Weekly Forecast: August 21-25, 2023 – It’s a MERCURY Party!

horse DylanRetrograde Venus in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus in earnest on Monday, as the Moon in Libra sextiles the Leo Sun, squares retro Pluto, and heads into Scorpio to trine Saturn overnight. That’s a lot.

The mood is regal with plenty of power under tension. Mars in Virgo climbs into close opposition with Neptune in Pisces while at the same time trining retro Pluto in Capricorn. The mood is controlled and action benefits.

We want more, we want it ALL. And yet, there’s the feeling that what satisfies is something… else, something not yet on the table. It’s going to take time, and it’s going to take imagination, creativity, and effort. But here’s the thing: It also takes luck and believing… in yourself, in your ability to make it happen. That work and those abilities hinge on shaking it loose a bit, hanging in there and having faith in whatever happens. Whatever happens happens. For a reason? Perhaps.

We’ll make meaning out of whatever we work to get. And we’re paying attention, figuring out how to get there.

Tuesday’s Scorpio Moon opposes Jupiter and squares retro Venus, a t-square, tense but taut and worth a gamble. Don’t bet more than you can comfortably lose. It’s anybody’s game, but you’ll get another shot in time if you lose. We’re figuring out what will succeed. Venus perfects its square to Jupiter.

Monday and Tuesday may feel frustrating. While things are indeed promising, action is decidedly murky. Are you confused about what to do? Join the club. But it won’t laster forever; it just feels like it. Mars perfects its opposition to Neptune on Tuesday afternoon.

Mars trine Pluto presses harder (exact Thursday night). It takes a while for action to harden and take shape, but it’s getting there. Once you commit to a direction, the muscle is motivated.

Wednesday morning, the Sun moves to Mercury-ruled Virgo and picks up an opposition to retro Saturn in Pisces. We’re slowed by intangibles, unseen obstacles, an all-knowing divine? The Scorpio Moon sextiles Virgo Mercury all morning – a thoughtful mood, a depthy mood. Though it’s not necessarily a dark mood. If anything, we’re set to see something we can’t unsee, but it’s exactly what we need to see to send us on our way toward meaningful and profound change.

And then… did someone say committing to a direction? Mercury stations retrograde in the afternoon. The wide conjunction of Mercury and Mars in Virgo will begin to separate with Mars trining Pluto and Mercury heading back into trine with Jupiter.

Slowing down gives us time to redirect our vision, get our head straight. It may not be our choice, but it’s to our benefit. There’s more to learn, to re-examine. When we do, we’ve got the muscle to make it count: volcanic.

Wednesday’s Scorpio Moon goes on to oppose Uranus, trine Neptune, and sextile both Mars and Pluto. HOLD ON TO YOUR BUTT! It’s a wild ride, but oddly enough it’s a smooth one. Smooth like a roller coaster, but the adrenaline sets us on a potent path.

On Thursday, the Moon hits Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius and a square to the Virgo Sun. It forms a t-square with the Sun and Saturn. The Moon wants to run, strut, but responsible Virgo core energy won’t let your go without doing your chores first. But it’s YOU making you do the chores. It’s not chores, exactly. It’s facing the truth. It feels about the same tho. BUT, the Moon then goes on to trine Venus and it’s good times for a change. Sun-Saturn pays dividends when you do the work! Enjoy!

Friday the Sadge Moon breaks free with a nice, rowdy trine to Chiron. Maybe shoot some arrows or something. Good times! Don’t shoot your buddy. Afternoon takes the Moon into square with retro Mercury then square to Neptune (exact overnight).

There’s maybe a little guilt over running free. It’s likely you’re late or forget about something you said you’d do, somewhere you’d be. Some detail goes awry, lost on the gallop of mega mood. Whatever, it happens! Apologize, make amends, and move on.

Slip out from under the guilt, make another plan, swoop up the buddy you shot and fun-run for the hills!


Weekly Forecast: August 21-25, 2023 – It’s a MERCURY Party! — 1 Comment

  1. “we’re seeing something we can’t unsee”

    Hell yes!
    Got this going already, and we’re only at Tuesday?!

    A Funeral on Wednesday, therapy Friday, not one but two places on the same day, with two different therapists. There will probably be some moving and shaking this week…

    From what you described, it seems like *one of THOSE weeks* we will remember for a long time….

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