Weekly Forecast: August 23-27, 2021 – Mercury Is The Thing: Powerful News, Biding Your Time

Lara Harris for elsaelsa.comMonday morning, the Pisces Moon sextiles Uranus in Taurus then goes on to oppose Mars and Mercury in Virgo. The mood is changeable, but in a good way (if that means anything). It makes it easier to switch gears and go where it makes the most sense.

If you’ve been feeling pouty, you won’t be able to stay there. There’s too much on deck!

Venus in Libra completes its trine to Saturn in Aquarius, air to air, by midday. It’s likely something that popped with the full moon comes to fruition in the form of a reward. If you did your due diligence!

The Moon goes on to conjoin Neptune then sextile Pluto overnight. The mood makes use of intensity. It’s the just-right, Goldilocks type of intensity, the kind that fuels dreams.

Early Tuesday the Moon moves from its sextile to Pluto through the end of Pisces and into Aries. It heads through early Aries and into sextile with Saturn overnight. Tuesday evening, Mercury closes its exact opposition to Neptune.

Tuesday’s not the best day to make a decision based on other people’s information. Whether willfully or not, they’re just as likely as not to be misinformed or bullshitting. Or they’re spouting the fruits of their own wishful thinking. Here’s the thing though: They might be spot on, but it’s tough to be sure. That Aries mood wants to move fast, but it benefits from the intellectual rigor that Saturn brings.

Wait and look for tangible proof or follow through.

Wednesday morning the Aries Moon finishes its sextile to Saturn and spends the rest of the day moving into conjunction with Chiron and opposition to Venus. Venus heads into opposition with Chiron, exact early Thursday. Only the real thing, the right thing satisfies. If you skip steps because you want something SO BAD, you can get the thing… but it won’t be what you want ultimately.

Aries Moon is keen to move, but it also knows how to dance. Do the dance and do it pretty while being REAL. That gets the goodies, the ones that truly satisfy.

Thursday morning, the Moon squares Pluto and heads into sextile with Jupiter in the evening. Midday, Mercury in Virgo makes its exact trine to Pluto. THIS is the news we’ve been waiting for, or didn’t know we were waiting for. Powerful plans are set in motion, and we’re going to hear something about that. It ruffles the mood in the collective, but it also gets us kicking and raring to go!

On Friday, the Moon starts out in Venus-ruled Taurus, in trine to the newly Virgo Sun. It goes on to square Saturn then conjoins Uranus and trines Virgo Mars overnight. The mood comes down to the ground in a satisfying way. We need to stabilize, whether that’s timely or easy. Once we hit that place where we’re back in our bodies, then we can get moving again. And it feels good.

The full moon in Aquarius at 29 was a BIG one (conjunct Jupiter) this weekend. How did it affect YOU?



Weekly Forecast: August 23-27, 2021 – Mercury Is The Thing: Powerful News, Biding Your Time — 10 Comments

  1. It affected me in the most wondrous way!

    Jupiter is healing – and I felt marvelous, even though I ran into my period this weekend. Previously I have suffered immensely during this time, but after doing some work on this (emotionally) I felt less pain and more empowerment during this times than before.

    Also, this weekend my friend told me one of her cats needed a new home, and suddenly my BF and I felt like … Heck, why not?
    We will spend this week considering the pros and cons in the decision, and the aspects seems to be up for just that!
    The cat looks like a brownish-orange lioness…. August is Leo month, so it certainly fits the bill!

    Also – it’s Virgo Season, and Virgo rules small animals and pets. I can’t imagine a more perfect timing for this offer to come 😍🥰
    The cat’s birthday is January, and my own ascendant is in Aquarius, while my BF’s is Capricorn.
    …. It feels like some kind of freak miracle timing 🤩

    • Is it an orange tabby? I had an orange tabby male named Freddy. He was so cool. He followed me on walks like a dog would. When I had a guest, he would sit with us like he was in the conversation. He was so wise. Slept under the sage plant. Too funny.

      The other male orange tabby I had brought me flowers from the neighborhood shrubs.

      • Hehe, No it’s a golden burmilla cat.
        Such a cutie, but verrryy Leo-like. She likes to have ownership of her slaves (me), and don’t like to share them with other cats.

        She is sold because she does not do well in company of other cats. She wants to be Number One in the household. Typical Leo cat *LOL*

  2. Did the due diligence. One thing led to another. Pretty spectacular. Thought I was done with the soul journey work. Not!! Faced my intercepted houses 4 and 10 which initially seemed depressing. Karmatic and all that. So I guess spirit guide thingy that popped up a week or so ago was very apropo. Pretty much sorted. Funny how all that wound into the current II NN conj my natal SN. It would be trippy if it didn’t make so much sense.

  3. “The full moon in Aquarius at 29 was a BIG one (conjunct Jupiter) this weekend. How did it affect YOU?”

    I actually felt more of a shift at the beginning of last week, over the weekend I didn’t feel the big Jupiterness.

  4. Powerful news – yes, got em on Monday. Threw me into a reality I’ve created and been running away from or postponing. Tough… Biding my time now?
    Feels like that’s what I needed though, deep down. Now I need to find my footing again.
    7deg Aq sun, 25deg Aq mercury here. Waiting for Pluto to join the party over my 26deg Cap asc.

  5. We were woken by the past-full but still very very bright (like give me my sunglasses) moon early Tuesday morning. The big news came in the form of virus (by whatever name you choose to call it). Physical symptoms, discomfort, all attended to by the People’s Medicine I harvest and put up, or keep in reserve by my bedside. Slow and steady care. The Neptune dreams have been revisits to past decisions, and then … a dream of flying a small plane with Flo (my favorite character from the Frankie Drake Mysteries:) who is teaching me to fly. BUT THE METAPHOR AND MESSAGE: get into the flo(w) rather than fight.
    Biding my time. Yes, preparing for winter, the seasons shift here on the pond-land where we are settling. We weight our options and our limitations; and recognize the reality that we are aging together. Due diligence? Twelve years of preparation and practice should count.
    You see Wednesday this way: “If you skip steps because you want something SO BAD, you can get the thing… but it won’t be what you want ultimately.” We will keep that in mind and not skip steps. xo Moki

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