Weekly Forecast: April 11-15, 2022 – Full Moon In Libra Lead-in

Beautiful flowersThe full moon in Libra doesn’t take place till Saturday, but we feel it coming in all week. The Moon itself will be ruled by Venus while the Sun is ruled by Mars. That Aries-Libra polarity is self-other, male-female, action-desire, and all around one-on-one relationship oriented.

All full moons are endings. This particular full moon is square Pluto so it doubles down on the death metaphor. We need to clear away the dead weight in relationship so that they can either be born again anew or we can move on.

In the lead up, the Sun sextiles Saturn and Jupiter makes its exact conjunction to Neptune on Tuesday. We see a concrete path emerge as our connection to the divine expands for a perfect moment in time.

By Thursday, Mars joins Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune in Pisces, and actions (and hence all the bodies in Aries – Chiron, Sun, and Pallas Athene) have a line in to the soft flow of Pisces.

In the latter half of the week, Mercury in Venus-ruled Taurus picks up a sextile to Venus. Mercury closes in on a conjunction to Uranus as Venus begins a sextile to Uranus as well, beginning just before the full moon… with Chiron on their midpoint.

So many opportunities and such a blast of insight. Be real about who you are and what you’re about. You can’t attract the right energy from the correct partner if you’re hiding who you are in some way. Even if you think it’s for a good reason, I assure you that it’s not in your best interest. Be seen so you can be matched.

All week the Aries Sun marches into square with Pluto, and the earth trembles. The earth within us trembles too. Take care. Don’t throw away parts of yourself that matter, and just be careful in general. Reckless behavior is a way of shooting yourself in the foot… like self harm… tho it’s often subconscious. Be aware that you may act unaware.

Monday the Moon in Leo trines Pallas Athena and the Sun. It also opposes Saturn. A fiery mood to advance is dramatic to the extreme but also smart and pattern picking. While there are obstacles, they aid in setting a realistic pace.

Tuesday the Moon finishes in Leo and moves to Virgo. It trines Virgo ruler Mercury and opposes Venus. Monday we saw patterns and obstacles; Tuesday the mood leads us to make something of that knowledge and discover the whys and wherefores of what we’re after.

Wednesday, the Virgo Moon trines Uranus. We seek novelty within our old comforts. Smart.

Thursday, the Virgo Moon opposes Neptune and Jupiter across the midpoint of the exact Saturn-Pallas sextile, a yod. Wednesday’s mood pays off in Thursday’s stroke of genius mixed with divinity. SOLID.

Friday’s Libra Moon forms a yod with quicunxes to Mercury and Venus, as the Moon goes on to oppose Chiron. Again, be for real. Ask for what you want. What if being forthcoming is the key to getting it? What if YOU hold someone else’s key and they hold yours? It could all be very, very simple if we can cooperate and participate in the TRUTH. With a little divine help.

The full moon will take place at 26 Libra on Saturday. Where does this hit your chart?

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Weekly Forecast: April 11-15, 2022 – Full Moon In Libra Lead-in — 21 Comments

  1. Conjunct my sun at 24 Libra in the 5th house
    Got a lot of issues with the family but not my children . So not sure how it will play out

  2. Conjunctions to my nodal axis; sun on south node, moon on north node (natally conjunct Jupiter). Thanks Satori – very informative article.

    • SOS. Conjunct Saturn exact 26 libra..stellium 22 libra 23 neptune..starting new business..excited see form and structure happen..rose colored glasses on..then off then on..lol

    • have 24 Libra natal moon in my chart known as 10 house, at the same time i have. transit Uranus in Taurus a trine off at my natal Sun in Capricorn in my 12 house. i find most of my life i want. to be alone and in my space. 12 house to me is just being happy with me. any person who comes in relationships finds it difficult that i spend a lot of time alone, sailing, reading books, studying etc.

      i find other part of relationships they need to many friends calling around. so in the end i settled for single parenting and still seeking that special other. the only other way i think of this transit is my mother 98 y may pass on within this time.

      interesting if i may say so.

  3. Full moon will be conjunct my natal mars (28 Libra), square transiting pluto (transiting pluto came into orb on Feb 24th, the day of the Ukraine invasion.) I live in eastern Poland, on the eastern flank, furthest NATO border. I’m scared, who isn’t? Ukraine is our wonderful neighbour….do I stay or do I go?

  4. In my 9th House, not too far off Jupiter (in Scorpio, 4deg). This is opposite my 3rd house Lilith and Ceres in Aries. I have an important meeting coming up this Thursday with my PhD Supervisors, that I am dreading. Time to make sure my boundaries are heard, I think my natal Saturn placement is supportive of this move. It is squaring my Ascendant capricorn and neptune though. So who knows what I’m not seeing about this situation.

    Feels like a big one, personally and on a large scale. We’re all feeling this energy this week!

  5. It’ll be all over my ASC whilst conjuncting my natal Neptune, trining natal Venus (exactly) and sextiles both natal Jupe and Pluto.
    Who knows maybe some new if not resurrected (transit Pluto square) love (Venus) lies in all the deep murky waters (Neptune).

  6. Conjunct 26-degree Capricorn NN & 21-degree Capricorn DSC
    Opposing 26-degree Cancer Mercury, 28-degree Mars (& 21-degree ASC).
    Trining 29-degree Virgo Pluto.

  7. Moon will be conj DC from the 6H, orb is 3-4degrees. Being that the sun is in the 12H I wonder how can I possibly show myself to be matched. Besides feeling old (late 30s signs of ageing) I’ve been struggling with painful hormonal acne especially since cov started (pluto in cap crossed my MC in 2018/19 and is now in orb of square my AC) … so, both wrinkles AND acne… it’s taking a huge toll on my self esteem as nothing seems to help really… Imna just go hide under the biggest rock you have, pls! 😆

  8. Brilliant Satori! I love what you’ve said about Friday too because this is what I personally am working on.
    Blessings everyone on this Full Moon in Libra. Keep Calm!

  9. Be aware that you may act unaware.. wow. It made the whole difference between upwards-spiral choice and that of the muddy ever-repeating circus. It was so easy to repeat the same old mistake, but in a moment, everything switched. Thank you, Satori, I walk by your book🙏♥️

  10. Well let’s see…

    Libra full moon conjunct Ceres 8H, opposite NNode Aries 2H, and squaring Mercury Cap 12H. Oh yeah, and Tr. Pluto is still hanging out over there. (gulp)

    Will be hiding under a rock. 🙂

  11. Am a Sun Virgo with pluto@26 Virgo, Metcury@ 27 Virgo, Venus@24 Libra, Mars@ 28 Leo, Ascendant @24 Leo and Neptune @ 28 Scorpio. What can this fullmoon in Libra mean for me? Anyone to help please?

  12. Full moon @ 26°45′ Libra, Natal Sun Libra 26°52′.. By now, and after Pluto’s hammerings all those past years, I have lost the will to BE.. (Currently also Pluto square Sun transit, and when Pluto hits 29, it will square my Mars.)
    BTW I am from the Middle East and things here are boiling as they have never before..

    • Sending strength. I know social unrest hurts Libra-types. There’s lots of love in the world, I hope you’re able to find and feel that for yourself. x

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