Weekly Forecast: April 6-10, 2020 – Full Moon In Libra, Mercury Into Aries

moon-sunI just saw an ad for a t-shirt that read: I can explain it to you, but I can’t understand it for you. I laughed, cos that’s the kind of person I am deep inside (sorry folks, I have that in me). But then I thought oh man, yeah, THAT. That’s in the sky this week.

The full moon in Libra is the big news, exact Tuesday night – opposite the Aries Sun and both at 18 degrees. What makes it the big news is the Mercury action.

Monday the Moon finishes up in Mercury-ruled Virgo, trining Pluto and Jupiter. It moves to Venus-ruled Libra and trines to Saturn, Mars, and Venus as well as an opposition to Chiron: a kite formation. Oh my dudes, please listen to the experts while everything is relatively calm in the collective mood with a relative feeling of power and stability.

Tuesday, the Moon cruises along in make nice Libra. By afternoon, Mercury makes its exact sextile to Pluto then goes on to sextile Jupiter just as the full moon culminates. Mercury is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune. Open yourself up to what the universe wants you to know. There is assistance at this full moon as we’ve got transformation on blast. And wisdom, lots of wisdom and the ability to put the little picture together with the big picture. As the full moon blooms, the facts are expanded – and the need to be nice about it all can go away.

There is a message that will be on blast. Give it some consideration. Those Libra scales require balance. That Aries Sun is simple and direct with the daily pounding of Mars action. Pisces Mercury can be a conduit for divine revelation, but it can also be a refuge for denial. It’s hard to know when what you think you know is revelatory and when it is bullshit. I think we’ll likely find out around the full moon.

This can be messaging from the larger world or it can be very personal.

Mercury is not just the mind but the senses and attitudes. It is the messenger from the external to the internal – and also in this case from everywhere to the consciousness through the subconscious. “I feel it in my fingers; I feel it in my toes…”

On Wednesday, the Moon finishes up in Libra with squares to Pluto and Jupiter. Cardinal squares show up in control and initiation. The general mood is one of needing balance and control but fighting the reality of it all. When the Moon moves to Scorpio, it squares Saturn and moves into square with Mars, all fixed – settled in. It’s jangle, but the jangle is so easily realized outwardly that it may be less of an issue. The Moon opposes Uranus, splitting a wide Venus-Chiron sextile: a yod. You can resist learning, but there are rewards for going willingly. We may not WANT the surprise exactly, but taking it in has benefits.

Venus continues along in trine to Mars this week, both in air. Things go most smoothly when we work with our minds or with the good of all as a focus. It’s easy to find entertainment and distraction if you want it. It’s not just finding the bright side, it’s finding something you can work with.

Thursday, the Scorpio Moon trines Neptune for an emotional mood but also a mood with greater need for meaning and connection. It’s easy to let things go from emotional to maudlin, so watch that.

Friday morning’s Moon sextiles Pluto and Jupiter then trines Pisces Mercury. There’s intensity but also the ability to make sense of it. Afternoon brings a welcome boost with a Sagittarius Moon. It sextiles Saturn then goes on to sextile Mars and oppose Venus overnight. The mood has bounce and resilience and makes good use of the airy ease of Mars and Venus.

Once the Moon moves past sextile to Saturn, Mercury heads into Aries and onto the Aries point – the start of the zodiac. This is a new cycle of mind and attitude, sense and sensation. It’s brand new. It’s exciting. As of yet, it’s unknown.

The full moon takes place at 18 degrees. Where does it hit your chart? How are your relationships? Libra and Aries in opposition always bring up relationships – as does any opposition in general but the full moon in particular.



Weekly Forecast: April 6-10, 2020 – Full Moon In Libra, Mercury Into Aries — 7 Comments

  1. Pete loves that t-shirt saying. He’s got that in him, too! It’s so much what’s happening is right. Wow, what a time. What a week. I love the bit about Mercury. I’ve got Mercury in Scorpio natally sniffing stuff out from instinct. But this: “Mercury is not just the mind but the senses and attitudes. It is the messenger from the external to the internal – and also in this case from everywhere to the consciousness through the subconscious. “I feel it in my fingers; I feel it in my toes…” would be more my Ma’s territory (Pisces Sun and Moon). Toes way up!

  2. In my relationship we have been slowly grinding on a path towards more enlightened and fair and genuine communication about intimate needs.

    It seems like we messed it all up last summer when we met and the road to untangle all the knots that had been growing until now have been enhanced by the Corona virus and stay at home quarantine.

    So, last night I think we finally came a sort of resolution or peaceful acceptance of a new kind. I used the Neptune/Mercury conjunction to straighten the final stuff out and it has lightened the vibe considerably (thank you, compassionate understanding!).

    I think we are both aware of how and what screwed up but it finally feels like we are on a right path together.
    I have learned so much about him in the meantime. It has been grueling to tie up those knots but Jupiter/Pluto made big progress!

  3. I feel like my brain is regressing and jumping to where I am in random bounds. who the fuck do I think I am.. and why do I procrastinate so much..

  4. The full moon is hitting me on my 11th house. although the degrees are not near any personal planets but the nearest transit happening is on my natal mars @ 22 Degree Capricorn (2nd House).

    However the same day Mars square Uranus transit is happening which is hitting exactly on my natal Pluto based in 11th House @ 5 Degree Scorpio. So Mars and Uranus both are applying serious pressure on my Pluto.

    Not sure how that will pan out for me..

  5. This Full Moon blazes in my 1st and 7th Houses … one/two degree from my North and South Nodes! NN Libra 17, SN Aries 17.

    I am quietly awaiting the signal to begin a new Life Path …

  6. “I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes” : great song from The Troggs…..Love is all around! 🙂 Thank you Satori for remembering that!

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