Weekly Forecast: August 17-21, 2020 – Shiny New Moon In Leo

boy heliosMonday morning, Mercury conjoins the Leo Sun. Creativity, drama, play, all are on the menu and the collective attitude is life affirming and fiery.

Mercury and the Sun move closer into quincunx with Saturn in Capricorn as the Leo Moon trines Chiron and squares Uranus. Whether you’re brainstorming a plan or just living it, things don’t go smoothly without a little elbow grease. But that’s as it should be.

The Sun and Mercury still hold a trine to Mars, so it’s going… but it won’t be boring. Are there any good plays without challenge and drama? It doesn’t hurt if you learn something along the way.

Tuesday, the Leo Moon moves toward trine with Mars as Venus in Cancer sextiles newly retrograde Uranus. The opportunity to upgrade your values, relationship, or desires is swept along in a fiery push for satisfaction. These opportunities may be subtle. The impetus is internal.

By evening the Moon heads into conjunction with the Sun, the new moon. The Sun-Moon conjunction quincunxes Saturn, exact within minutes. It holds that trine to Aries Mars, a vigorous, healthy call to action. Saturn brings stability when you put in the effort. It also gives this fiery fresh start a foundation that hardens over time.

Wednesday the Moon in early Virgo heads into trine with Uranus and sextile to Venus. Virgo ruler Mercury finishes up in Leo and heads into Virgo. While the collective feels are practical and service oriented, there’s a pinch of sugar and spice. There’s a good deal of solid humor as well. The mind and senses level out and communications benefit from a dose of grounded reality and compassion.

It’s also a very sensuous influence. The passion is banked but intense.

Venus begins moving into opposition to Jupiter in Capricorn and trine to Neptune in Pisces. We can imagine more for ourselves and others… and we want it.

Thursday, the Virgo Moon trines Jupiter and opposes Neptune. It goes on to trine Pluto and Saturn. We want more, but we want to do it right. Begin to pay attention and collect the bits and pieces you’ll need for whatever you’re planning, even if those plans are just in their infancy.

Friday, the Moon hits Libra and heads into opposition to Chiron then square to Venus (overnight). The Sun moves into the last degree of Leo. There’s wistfulness afoot, but warm enthusiasm is still the order of the day. The Moon finds a broad t-square with Jupiter and Venus and an airy mood wants more… more love, more money, MORE. It’s a challenge to be nice, but we can learn to tackle any challenge with grace.

The Moon is new on Tuesday at 26 degrees Leo. Where does that hit your chart, and what are you new plans for the play taking place in that area of your life? How do Capricorn Saturn limitations or hard work figure in?

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Weekly Forecast: August 17-21, 2020 – Shiny New Moon In Leo — 5 Comments

  1. Yikes it squares my Pluto and NN, and conjuncts my SO’s Chiron. I wish someone just cuts out my feelings and chucks them so that I don’t have to feel them so much.

  2. Shiny New Moon happens in my 8th and my hub’s 11th. We prepare for our next move,(coming during this new moon cycle) and create new dream of community. Saturn’s limitations show up in my 1st House, not far from my ASC, and in the 5th for my husband. Being an elder to be reckoned with (1st house at this stage of life) and pro-creation (sex) for recreation (5th House) is amplified with Capricorn filled with Saturn-Jupiter and Pluto. How we reckon our elder ship means being creative in all the best forms of the meaning.

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