Weekly Forecast: August 10-14, 2020 – Shocking News And Powerful Action

hellveticaMonday morning, Mercury in Leo hits peak square with Uranus in Taurus. It’s sensual and mental shenanigans, but they definitely have the makings of some sort of creative returns. The news may be weird or jarring, but weird or jarring sometimes does the trick to spark a flame for future gains.

Monday the Taurus Moon brings emotion and feeling to the situation with a conjunction to Uranus and a square to Mercury. Whatever goes down, it draws us in. The Taurus mood is pleasure seeking and that Moon has reciprocity with Venus in Cancer. That’s a major motivator to smooth the waters. Hold out for something that satisfies.

Tuesday the Taurus Moon squares the Capricorn stellium and squares the Leo Sun. Midway between the past full moon and approaching new moon, slow down to make peace with the broader strokes in the collective. It’s a foot on the ground against the whir of the world. That’s not to say we forget, though the mood encounters a sextile to Neptune, but we do have a chance to get in tune with the possibilities for a higher level experience of our mundane realities.

Wednesday, the Moon finishes up in Taurus with its trine to Saturn. Slow down and make your protective boundaries a touchstone. When the Moon moves to Mercury-ruled Gemini, the mood lightens and quickens. A sextile to Chiron enables us to connect our newfound strengths to healing and authentic service to others.

All week long, Mars in Aries moves closer into square with Pluto in Capricorn. On Thursday it’s exact. Mars in Aries is tangible, simple, physical action. It’s martial and effective. In challenging aspect to Pluto, it deals in death and power. It also touches on transformation and rebirth. There are many positive aspects to Pluto’s influence; it is the Phoenix as well as destruction.

This energy is present all week. It is the energy of quick change, systemic power challenged by a talented protagonist, volcanic shifts from the larger world affecting us on a personal level.

This goes down as Mercury in Leo forms the point of a yod with the past-exact Jupiter-Neptune sextile. There are creative solutions on tap; believe and have faith. But also use your noggin. Speak your truth – it’s inspired.

Thursday’s Gemini Moon braces the yod through a sextile to Mercury and square to Neptune. If you linger on a subject, your feelings might lie to you. Go with your first answer.

Friday, the Gem Moon sextiles the Sun then Mars with the Sun moving closer into trine with Mars. The general tenor of the day supports the emerging plan – as well as the beginnings of the implementation of the plan. It’s one of those rare times when diversions add to productivity rather than hinder. Going off on a tangent fuels our inevitable return to the task – with vigor and an enlivening sense of play and fun. We’re not just here to DO; we’re here to be part of the experience of it all. Don’t forget to live your life as you go. It’s not supposed to be a life in the margins. It’s your everything.

Mars in Aries is around for the long haul, already in its retrograde shadow. Wherever Mars transits your natal chart is an area of increased importance for the next few months. Where does transiting Mars hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: August 10-14, 2020 – Shocking News And Powerful Action — 9 Comments

  1. What a full meal deal this forecast! A brunch buffet of conversation that I can chew on for this week. Mars is transiting my 4th House, and will retrograde very slightly (but then does Mars in Aries ‘do slightly’?) into my 3rd House. Communicating with siblings, neighbors and associates is a dicey process now as I am experiencing in the time of pandemic. Wow, the re-entry is unexpected. 4th House issues are prevalent; home and safety get a rewind, or maybe it’s like snap tape used for sewing. Better than safety pins, just as flexible … but you gotta know it’s available. I’m learning. It’s powerful. Funny. And I love your closing lines: “Don’t forget to live your life as you go. It’s not supposed to be a life in the margins. It’s your everything.”
    That’s snap tape! xo

  2. This is just the start. I had a weird epiphany earlier, as I was eating my sandwich (as you do!), thinking about the upcoming Mars retrograde in September, activating the Capricorn Trio.

    That in the Northern hemisphere especially, September kicks off with the first stirrings of Seasonal Affective Disorder. Coupled with the ongoing anxiety of a second wave of Covid, plus the ongoing effects of months of social distancing and quarantine, the onset of Seasonal Affective Disorder may be heightened, possibly unmanageable. Saturn especially can rule depression, which some say is anger turned inwards (Mars retrograde)

    As they say in Game of Thrones, Winter is coming. Hope I’m wrong, but it ain’t looking good! We need to look out for each other.

  3. Opposite my libra mars 11th house.Not having any fun yet. I though my energy levels would increase but not so.Sleeping alot. My dreams are so much better than real life right now.

  4. Mars is in my 4th house heading for a conjunction with my Venus when it turns retrograde. Heading to the coast for a month. The day after we arrive, the retro starts.

    I’m really feeling this Mars in Aries. I have been fighting with myself like crazy these last couple of days with the moon in Aries – these Aries moons every month until Nov or Dec (or whenever Mars moves into Taurus) are going to be hot spots every month until then. Oooof! Need to develop strategies to get control of my annoyingly irritating worry/mind:: you’re *not* the boss of me!

  5. Opposite my Libra Mars (Hi Opalina!) in 12th.
    So, the transitng Mars is in the last degree of my 6th house. Also my n Mars is being squared by Jupiter.
    Doesn’t sound too good. I want to hibernate until this goes away… but I suppose Mars will not be OK with such a sissy plan, probably kick me in the butt!

  6. Transiting Mars is going through my Fifth House. Martial fun and games?? I have been inspired to write more. I have not children but if I did I might need a lot more patience. The kids next door are restless and having screaming fits. Oh my! I feel bad for the parents.
    I am getting restless too. I have not had a vacation in quite a while and I am stuck at home working while everyone else is taking off for camping, and sight seeing. I am grateful I have a job though! Harder times may be ahead.

  7. Not surprising to see on the national news about the looting of high-end retail stores in Chicago. Tr Mercury (broadcast news) in Leo (flashy clothes) squaring Tr Uranus (unexpected events) in Taurus (expensive furnishings and designs).

  8. Transiting Mars is hitting my tenth house and things at work are blurred. Is the University going to be open, are they offering me the Hybrid Class or the In Person Face-toFace, will I be aged out of a job and labeled “compromised” as I just hit 61 years of age and their roster is staffed with Professors 28-40 years old.
    Administration is talking about Voluntary Furloughs vs. Mandatory Furloughs and I’m thinking the Voluntary one is best because I can keep my Medical benefits and all employee privileges. So I will have everything but 💵money. Crazy world!🙃
    Aries Rising

  9. I didn’t receive shocking news yesterday but I got a really weird and random message from a friend of mine, one of those messages that make you go “Wtf?” Lol.

    Mars in hitting my 6th house so I guess issues related to work and health are probably going to be highlighted.

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