Weekly Forecast: August 2-6, 2021 – Building With Truth, Erratic But Valuable

boy heliosThis week we have Mercury out ahead of the Sun, trine Chiron and square Uranus. Then the Sun follows suit. We’ve got an awkward relationship to the truth brewing, but in the end it’s a good thing.

The truth will out and not always in the most graceful way. Authenticity matters more than the delivery. We’ll find a way to fold and prettify whatever nugget of truth pops out on the scene. The show must go on!

Every play needs some spark to keep things interesting. There’s nothing worse in the middle of a Leo story than SNORES.

If you tell the truth and blow it, you’re way better off in the long run than to not try at all. However it comes through, you’re adding to the value of the narrative.

Let’s normalize valuing the message as much as the way it’s delivered. Healing messages are delivered this week. It’s important to prioritize making use of the content. Venus and Mars in Virgo are competent helpers in this area.

Venus trines Uranus Monday night after Mercury trines Chiron. Flash healing is possible and so are beautiful healing words. We might have a profit windfall, but just as likely we understand something in flash, something that brings great benefit as we work it into our repertoire.

Venus also heads into opposition with Neptune and trine to Pluto (exact by the end of next week). Everything we sense now, everything we hear and say is wrapped up in a longer thread of transformation. What we want is so closely tied to who we are, and all of that is changing. What we want is changing, who we are is changing too.

Not changing wholesale but transforming. The truths we’re encountering are part of that. It matters how we receive them. Don’t assume the quality (good/bad) of something based on conventional values. How we receive affects the impact. Look at it from all sides. What else can it be?

Monday, the Gemini Moon squares Mars and trines Saturn. It sextiles the Sun and Chiron overnight. The mood could exacerbate frustrations, but look through them to see more. Resistance blunts awareness, but patience stabilizes the mood.

Tuesday, the Gemini Moon sextiles Mercury then goes on to square Venus and Neptune. Say the thing. Listen closely but loosely, nimbly. The meaning is there and fuels understanding to build upon later, but don’t expect to settle anything in the short term. Lay the groundwork for a complex solution later. Have faith that you’ve set the stage, that you’ll grasp it when you need it.

Wednesday’s Gemini Moon trines Jupiter before heading into Cancer and a sextile to Mars. It’s a fun, expansive, and philosphical mood that leads to punching through with concrete action. Satisfying action… with a twinge of showmanship.

Thursday, the Cancer Moon squares Chiron and sextiles Uranus as the Sun heads into square with Uranus. Hurt feelings can slow things down, or you can skip right over that part and go right ahead and fix the problem at its root. If you’re feeling hurt, if something stings, that’s what needs fixing. Talking about it, reaching out to make things better, or asking for help are better options than a pout. And they’re a catalyst for magic.

Friday, the Cancer Moon sextiles Venus, trines Neptune, and opposes Pluto. Now we’re getting clear and feeling the details. It’s not a sure thing yet, so stay in tune with the plan: Speak from the heart and tell your truth. Can that feel risky? Awkward? Yes. It can also feel very vulnerable and embarrassing. Jump in anyway.

The nerves are theoretical. The emotion is magical. Vulnerability is powerful and motivational – and terrifying. We’re building to a new moon smack between two Aquarius full moons. The seed we’re planting is YOU (and me and each of us), and your self esteem. We are all learning to BE better. Keep doing the work, and have faith.



Weekly Forecast: August 2-6, 2021 – Building With Truth, Erratic But Valuable — 8 Comments

  1. Two Krispy Kremes and a Pint of Jerry Garcia, or whatever ice creamy favorite with your name on it!! Dessert for a full week of building with errant but valuable truth. Thank you xo

  2. My week seems to have started a little early, though I am going back to read about Sunday…Lots of truths and asking for clarity were kicked off. I’m hoping for patience, and planning to “Say the Thing”, ready to embrace the transformation, and praying for flash healing and magic. Wish me luck!

  3. It truly has been challenging!!
    My bank account was locked due to some income tax documents to be signed.
    Though I visited the branch on Friday, account closed on Sunday.
    Makes no sense.
    Paper signed today.
    Phew ! It put me into panic mode for no good reason.
    Strange and uncomfortable things happening.
    Of course I have Taurus Sun and Leo rising.
    I guess the party of Leo Squaring Ur anus in Taurus….is all happening in my houses.
    I just have to let go and have patience through this Square.
    I know Uranus does throw in the spanner from out of the blue.

    Plus Uranus sits conjuct my Ascendant Leo.
    Bring it on.
    Hoping its Erratic but Valuable :)))

  4. Hate to be detailed oriented (Virgo rising), but Mars is with Venus in Virgo, Mercury still in Leo !

    “Let’s normalize valuing the message as much as the way it’s delivered. Healing messages are delivered this week. It’s important to prioritize making use of the content. Venus and Mercury in Virgo are competent helpers in this area.”

  5. Sometimes I just put my hand on my heart and try to make my eyes dance
    Best I got, I promise to try to have faith
    That all will be ok
    I think when younger I involved myself with too many
    Now, just staying in my hooloohoop!!
    Man am I tired having only 6 hours of sleep lately but slaying my debt
    Got to be careful with season that’s
    Up next , just gotta keep getting up

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