Weekly Forecast: April 12-16, 2021 – Jupiter Trine Mars – Bust A Move

heartWith Venus in Aries we’ve encountered themes that center around values in action and our simplistic desires. These desires can be physical or easily inflamed, and we’ve gotten a chance to look at some of our basic values as they relate to getting what we want when we only have ourselves to take into account.

The first half of the week, Monday through midday Wednesday, we have Venus finishing up in Aries. Pay attention to what has simple appeal to YOU. This is highlighted and powered up by (past) Sunday’s new moon in Aries conjunct Venus and square Pluto. It’s an intense look at values in action, where we’re coming from and going to.

Midday Wednesday under a Taurus Moon, Venus moves to Taurus – one of the two signs it rules. Values and desires are also the focus here, but the turf is changed. In earth, values and desires are tangible, or we hope to make them so… resources and acquisitions. Coming in under a Taurus Moon is ideal. We settle in immediately.

With Uranus in Taurus, “settled” comes with an asterisk of terms and conditions. Nothing stale. Nothing boring. And definitely nothing we can’t take into the future… bring with us or RIDE. Want something that is poor quality? BAM… Uranus slaps it out of your hands. Want something toxic? BAM… Uranus slaps YOU. Maybe, maybe not. But that’s the flavor. It’s likely less dramatic, or not dramatic at all. It just won’t gel.

Oh you can hurt yourself if you really try. But it will be clear what you’re doing – if you choose to see.

Mars in Gemini has been heading into trine with Jupiter in Aquarius for a few weeks now. It culminates (Friday) just as Venus is moving closer into conjunction with Uranus. Mercury moves onto the Mars-Jupiter midpoint offering some tightly actionable views. The plans are coming together with the impetus and the capacity. We can do this. Venus-Uranus helps to chuck out what’s not worth doing and get us closer to what IS.

Purpose fits in with Venus as purpose is a key component in values and desires as they interact with daily life. The Aries Sun is a primary driver in purpose this week. On Tuesday it sextiles Mars. Thursday it sextiles Jupiter. Early Friday, the Sun completes a square to Pluto. There’s so much purpose in what we’re doing and what it means to the larger arc of our lives right now. But we still run smack into issues in the collective when it all comes down to brass tacks.

There are lessons this week. They’re procedural lessons we walk through (or run or jump) in daily life. We take them in stride and they lead to better lessons. Keep moving this week: The opportunities crop up when you keep moving and doing. It also makes one feel ROBUST.

It takes us all the way into the challenge… but it prepares us to take it on and move through to a solid plan.

Monday brings us new moon themes. The end of the Aries Moon gives way to the beginning of the Taurus Moon. Get started by getting up and getting going. Satisfaction rolls in as the day matures.

Tuesday, our fresh start takes a step forward as the Taurus Moon leads us into core issues surrounding the long-term Uranus-Saturn square. On a larger scale, we have a shakeup of priorities and that can bring a yearning for safety and stability. We need to look past that to what can ultimately bring us those things… sounds off, but it’s true.

There are things within our control and things that are not. There are things that are worth getting and keeping, and things that we are better off to let go. That determination may have changed or need to be changed. Something that served us may not serve us NOW.

Look for the things you CAN control and do what needs doing. Look AT the things you cannot control and let them do their thing. Assess your priorities based on what is of value NOW or in the future, not based on former assessments.

Wednesday, the Moon finishes up in Taurus with a trine to Pluto… AFTER Venus moves to Taurus. Feel that shift. It’s a twist from this current new moon, stretching to thematically touch our NEXT new moon. We have a month to work on our priorities, when we’ll be ready to shift some deep ground.

Thursday and Friday, the Moon in Gemini is Mercury ruled with Mercury in Aries in control. It makes sense of expedited action and inserts simple reason into the mix. Our senses are keen, so pay attention to what you see, hear, smell, SENSE, and read. Also what you say… listen to yourself.

The Moon moves over the north node of the Moon on Thursday then squares Neptune Friday. There’s a lot of information in the wind, but it’s worth trying to catch.


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