Weekly Forecast: April 19-23, 2021 – Taurus Makes It Sweeter

libraMonday morning, Mercury moves from its conjunction with the Sun at 29 degrees Aries into the first degree of Taurus. That’s a big WHEW this time. Time to collect our thoughts and impressions and ruminate a bit.

Monday morning’s Cancer Moon trines Neptune, setting a dreamy, connected mood. It’s perfect for settling into a down to earth attitude. We want to think about pleasure, experience delights through our senses. Monday’s mood promotes our imagination with heartfelt flights of fancy.

Midday, the Sun finishes in Aries as well and joins Mercury in Taurus. The mode of the day slows. We’re ready to stop and smell the roses. It’s likely we’ll have plenty of action on our plate, pre-loaded and catching us up in the momentum of the past week. It’s possible to use that steam to keep on going and still smell the roses as we go.

The Cancer Moon goes on to quincunx Jupiter and oppose Pluto. If you run into rough water, go with the flow and squeeze the last out of that momentum. Late Monday night, the Moon hits Leo and a square to the Taurus Sun. Drama is possible, perhaps it will be sleep drama or dreams of life without pants.

Tuesday, The Leo Moon squares Mercury, Venus, and Uranus in turn. It then goes on to trine Chiron and oppose Saturn. The Leo Moon forms a t-square with Uranus and Saturn. This all sounds very challenging… but it could actually be a lot of fun in the right circumstances. It sounds like convincing someone to have fun, someone who already wants to have fun. If you can step back and see how amusing this is, it can be even more jolly. What’s your pleasure? If you don’t see it, see what else looks good. Don’t threaten me with a good time!

It helps a lot to be prepared to laugh at yourself.

Wednesday, the Leo Moon quincunxes Pluto, opposes Jupiter, then heads into sextile with Mars. It’s like a test of what you learned on Tuesday. Someone threatens you with a good time and you jump right to laughing… then you jump on the next opportunity to make something useful and prosperous out of that former drama.

Thursday, the Moon finishes up in Leo and completes its sextile to Mars. Juice that mood to move for all it’s worth. When the Moon moves to Virgo, it trines the Taurus Sun, a very earthy pleasure. Venus conjoins Uranus, then the Moon trines Mercury, Uranus, then Venus. This is the sort of time when gardeners are DYING to plunge their arms into the dirt, right up to their elbows. This year there’s a whole new urge going on our there. I don’t know about a novel approach to ages old farming, but something new here is satisfying.

The best way to get in up to your elbows (if you’re not a gardener) is to get out into nature. The second best way is to find pleasure and satisfaction at this yearly time of renewal by being of good use. There’s another ages old tradition – of spring cleaning. But do it with some sort of twist this year. Sorting perhaps. Go another way and make things NEW.

A novel approach to whatever you’re onto is what brings pleasure. Or find a novel pleasure to approach.

Friday morning, the Virgo Moon quincunxes Chiron and Saturn, and Mars moves to Moon-ruled Cancer. Check in with yourself. Are you acting like the “real” you or do you find yourself pressed into a mold not of your own making? Now is the time to feel around for a release latch and stretch out into your fully human shape. It feels good.

In the afternoon, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune. It goes on to trine Pluto, exact overnight. There’s plenty of reality to go around. Make sure to balance it with a bit of whimsy and sparkle. Do what you need to, but slip out when it feels right and dip your toe in a dream. Slip away under the shadow that comes as the sun goes down and they’ve not yet turned on the lights. It’s dreamy and dark and delightful. Earthy goodness abounds.

Friday night, Mercury conjoins Uranus and the senses are electrified. There’s bound to be a genius AHA moment sprinkled in there as well, something unexpected, that’s for sure. You never know what can happen, but it keeps us sharp.

Venus approaches a square to Saturn, as does Mercury – and the Sun. We’re all having to work a bit harder for our good times, our sensual pleasure and plans, for everything. We can enjoy it all the more for that. Uranus in square to Saturn this year can help us break out of a contentious relationship to restriction. Challenges can also whet the appetite and make everything sweeter.



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