Weekly Forecast: April 26-30, 2021 – Full Scorpio Moon

bearMonday night (overnight into Tuesday), we have the full moon in Scorpio. Everyone I’ve encountered who offered the slightest bit of window into their world has been on edge to some degree. It’s a building tension, prelude to an eruption. An eruption usually means lava. In this case, no one seems to know exactly WHAT is coming, but they’re under pressure, a feeling of foreboding.

Monday morning, the Moon in late Libra squares Pluto and trines Jupiter – the mood is full to bursting. This can actually make life feel sweet and ripe… vital. We need tension to ever feel relief. By afternoon, the Moon moves into Scorpio and a trine to Mars. Tension plus action sets the stage for a strong performance.

Late Monday, early Tuesday when the Moon opposes the Taurus Sun for the full moon, Uranus is a few degrees past the Sun. Uranus draws the full moon opposition into square with Saturn in Aquarius. Whatever traction we’re experiencing, whatever choices we straddle, they’ve been a long time coming. In fact, it feels good to get this baby birthed and into the world, demon or angel. It’s the release we need.

Tuesday the Moon goes on to square Saturn and oppose Uranus exactly. Then it opposes Venus and Mercury in Taurus as well. By nighttime, the Moon trines Neptune. This is a big wave of emotion. It crashes past the structures of our collective landscape, tastes our senses-plans-desires. It hits that magical moment of pause before receding into itself.

And it is also us. What tastes us, we taste back… in that moment it is us. That knowing doesn’t last, but it becomes part of our experience and pushes us into another realm. Deep merging can’t last, but the effect does.

Wednesday morning, the Scorpio Moon sextiles Pluto and squares Jupiter. We may feel the need to move on quickly, but don’t overlook the opportunity to make something meaningful and foundational of all this (gestures widely).

When the Moon moves to Sagittarius, it picks up a trine to Chiron (exact overnight) and Mercury in Taurus heads into orb of sextile to Neptune. The mood is adventuresome and upbeat, perfect for getting lost in the ease of finding your best path. It’s exactly then that the best sort of ideas filter in from the background.

On Thursday, the Sadge Moon sextiles Saturn for some active stability. The Moon goes on to square Neptune as Mercury makes its exact aspect. Let the mood carry you wherever it carries you. Unwatched pots boil.

Friday morning, Venus moves into orb of sextile to Neptune as the Sadge Moon sextiles Jupiter. The mood is SPICY with sweet and compelling undertones. Compelling to what? It’s a feeling, an inclination to desire and its center may not be located precisely.

By afternoon the Moon hits Capricorn, the Sun conjoins Uranus, and the Cap Moon opposes Mars… in swift succession. It’s a mood to move, and with the Sun also in orb of square to Saturn, the direction we move may be someone else’s call. Or the whims of another may impact our path forward.

In any case, we’re likely to work at getting free, and that can be terrifically satisfying.

The full moon takes place at 7 degrees Scorpio. Where does it hit your chart?



Weekly Forecast: April 26-30, 2021 – Full Scorpio Moon — 10 Comments

  1. Wish you could see me tap my chest
    Like my mother two fingers from
    Both hands, with her famous wink
    She’d say “ Bring it” think that meant she was ready, as I too.

  2. Hits my 8th house Neptune exact at 7 degrees Scorpio. Taurus stellium in my 2nd.I start a new job today. Should prove interesting at the least!

  3. It’s between Neptune at 4 and True Node at 9 degrees in square to my Aquarius venus which in turn opposes natal Uranus in Leo. It’s my natal T-square being triggered and it’s happening in the 2nd house. If I count the South Node that’s a natal grand cross. Finances? I’m not scared of it, though, my MC in Cancer is trine that Moon. We’ll see.

  4. Trine NN in Cancer in the 5th house.

    Today I thought I would start the process of having my uterus removed. But the doctor looked at me and told me the cons far outweighed the pros, and that I was healthy and fine.
    My own gynecologist had been wrong.

    But more than that, this was also a coming to face and terms with the fact that my previous employer had been so toxic, trying to bully me in regards to my periods and how often I had to work from home
    They made me feel abnormal, like a freak, for needing to work at home a couple of days from home. They always suspected that I was looking for other jobs on those days.

    So, today was a reckoning. The full moon, the Pluto stationing…. Bring it.
    I have this clearing of mind now and I am never going to feel abnormal for being a woman again in a work place.

    I was so competent they might have been anxious to loose me to others that they tried to control me.
    Turns out they lost me anyway when I quit.

  5. I can feel the free, but don’t know if I can get there. Do I need to be freer? Not sure. My progressed moon has just moved into Sag, so I need to watch myself so I don’t throw it all away in quest of something elusive. Ants in my pants. It seems more subtle, like freedom as a state of mind or something. I don’t have the words for this yet. Maybe I never will, it is just happening. Oh, 12th house.

  6. All the Taurus planets are in my 1st. Saturn exactly opposes my Mars, 13 Leo. The Uranus square is closing in.

    I’m at the point of taking over a lot of responsibility at my job. Our head tech is leaving for vet school. She was there for 10 years.

    Am I feeling that Saturn opposition or what? Saturn is also 2d away from my Sun and closing in.

    Yet with all that 1st house influence, I’m being asked to step up because I can do it. Quite a change from constantly hearing you suck, you suck, you suck. I got this.

  7. Been chewing on the ‘free’ thing. This taurus thing is turning out to be all about self worth for me. Those upside down dreams of past events in a demeaning light left me feeling less than good. How did the human animal evolve emotionally that this is even a concern? It seems to be linked to survival, as it is so essential to well being. Probably has to do with the importance of being in a social group to survive? I will look for some research on this.

    I heard Ms O talk about her book concerning her childhood abuse. Very gnarly. And she asked herself, so why am I not a wreck? It was the people in her life who treated her well. The question I had asked myself was, if there was a negative to my past experiences how did I deal with it back then. I think I just brushed off the hardships because I was motivated to move forward. Per mom, ‘you gotta keep on a goin.’

    Then while thinning out plants in the yard, I started remembering the friends through the years and also the times someone spoke up when I was being negated. Just those subtle acknowledgements that said your attacker is just being an asshole. What a difference those simple words made to correct a hurtful situation. And what a difference a person can make to another person’s well being. I find this amazing. How the simplest acknowledgement can change someone else’s life.

    I guess this has more to do with uranus from a change standpoint. The power to change a situation. As for the free side, I am being freed from something by dealing with the uncomfortable dreams. Not sure. It’s a work in progress.

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