Weekly Forecast: April 10-14, 2017 – Full Moon in Libra, Self-Love

dashI’ll get to the full moon in Libra, but it’s just the flashy news this week. It’s the catalyst of something more subtle, something deeper. It takes place with the Sun-ego in the sign of independent action and the Moon-heart in opposition in the sign of relationship and balance. The heart of the matter refers its energy to Venus. Oh Venus. Retrograde under pressure.

Venus rules Libra and the full moon, but it also rules Taurus the current sign of Mars and retrograde Mercury. When Venus moved back into Pisces and under the cover of Neptune’s fog, it not only altered desire nature but also that of mind and action. It’s subtle. Venus also came under the influence of a stultifying square from Saturn, retrograde Saturn, as well as a conjunction to Chiron the wounded healer.

The full moon is big, but Venus is the secret center. At the moment, Venus influences a contemplative state that covers all the senses as well as how we plan to act. There’s a great big stone in the road. In the main road, and there’s no way around.

In my opinion, that stone represents the barrier to flow that we ourselves have placed there. We placed it as we went against our conscious self interest as well as our higher self interest by people pleasing to smooth the path or get ahead… or even just to be kind. We mean well, don’t we? Sometimes with the best of intentions we add to the weight of the boulder standing in our way.

To navigate this barrier, old rules and boundaries must be investigated, dusted off and re-prioritized. That’s the thing. It’s not something new that is needed. It’s something we already know, already understand and value. We’ve just let that internal authority wear away, and usually with good intentions.

So Monday there’s the full moon in Libra. You’re a person. Your needs are as valid as the needs of others. Those needs are not more important, but they’re AS important. Balance. Has who you are gotten lost in service to the relationship? It’s time to assert your own needs. Doing so without tumult is a delicate thing to manage. It’s tough. It’s necessary.

The boulder is a divine gift.

The full moon opposition incorporates the past-exact t-square of Jupiter-Uranus-Pluto. The Moon hits Jupiter first, then squares Pluto, opposes the Sun, then Uranus. The Sun has already squared Pluto, and it goes on to exactly conjoin Uranus on Thursday. As the Sun closes in on Uranus, the Scorpio Moon makes nice with Neptune, Pluto, Mars, then Venus.

Improve your SELF! Dig down deep and find that heart connection to the parts of you that you have abandoned in pursuit of peace. It didn’t work, did it? So let’s try something new.

Also building this week, and playing into this dynamic, is the applying sextile of retrograde Venus to Taurus Mars. On their midpoint the Sun presses into Uranus. Retrograde Taurus Mercury travels undisturbed, its one aspect an opposition from the Scorpio Moon Tuesday night to Wednesday morning. Look deep in your heart and pay attention to your senses and attitudes. But ultimately, take some small first steps in asserting your own value. Those heartfelt observations are a boon to doing so. They also may come from outside yourself. Pay attention when someone informs you of what they see in you.

Now, here’s the thing… that doesn’t mean they’re correct. It means pay attention. They may be absolutely wrong, but it will still tell you what you need to know!

Also, do you like yourself? Think about it. What do you need to do in order for the answer to be a resounding yes? Look to the boundaries and rules you already know. Are you enforcing them? Often we don’t need new ideas. Often we need to apply the ones we already know. Relax and let the divine murmurs of your higher self filter through into action.

Friday morning the Moon hits Sagittarius, Jupiter ruled and a juicy mood. That Moon brings a feeling of renewal or buoyancy, a familiar feeling. The Moon quincunxes Mercury for most of the day. Look for out of place signs, signs of a heartfelt spring and a re-opening of the new path to satisfaction… and to liking yourself! Let something bigger within uplift your attitude.

An end to people-pleasing in favor of balance… where does the full moon at 21 degrees Libra hit your chart?

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Weekly Forecast: April 10-14, 2017 – Full Moon in Libra, Self-Love — 12 Comments

  1. You write: “Improve your SELF! Dig down deep and find that heart connection to the parts of you that you have abandoned in pursuit of peace. It didn’t work, did it? So let’s try something new.” The Libra Full Moon will be in my 10th House parked atop my natal Mercury. Good way to light up my instinctive best form of thinking. This is a juicy bit of forecasting. Love it!

  2. “Improve your SELF! Dig down deep and find that heart connection to the parts of you that you have abandoned in pursuit of peace. It didn’t work, did it?

    No it didn’t and I’ve gone another way! It’s working already!! 🙂

  3. The full moon in libra is going to be great! There’s so much self centered energy right now it’ll be nice to watch it come to its fullness and phase back ?

  4. The full moon conjuncts natal Neptune at 21 degrees in my 2nd house. I so want to remove the rose colored glasses and see things clearly. I am trying please so many people, and they are at cross purposes to one another. I’m balancing unreal expectations, while living unreal expectations. It would be nice if things didn’t have to implode or explode to change. Hoping I make the right decisions.

  5. Right on my Libra-ASC. Took up martial arts and looking at what tattoos to put on myself. I’ve done nothing but be kind and helpful towards others and yet always get robbed to the point where I have to rebuild my identity again from scratch. I’ve neglected my physical body and health because I was to busy caring for narcissists..so I’ve changed my diet and building lots of muscles. Next time any psychopathic narcissists want to even think about coming near me or dare think of taking advantage of my kindness, I will choke them until they sleep lol. Too much Aries sunshine right now.

  6. Reading this today is even more profound than yesterday. And I’ll read it again tomorrow to bolster my resolve. Thank you, Satori.

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