Weekend Love Forecast – Full Moon In LEO!

boy heliosFriday night, the end of Cancer Moon opposes Pluto. Something is nearing its end. We feel it. The depth of its impending impact draws our attention as we clutch our pearls.

All good entertainment benefits from dramatic build and a smidge of pearl-clutching intensity bubbling up from below. It gives us a chance to comfort or be comforted: “There there, darling, it will all come right in the end.” There’s something romantic in drawing close, united against an outside challenge, even if it’s just fungus zombies on tv.

If the fungus zombies are in your home, I can’t really help you much with that. Venus in Pisces squares Mars in Gemini all weekend (exact Saturday night). So if they’re metaphorical fungus zombies (or literal, I suppose), be wary of the drive to dither over the actual acknowledgment of a threat and/or what you ought to do about it. Or alternately the failed application of inadequate force when a hefty frying pan or incendiary device would better suffice.

Otherwise, the tension of the square might prove tantalizingly engaging. Keep in mind that it’s possible to find pleasure in something while fooling yourself in order to do so. If you don’t wish to be fooled, take a second look at what you’re engaging with, or who.

All weekend, Mercury in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces. It’s possible to appreciate all the elegant glamor an illusion has to offer – creativity, fancy, a glimpse of the ideal – without losing the optimal plot entirely.

Friday night, the Aquarius Sun squares Uranus in Taurus. Don’t be distracted by the myriad extraneous details if things go sideways. In that situation, stay intellectually nimble and focus on what’s truly important and valuable. In the scramble, there’s a treasure to obtain.

Saturday night, the Leo Moon trines Jupiter and sextiles Mars. It goes on to square Chiron overnight. Venus perfects its square to Mars. This is a VERY good time for a good time. Spirits are high and so is the libido. Know when to say when.

Sunday morning the Leo Moon moves into square with Uranus and opposition to the Sun, exact late-morning/midday. The full moon includes Uranus in a dramatic t-square. Whatever endings there are will likely be swift or shocking. Surprises can be upsetting or welcome, but change is DEFINITE.

There’s no need to try to figure out ahead of time what those changes might be. TWIST ENDING! is the point of this lunation. However, with solid Cap Mercury in sextile to magical, divine Neptune, chances are good there’s a lovely and fated path forward if you’re committed to right thinking and seeing things as they are while holding out hope for the ideal.

By nighttime, the sunny Leo Moon hits the point of a yod with Mercury and Neptune, eventually going on to oppose Saturn. All’s well that ends well, particularly when you’re self-possessed in your good will and intentions, and you wish it so.

The Leo full moon perfects at 16 degrees on Sunday (with Uranus at 15 Taurus). Where do these points hit your chart? Where is the narrative of YOUR story headed?


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  1. Hello Satori, and thank you๐Ÿ™ this lunation falls in my 11th house. Although so far not very persinal (writing this before the Uranus square), what is happening in my country is mind-blowing. It’s like everything that happened in vain during last year’s Saturn/Uranus passage is now miraculously unfolding. A true open war against corruption and finally all that was hidden is shockingly coming out. Wishing you and the whole planet all the best and may ‘Le Beau et le Bon ‘always prevail, amen๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

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