Weekend Love Forecast – Yes, But WHY?

satori profileFriday night, the Sun moves from Taurus to Gemini, into conjunction with retrograde Mercury (exact midday Saturday). Mercury rules Gemini, but it’s not exactly screwed on straight right now. But the details, they do keep coming… and they’re important, relevant.

The Gemini Sun then heads into sextile with Jupiter in Aries, exact Monday morning. Details are still twisting and turning as meaning gets ripped up then laid back down. We get a chance to see things from all sides, AND to make new meaning of old facts. Announcements are coming.

Friday night’s airy Aquarius Moon suits the tenor of the day as it heads into square with Uranus (exact on Saturday). We’re listening, but it’s not comforting. Not now anyway. It IS invigorating tho. Once things sink in, they’ll get rolled into the mix just like everything else.

Venus in Aries moves in sextile to Saturn in Aquarius all weekend. Novel desires are natural, and we’re ready to move on them… even if it takes some time and persistence. Perhaps NOW is finally the time!

Mars in Pisces sextiles Pluto (exact Sunday afternoon) so action is potent and obscured. Do the right thing when that window opens. Not in an opportunistic way, but in the way that you know the sweet spot when you see it. In an inspired way, compelled.

Saturday night, the Aquarius Moon sextiles Venus and conjoins Saturn overnight. That’s likely the sweet spot. Nail it down, but do it right. Inspiration goes with the flow. When you look for the meaning behind the pain, everyone’s actions make sense.

Sunday morning, the Moon finishes up in Aquarius and heads into Pisces. It squares retro Mercury and the Gemini Sun. Expect shenanigans – but of the type that eventually lead to meaning-making, to profound action, to a paradigm shift.

Sunday night, Mercury moves back into the late degrees of Taurus, back into trine with Pluto. What do you know? What did you used to know? Instead of digging in your heals, try investigating what’s under that rock. Something profound must be said, or reiterated.

Do you have any weekend plans? How was your full moon eclipse?

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Weekend Love Forecast – Yes, But WHY? — 2 Comments

  1. My eclipse was terrible! We had a good run of shows in the play over the weekend, followed by an amazing cast party, and then people started getting covid and then the last weekend was canceled. (Though they are bringing it back next Saturday, at least.) So far I haven’t gotten it, thank goodness, fingers crossed I don’t….

  2. Bad eclipse, got into tension with a scorpio moon, good follow-up, had birthday, now coming down with a nasty cold. Mixed bag.

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