Weekly Forecast: August 16-20, 2021 – The Libra Kisses Are REAL

libraAll week we are building toward that big full moon in Aquarius on Saturday. It’s BIG because it’s the second full moon in Aquarius this year, AND because it conjoins Jupiter. Jupiter expands.

Jupiter expands everything it impacts, for good or ill. While associated with fortune, again it may be for good or ill. But as they say: Energy is neutral until directed. This week’s energy, though, exists in a specific configuration that signals completion, endings, culmination, relationships, judgement, projection, and particularly now… rebellion. All BIG.

It’s big change. Early Saturday’s full moon lights up the the Sun’s opposition to Jupiter as well (exact on Thursday). Each of us is about to be promoted in some area of life. So be the real thing, be you. It’s YOU that you want on blast, not your hologram! It matters what you want, because why not YOU? You matter.

What’s your philosophy? Get clear on that, because the world has its own. The world’s philosophy is an amalgam of all of ours. Let the world know… by living your philosophy, in action, day to day. Learn as you go and figure it out going forward. Jupiter is a fast teacher, dynamic. It’s some kind of experimental school.

But in many ways, the teacher (teachers) expect us to make our own learning happen. This is not a coddling influence. We are always stepping on the leading edge of the future, keep walking and it’s a win-win.

On Monday we’ve got a Sagittarius Moon. It squares the Mercury-Mars conjunction in Virgo and sextiles Saturn as Mercury quincunxes Saturn exactly. Action and sensation are concrete and measured. They’re expert and quick, but they’re also pulling together for a real cause… and the mood pulls another direction. Think in terms of longer or shorter time spans and experiment with side quests.

Mercury and Mars move together all week, with Mercury conjoining and moving over Mars Wednesday night. Both trine Uranus with both exact on Friday. All three planets are in earth and motivated. Genuine change is possible. It might be the kind that comes together at the last moment for a big hoorah, but it was always going to be the result of detailed effort and the ability to think on our feet.

Also in the wind is Venus in Libra, lovely in its home sign, heading into trine with Saturn in Aquarius. Airy, graceful, formidable, inevitable. This Venus is building equity. The value here is genuine. This Venus kiss brings security and support, the kind that lasts and yet retains a hint of novelty.

Communication is key, both direct and indirect. If you want to make the most of this, get started yourself and see where it goes. Slow and steady works even better with a soft side. Solid charm is accessible, so use it to complement your own style. Timing is the trick. Make your move, but take your time.

Tuesday’s Sadge Moon trines the Sun and sextiles Jupiter. Libra’s breezy charm is easier to implement when it’s complimented with a bit of fire. Laughter is likely, so lean in. The mood moves fast! Take your day on the run.

Wednesday, the Capricorn Moon squares Venus in Libra. A hangover? A dour shush? Oh well, the Moon goes on to trine Mars and Mercury as they closely conjoin then sextile Uranus overnight. It just gives us more to talk about to gin up some tasty action.

On Thursday, the Cap Moon sextiles Neptune then conjoins Pluto. It’s intense and ineffable. We’re thirsty for… something? Don’t underestimate the power of thirst.

Friday morning the early Aquarius Moon applies into trine with Venus as Mercury trines Uranus. The Moon then glides through Saturn and heads into sextile with Chiron overnight as Mars closes its exact trine to Uranus.

Authenticity is a buzzword that has seen much play in recent years. But what does it mean to you? Here it’s visible as we bump along in our daily lives, doing our best and improving as we go. It’s about making our observable outsides match our insides through our actions and the machinations of our mind. It’s how we cure what ails us… us, as individuals and as a collective. We all will benefit.

Venus heads through the first several degrees of Libra this week; where is it hitting YOUR chart?



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  1. Transiting Venus will be conjunct my 8H Libra Sun this week. Already, I am happily experiencing a spike in my social activities. I will probably be hearing some news about refinancing my mortgage this week.

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