Mercury. In the first part of the week, Mercury finishes up its stint in Leo. Overnight Wednesday into Thursday, Mercury hits Virgo, powering up the Virgo stellium with RULER BOOST.

Virgo season started out with Mercury in fiery Leo, but the flavor this week takes shape in one of Mercury’s finer forms. Leo Mercury showed us how to put on our own oxygen mask – with flair. It stirred up some meteoric creativity and spurred us to dream big along the way. With the shift of Mercury into Virgo, joining Juno, the Sun, and the waning Venus-Mars conjunction, we turn over some fresh dirt to plant, to brilliant effect.

Virgo Mercury knows how to prepare the soil, research every part of gardening, and plant with efficacy. It’s the perfect (Virgo) precursor to the Virgo new moon. Its prowess is earned and our fresh start has every possible chance of bountiful returns.

This week Venus moves along with Mars for valuable, attractive, and correct actions that make sense and serve well. Venus trines Uranus on Monday and moves into trine with Saturn (exact Sunday). Take your bonus and invest. Sometimes a bonus is money or goods and sometimes it’s an idea, a mental boost, or another way forward. Saving is good, but make sure that’s the smartest use. Good counsel is also highlighted.

Monday and Tuesday’s Cancer Moon is ripe for bringing in gut feelings to power decision making (from the subconscious 12th house position to Mercury). The Cancer Moon opposes Saturn and trines Neptune and Pluto. There’s a subtle but firm influence that covers all the bases. When life pushes back, we see where reality resides and possibilities fill in. Tuesday evening, the Moon moves to Leo and a trine to Chiron. Our authentic-self experiences guide our gut.

Early Wednesday, Mars trines Uranus exact. Simultaneously, the Leo Moon squares Uranus. The mood takes a jolt, but the way to action is true. Follow through. This takes place as the Sun in Virgo quincunxes Chiron. Experience and knowledge accompany follow through. Growth is the result. The Moon finishes up with a trine to Jupiter. It’s exhilarating, so let off some steam to stem any emerging anxiety.

Thursday morning the Leo Moon moves through a quincunx to Pluto, and Mercury hits Virgo. The Moon moves through the rest of the sign then on to Virgo as well. The evening Moon in Virgo conjoins Mercury then Juno. It enlivens with a focused intensity that settles the mind. The mood pulls into line with the mind and senses, the ego, the drive, and its full range of desires. This is the part of the workout, performance, or routine where we say: “Take some full breaths here.” I mean that literally. Let your heart fill up with life-giving blood and purpose.

Friday morning, the Moon moves into conjunction with the Sun for the new moon in Virgo. The new moon encased in its Virgo stellium grounds this fresh start. Whatever you begin with this cycle pulls in the electric investments of Uranus and Saturn. It’s a genuine turning point.

We can innovate on a stable plane. It’s a revolution of mind that reverberates in action passed through desire. Check the front page of the blog for Elsa’s explanation of effect by house.

As the day wears on, the Virgo Moon moves over Mars and Venus for added aid in planting those seeds and boost to the mood. The Moon trines Pluto overnight into Saturday, the mood rich, deep, and earthy. That’s a gorgeous end to a promising day at the beginning of new venture.

The new moon takes place at 6 degrees Virgo. Where does it hit your chart? Where is all that Virgo influencing you?

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Weekly Forecast: August 26-30, 2019 – New Moon In Virgo Trine Uranus — 12 Comments

  1. 3 Pluto and 8 Nadir North Node and Fortuna at 23 degrees respectively. I have the feeling something is gonna blow up big time … any heads up for me would be helpful.

  2. Natal Virgo stellium in the 12th….Mercury, and the Sun. My Sun at 8…..Pluto a scootch away in Virgo but in the 11th house at 0. What will happen……working on two newish ventures at the moment actually.

  3. Bang on my natal Uranus (and a few degrees off my Pluto) in 10th house, exact opposing my natal Jupiter/Chiron conjunction in 4th house Pisces, square natal 1st house Sun in Sagg (conjunct transiting Jupiter).
    Praying that I get an interview for a job I have applied for. The natal T-square this New Moon hits is tough and never more so than in current job (crazy work demands/narcissistic boss). Got to get out for sake of my health or I won’t make it to retirement age.

  4. I have Venus, Mercury and the Sun in Virgo but it isn’t in any house. Where do we look for the energy if it doesn’t have a house?

  5. The Virgo New Moon is mid-way through my 8th House. Legacy. Pluto is retrograde in my 1st House. The alignment pulls my ancestral commitment to the surface (to the way “I am” anew in the 1st House. Where’s the Wisdom? As if to help with that answer my right upper Wisdom Tooth is being scrutinized: it pains me and many options for ‘treatment’? They are out of reach financially. So what I can afford I ask for and with Pluto, Saturn and Venus Mars, Moon in the sign of service I ask for an extraction to … make room for new planting.

    • As the world turned, there WAS another option for accessing wisdom(tooth)It required freshened dirt. So much “Good counsel” to glean here, Satori . . I dig it😄 XO

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