Weekly Forecast: April 27 – May 1, 2020 – Longing Is Not Loneliness, Venus-Neptune

girlMonday morning, the Gemini Moon sextiles Mercury in Aries. The mood is light and active, full of flavor, communication, and the need to move. Good ideas bring opportunity to improve and actively seeking out those ideas will satisfy.

In the afternoon, the Moon moves to Cancer, the sign it rules. In Cancer it sextiles Uranus and the emotion of the moment is enlivened. It’s electric but grounded: Anxiety can be transmuted to gain or pleasure.

Also Monday, Mercury moves from fiesty Aries to earthy, resource rich Taurus. The mind, senses, attitude, and communications take on this cast as well. It doesn’t change your own Mercury orientation, but it carries a great deal of influence. It’s in our heads and coloring our view of the world… and taste and smell and touch, etc.

Tuesday the Cancer Moon continues on, sextiling the Sun then moving into trine with Neptune by day’s end. The mood is well-supported and we feel it, feel the stability of earth and our place in the scheme of things.

Venus continues to move into square with Neptune. We find this reflected in the desire that shifts as we approach, the mirage, the missed touch, the pining. With Venus in Gemini, we may be having double vision in the brass ring grab. Is either real; for which do I reach?

Venus Neptune can result in longing. There’s an exquisitely sweet quality to the combo, but in square it compresses into angst. Or it can. Are you missing something you’ve had, something you’ve never had and wish for? Something you almost had. This condition can seem like loneliness – wanting something elusive or illusive. But’s a different sort of thing.

The best remedy here is in using your mind to suss out the illusion. Think about stark reality and what you actually HAVE. Once you realize the desire is part of a dream, it’s easier to dream up something that makes better sense and benefit for your own condition. Use the dream to infect yourself with some magic and make it better with your mind.

Longing is not loneliness. It can be sweet in its own way.

So Tuesday night, the Cancer Moon quincunxes Mars in Aquarius with Venus squaring Neptune. Mars semi-sextiles (30 degrees) Neptune as the Moon semi-sextiles Venus. Venus trines Mars and the Moon trines Neptune. It’s like a basket, the shallow sides creating structure for that longing. Mars-Neptune with Moon-Venus is a dream that we can mold into a shape that satisfies. The Taurus Sun (ruled by Venus) sits on the midpoint. The dream basket rests on the back of the turtle that is our daily life.

Wednesday the Cancer Moon opposes Pluto then Jupiter. Outside forces affect the mood that influences our own. We can embrace personal control and chuff ourselves up, or we can allow ourselves to be controlled and put on blast. Sometimes that’s possible in a fun way, so it’s not necessarily a challenge. In any case, the collective heart is looking outside itself for good or ill. This could also serve as a collective mood in reaction to imposed or broadcast power in our societal structures.

The Moon moves to Leo in the evening, Sun-ruled. It opposes Saturn and heads into square with Mercury. The collective heart is smooshed into a finger trap. You know those woven sleeves you stick your fingers into and the harder you pull, the tighter it gets? You have to relax and push into the middle to get your fingers out, slowly. Restriction causes friction. If you’ve got sensory or ego issues, they’re bound to irritate you with their in-your-face-ness. But it will pass! It could also manifest in some quick-witted, sunny-family, creative fun. Plan to be playful and witty instead if you want to make a game of it.

Thursday, the Moon finishes its square to Mercury, moving on to square Uranus and the Sun as well. By nighttime, Mercury heads over Uranus. The same advice applies here as well. The mood has the added benefit of a trine to Chiron and sextile to Juno as Juno opposes Chiron. We’re learning from our scuffles. We’re getting to know these conditions and how to satisfy our needs under less than ideal circumstances. We may even find the libido stirred in the midst of all this tension. Tension fuels sex drive, but this Moon provides the softness needed for a warm response.

Friday the Moon finishes up in Leo with a sextile to Venus. All’s well that ends well and there’s plenty of opportunity here. The Leo Moon opposes Mars: Action in the collective is a counterpoint to a very personal play for warmth and recognition.

Where is the Venus-Neptune square influencing your chart? Is there longing?



Weekly Forecast: April 27 – May 1, 2020 – Longing Is Not Loneliness, Venus-Neptune — 4 Comments

  1. The Venus-Neptune square occurs in my 2nd (Neptune) and 5th (Venus) houses.

    I am longing for a new stage to shine on (5H) and a better way to satisfy my financial needs and values (2H).

    I have Cancer Moon natally, so the upcoming lunar transit will no doubt amplify my feelings on this matter.

  2. Thank you,Satori,particularly for your words on Neptune and Venus. I had Neptune conjunct Venus for the last year and you have helped me understand it.

  3. Well said! Neptune is squaring my natal Venus in Sagittarius right now. I am longing for both something I used to have and something I almost had.

  4. Transiting Neptune natal 4th transiting venus natal 8th. Deep longing to retire and get all this computer equipment out of my house. I have more cords plugged in from my work station than I do in the whole rest of the house. I wasn’t planning on retiring until I figured out where I will next intersect with “out there.” But now I feel like I gotta pull the plug on the job and give myself time to figure out next move. It’s been 6 years since my last sabbatical.

    Transiting Neptune is conjuncting natal mars in pisces. That snuck up on me. No real impact there. I got that Pluto * natal saturn thing going on. I think spacing out doing projects around the property sounds good for awhile. Somebody dropped off 25 seedling trees. Guess I better get out there and do some plantin while it’s still daylight.

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